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The 40 Days

Greetings my fellow Light workers and spiritual friends! Much has been seen, spoken, and offered as explanations for the unprecedented changes or transformations taken place during the last 30 plus years since 1981 and 1987 to today. But none are more valuable as the onset of the Summer solstice of 2019 in which a new beginning is at hand where the first step of a grand divine finale is at hand. This event or phase of a greater Divine Plan is not only to assist Mother Earth to ascend to a higher phase of enlighten and divinity but also includes humanity.

It has been outlined and referred in the Holy Scriptures to the 40 days of darkness as prophetic ending for humanity (or at least partial) as a judgment by the heavens for our actions and precepts of predatory attitudes not toward ourselves but also toward animals and plants in all. It was for a long time taught that this period of 40 days of darkness was an act whereby God, the Infinite and Divine Creator (also known as Supreme Being) is believed to have foreordained (deemed) all things to take place as to relegate that all souls (mankind) will be either saved or damned as a final testament of our individual actions while on earth. Curiously, salvation was a formidable bargain chip for humanity for centuries and still is. It has provided for humanity to become a collective community of believers that salvation was the only way to overcome the so called physical perils of such inevitable predicament. But nothing can be far from the truth because throughout the Holy Scriptures, Jesus referred to our individual actions as period of darkness not as evil but simply our inability to understand or at least have a sense of curiosity that his teachings were for hope, tolerance, harmony, compassion and peace with a principal element of forgiveness in all things we did throughout the day. It means that the closer we came to this spiritual element which we’re within every being created as told in the Bible the closer we became to God and His goodness and benevolence. Jesus was not teaching a new doctrine as we all learned and adhered to. He simply was reiterating what was already written in the ancient scriptures to not only follow but to also believe and remain loyal. In fact, the center of it all was, God, Father, Creator, Provider, Forgiver not only to mankind but all creatures, and this is well known in the prayer, “Our Father…”

Currently, there are various shall we called it, spiritual writings by organizations and individuals declaring that the 40 days of darkness is upon us and humanity (especially the USA) and must quickly resolve to repent of its dark attitudes and actions and avoid a demise of perilous consequences to the body, especially the soul and spirit. The spirit of salvation is not within an acceptance but rather a resolution to understand who is God and what He represents to all of humanity. For thousands of years and so many generations passed we embraced an ideology that God was out of our reach and could only be reached through suffering, penance and sorrows, and that was and is complete absurd. We, all of us have the not only ability but the accessibility to chat, discuss and plead to God for anything we desire or willed as long as it remains in the light of love, compassion and peace. Where not these the greetings Jesus gave to all the people he encountered or entered their dwellings? Then, why we must believe, no not believe, why we must adhere to accept that we are insignificant before God when in reality all things done since the year 1987 have been for humanity ultimate goal to be divine! It may take few generations to dissolve and eradicate the ideology that we are insignificant beings or that a judgment has been imposed over humanity, but it will be the light of wisdom that will prevail and we will be as God initial intent, to be in God’s own image and for humanity to extend his hand towards God separating veil and in return God stretch His hand in a mutual divine expression. So, yes we can chat, converse with God and that is the enlightenment of this 40 days period.

Thus, the 40 days of darkness as been told and accepted are not days, seasons or a time period of physical or spiritual darkness (religion) but rather an awesome period of enlightenment brought to humanity and the Earth in which energies in some cases targeted to increase the spiritual nature of humanity. These energies bring an element of divinity (source) to accommodate our way of thinking to a higher realm. Simply putting it, the energy waves from the Great Source or God is affecting our spirit and soul resulting in a higher degree (or order) to our conscience providing us with a whole new way of not only thinking all things but also perceiving and analyzing its purpose, meaning or effect in each individual’s life. That’s what the 40 days of darkness entailed for meaning. Not evil or blackness that creates sorrow and spiritual death. The 40 days is a period in which the Light of Unconditional Love which provides not only enlightenment and discernment to a better life for all humanity but for all the Earth. Our lives will be filled with harmony, peace and compassion. No more negative emotions that hindered spiritual growth. The light will overcome darkness as it has been doing since December 21st of the year 2012 and will continue to end of time.

