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The Magnificent Seven Virtues, Part 2

In The Magnificent Seven Virtues, Part 1, I addressed the crown jewel of the seven virtues that have been the acquisition, and experiencing of unconditional love. I also described the priceless value of acquiring the virtue of knowledge. I mentioned that it was essential for humanity to acquire, and accumulate the virtue of knowledge because of our relationship with the Tree of Knowledge, and presented the notion that mankind is in a sense, the Tree of Knowledge. However, it must be recognized now why such endeavor was necessary because the scenario found in Genesis was designed for the first man to fail but experience one of the elements of knowledge, curiosity which is so very common in humanity. Mankind has been the same since then. Therefore, according to the Bible, Adam, and Eve through the element of curiosity begin knowledge acquisition through hard labor, and toils. Initially, they learned from the basic survival skills to live in the narrow world. But as you all know, the tranquil but hardship life abruptly came to cease with the death of Abel at the hands of Cain. From this incident, knowledge began to expand into emotional and spiritual areas engulfing all of them. The acknowledgment of curiosity, shame, and fear already learned, also was joined by another new elements, deception, and hatred, and it was these that were embedded in Cain actions. Consider this, the process of experiencing emotions both, well, and the no-good ones were small steps in the process but necessary. Since then learning about everything that affect us is not temporary. But rather knowledge acquired allowed humanity back then to be with a modified independence alongside with a somewhat disguised autonomy.

Similarly, the spirituality of the individual must begin with small steps until he is able to master his knowledge into practical aspects giving him peace, and contemplation. From this source of knowledge, three principles must be learned, and adhered to, patience, reflection, and serenity because from this source of knowledge will come two major virtues that makes the man unique in every way. For start let see what is patience? Patience is the principle in which an individual must exercise to gain access to the first virtue, love. But patience is not gain by simple learning about it, you must practice it as often as you can, and at any place you can. In short, being capable of taking upon you verbal abuse, emotional, and in some cases affliction with calmness, simply, be tolerant, and forgiving. This was one of the great Master Emanuel so often spoke to do always, and emphasized to do toward the lesser ones. Still, patience remains more often elusive to humanity than restrain.

Reflection, the second quality of knowledge is more toward the frame for patience because as children we are taught patience but not until we can understand what patience is meant, reflection cannot make its entrance into our lives. In many cases, reflection cannot be seen until the teen years, and that is due when the individual begins to observed relationships other than those among his closer loved ones. It’s through socialization that we learned to observe others, and ourselves trying to figure out how we fit in, and how they fit in our sphere of existence. In a way, reflection imitates the seesaw effect. There must be two involved, one at each end. The quality of reflection allows us to conduct careful consideration in who we are, what is our role in all of this? And of course, does it assist in our personality, and success? Believe it or not, the results of such considerations can forge the thoughts when considering what is credible or discreditable allowing us to keep our feet on the ground at all times.

Serenity can be considered as the product of both spiritual and emotional awareness during the reflection period. It may sound a little confusing for some but serenity is not as accepted as a major quality element of knowledge as it should but anger , and revenge factors surpasses it in frequency , and endurance. Yet, it a must be an intricate part the virtue of knowledge as it is the essential to maintain in our lives , and be able to ascend to the next level of accomplishment within our ascension process. Serenity is the tread that holds the garment together of Understanding, and Wisdom, Understanding being the third virtue, and Wisdom the fourth. These two are invaluable to for if Serenity is the tread, then Understanding, and Wisdom are the garments that clothe the human. As I mentioned, all of the virtues, their sources, and qualities are valuable assets, however what makes serenity unique from patience, and reflection is that Serenity is all integrated in the spiritual realm whereas as all of the negative emotions displayed, and orchestrated in the physical realm. Serenity is more than just being calm. It is actually the essence of a true peace in an individual. It provides comfort, and clarity to all of the aspects of who the individual is, and what he believes in. It provides clarity , and tranquility, a most needed experience that embraces the virtue of understanding at the highest degree , and when it is most needed because of its divine , and spiritual essences, it becomes more than emotional qualities because Serenity is an inseparable condition between mankind , and God. Its effect is more often needed than most people can ever perceive to be.

Finally, we come to the next magnificent virtue known as Understanding. This virtue is irreplaceable, and it cannot be by pass, or be without for it is the branches of our tree of knowledge as we mentioned earlier. It is the product of all that has the individual learned resulting in “illumination”, and comprehending the splendor of all the meaning, purposes of all things created here on Earth, and above. It represents the culmination of many, many experiences of the individual alongside with the aspects of love that has dwell within the person from the time it took its first breathe. The virtue of understanding is crucial to a pleasant ascension because it provides the individual with a sense of confidence, and trust. Simply by recognizing or having the knowledge that humanity is going thru a transformation is not enough. It must have also an understanding, a comprehension of what it is, and why is taking place. It is through the virtue of understanding that we can trust that what has been offered to us avoiding the fears, and uncertainties that has plagued us for centuries causing endless periods of confusion, dismays, discouragement resulting in becoming hateful to the things we are not able to understand, especially in our present period of transformation, and ascension. So, when understanding is taken away from its pure form by a person, group or entity, its resulting fact is detrimental to any beneficial endeavor from whoever is offering such goodness. This will be the fact, and approach many people will tend to do, and exercise as is made known to humanity within the next decade that: “hello human, you are not alone but rather just one of many throughout the universes.” Until then, humanity unable to understand the light of today’s events will continue behaving with trepidation except for those that are already awakened , and volunteer to be the source of alleviation , and assurance for those slowly waking up from their unconscious slumber. So, it is my organization task to be there not only as a guide but also a place of spiritual comfort, and security.

Concluding, the virtue of Understanding allows us to direct our efforts upwards, and not downwards. Therefore, from the virtue, and foundation of Knowledge we derived understanding allowing us to reach higher levels of consciousness, and reasoning along with the crown jewel of the Seven Magnificent Virtues, Unconditional Love. Just as an airplane cannot fly without wings, an engine , and a fuselage , and neither without a pilot to guide it, neither can humanity ascend without the full believe in Unconditional Love, Knowledge who we are, and Understanding all that has been learned , and along with what now is being offered, and of course your being been the essential guide. But that is just a partial requirement for a successful, and pleasant ascension must also include the virtues of Beauty, Courage/Strength, Will, and Wisdom to be complete. Fear not to be left behind for that is not the Infinite, and Divine Creator mandate. Humanity is a collective, a unity even it may not seem that way in today’s news but we are in God’s eyes and with this in mind, all of humanity will ascend even if it involves to wait for some spiritual stragglers. Peace, and love to us all. And so it is!