father and son holding hands in dark forest

No Longer We Are Alone

It wasn’t to long ago that mankind thought the earth was flat or that the earth was believed to be the center of the universe and everything revolved around it. Still, even as today’s perception by some human beings whole heartily believed humanity are the only inhabitants of this universe, and possibly other universes. What has constituted such beliefs? Simply, information disseminated with a purpose to keep mankind in a degree of ignorance. I know this may sound to us to be offensive but the truth of it is it served its purpose for centuries. The culprit was not only the church but slowly various organizations, scholars, and leaders believed and were committed to propagate such perceptions. In fact, it was very effective because the majority of the population did believe it also and never offered a resistance or conjectured. It was not until the 15th century when a new era of thought or awareness begins to emerge and daring and heroic scientist began to prove that the earth was round and was not the center of the universe. Of course, we read from historical studies the consequences of those individuals that confronted and defied the authority of the church who governed the concept mentioned above.

The answer to statement above is, no! We are no longer the only in this universe and yes, there are other beings residing on other planets throughout various universes that our astronomers with the aid of the advanced technology of the telescopes are encountering evidence of all of these. Since, the beginning of this century, the science of astronomy has gone from leaps and bound to speed of light in a sense in discovering great and extraordinary galaxies capable of having planets as our dear earth. In fact, the probabilities are exponential.

The discovery of such earth like planets capable of supporting life is the topic of our new era. Young scientists with a high degree of motivation and persistence are the heroes providing to humanity the evidences that we have neighbors, and these cosmos neighbors are interested in our earth as well as humanity. The fact that us today, the average human being has not been given or at least shared such discoveries is because the fear of worldwide panic. I understand that such degree of concern may be exaggerated for self-preservation interests. I am confident that humanity is grown enough to be told that the earth is no longer flat and we are not alone in this universe or any other universes. However, as of today, governments around the world remained closed lips regarding the dissemination of verifiable proofs that Extra Terrestrials (ETs) beings have been watching us for a long time and in some cases have made efforts to contact leaders from nations advising them of their presence and their interests in humanity. Unfortunately, it has all been kept secret but it will be no longer kept secret because from the year 2020 thru 2024 will be the era of the ETs presence on our earth. It is also the period of transparency in various aspects of politics, social, and economical arena. But, it will be most pronounced and scrutinized will be the secretive agendas of hundreds of years disclosed from the secular arena. Nothing will be more perplexing and in this case worrisome by the secular leaders of all doctrines in how are they are going to explain the validity of the old dogma with the new version. I can assure you right now in some secret place are secular and governmental leaders meeting brainstorming in how to present the information they have possessed for years and maintained in complete secrecy. I bet they are having spiritual and emotional sweats right now. They may even an alliance among the doctrines to present one simple discussion and explanation to humanity avoiding the opportunity for one dogma to spearhead an acceptable opinion and be seen as the only secular authority.

Therefore, the best way I can say it is this way, tighten up your shoe laces so you don’t trip. A new extraordinary era of truth and justice to say the least has begun and there is no stopping for the divine trend that already emanating a self-awareness concept in all of humanity. It is affecting not only our perceptions of things that are taken place in our neighborhood, our nation but throughout the world. Nature is in mutual agreement with these energies arriving and is propagandizing its effect through matters of weather changes, magnetic and poles shifts, land masses rearrangement, and of course unsettling tremors. Why would nature affiliate itself with aspects that are seemed foreign to humanity? Because, the ETs with their highly developed technologies are assisting Mother Nature, our beloved earth rise, ascend to a glimmer and healthy earth from its decaying posture caused by the insensitive attitudes of her children toward her, yes us!

The good things to take place are that very soon is that the government; the secular entities and related organizations or agencies will not be able to deny the existence of other beings populating other planets. The ETs will make their presence known to humanity. It will be first through sighting, which they are already doing with their size scout spaceships but as time progresses and more acceptances of so called UFOs become less threatening to us, we will witness larger and more sophisticated spaceships. They will be noticeable. Some of you may wondering where would they appear first or how would humanity know of their presence? Is my opinion that they will make their preliminary appearance right in front of the International Space Station. I just hope that NASA doesn’t cut the live feed as they have done in previous UFOs sighting. If they do, then you will see them above in our skies at an already predetermined location. Its appearance in our skies would have to be where their presence would have the greatest impact to humanity. I don’t believe they will appear on some desert or open sea area. It would be ridiculous to appear to rattle snakes, gulls or wondering four legged animals, but that is my opinion.

Finally, this is going to be an awesome and historical moment. Be not afraid. Have a sense of excitement. Surely, you never thought we were the only ones, did you? The fears of galactic wars and sequestration of humans are ludicrous. Their sole purpose is to assist our earth to rise to a higher level of existence. Our earth was on a disastrous journey due to our insensitivity toward our mother earth, its resource, and its creatures. It is because of these uncaring attitudes of ours that they are here. Let’s be the divine beings we are and extend our good nature and welcome them with gestures of gratitude and amiability. After all, it is not this the attitude that the Great Master Jesus taught us during his ministry on earth? Would not he expect from us the same to others? Your beliefs and what you render in what to believe in will be the core of whether you feel excited when the ETs make their presence known or you are fearful to the point of anguish and terror and failed to be member of a divine excitability. Time you’re your consciousness will determine your outcome. Be wise, love, be strong and you will be glad through it all. I know I will! Namaste