So here it is in a nutshell. Period of darkness as been told is no more than a period of confusion supported or promoted by our inability (or rejection) to accept that major changes have been taking placed since 1987 and will continue until the year 2040 in which time, the power of the light will be the source of power to not only believe in but trust in completely as a source of life. Therefore, this 40 days of darkness is a “spiritual awakening” in which darkness correlates to confusion and the opponent is illumination and during this period of restlessness, the light will shine brighter and more powerful, thus it will affect individuals in all areas of emotions, physical nature, and spirituality causing a assurgency of spiritual thinking that many individuals around the globe will be amazed and perplexed to such “divine disclosures.” It will be as if, the Great Spiritual Master of the past have come back to direct, guide and assist mankind to humanity’s ascension journey decree by the Supreme and Divine Creator, God!

The period of the 40 days will begin shortly after the Summer Solstice, June 21st-22nd. Saturday June 22, 2019 is the first day of the 40 days herewith explained. The 40 days of transition toward enlightenment for mankind will end its journey by July 31st, 2019. During these 40 days, there will be remarkable confusion in all aspects of social, spiritual and in other cases financial uncertainties created by the on-going confusion. Altered estates of emotion will be apparent (rage, anger, deception, etc.) as shall we say, Darkness is giving all it got while recognizes that its end is near. Humanity, mankind are the playing pieces in this spiritual chess game in which the awaken ones, the enlightened ones are the key protective players (possibly Bible’s 144,000?) and the pawns ones are the ones to be awaken or to be enlightened. It is noteworthy that the beginning of July 2019 (July2-8) will become 6 days of much revelation in various aspects of mankind’s lives. Especially in aspects of social and spiritual encounters in which the confusion may delegate or resolved in conjectures, angry episodes and some cases retaliation causing animosity among families or groups who once considered to be inseparable.

It is now the time to present the necessary emotional and spiritual preparedness for these coming periods of confusion and enlightenment. First, drink plenty of water. Due to the waves of energies impacting Earth and humanity and the inability for most of us to comprehend what is taking place, discordances, anguish, and some anxieties may cause individuals to become stressed which in turn limits the consumption of water or beneficial liquids to keep body hydrated. Concurrently, as this spiritual thirst manifested into a physical format may induce for individuals to consume, high energy drinks, as well as sodas with caffeine contents that must not be consumed during these periods of high energies. Second, abstain from junk food. Make every effort to have edible foods that are grown from the earth (vegetable, fruits, etc.). Abstain from consuming beef (cow, lamb, goats) that has shed blood and suffered pain during their demise to be consumed by mankind. Remember, the animals that were sacrificed during the Temple times in Jerusalem are the ones I speak of here. Third, remain grounded (conscious) of earth benefits toward man and take a moment or two to daily devote a short meditated period to give thanks for all you have been given and the strength to understand and must important, BELIEVE in all that is taking place originates from a Greater Source and managed by beings of a higher order who fervently wish for mankind to succeed in this ascension. Get as much rest as you can. You are going to experience degrees of tiredness and in some cases sleepless nights or at least in intervals of awake and sleep periods. If you encounter discussions, rumors, or people in what it seems unresolvable confrontations, remove yourself from it and seek a quiet place to restore your spiritual perspective. These 40 days would be the period in which various religious leaders may disclose various attempts to clarify explain or stipulate new agendas. Since the period is for enlightenment, therefor confusion and the malice of the past will be brought up as a form of doing well, repentance or salvation. In conclusion, remain steadfast in the belief that all of these things may create both emotional and spiritual fears but cannot harm you unless you let it. Refrain from seeing the news because they are going to be the one with the largest confusion similarly filled of deception, lies and misguided information. Remember, God created you (all of us) in His own image. Does God have fears? No, He has only love, therefore you are love. Be that love God is and you shall prevail and your enlightenment will be beyond measures. Love leads to Peace, and Peace is within you. Manifest it all that you do! Shalom!

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