Sun Rise over mountain top

Spirituality Renascence

Greetings my beloved friends. As always I am more than thrilled to share with you the latest spiritual communique with emphasis on July 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019. Marvelous, divine, awesome, spectacular, are just some of the words that I can express to relate to the unprecedented scenario or divine period for all of humanity. These 6 months of the year 2019 (184 days) are manifested with incredible events which have already begun to unfold in realms of the corporal (physical), psyche (mental, mind), emotional, and spiritual aspects. Some have been subtle but many more are coming to be radical in all aspects of our social, economy and more than anything, spirituality.

In the last 6 months I have been following all of the unfolding of events divinely inspired by God Himself relating to not only the welfare of our Mother Earth but also of humanity, us! Yes, mankind! Humanity finally arrived at the foretold heavenly crossroad in which a choice had to be made. Thankfully, to the untiring efforts of divine beings righteously known as Light workers pursuing and fulfilling God’s will of ascension or spiritual evolution on behalf our Mother Earth and equally providing mankind an unbelievable opportunity to rise above all the darkness that had plagued humanity for thousands of years.

In May 2018, I wrote and posted 5 articles titled “Spiritual Renaissance” in which I described how the current changes would be felt but also affecting humanity. This July 2019 “spiritual or spirituality renascence” is more than just an awakening but a transformation in which not only our body but our soul and spirit are affected making mankind changed creatures. Imagine this, mankind have been like a larva born to be transformed. Initially; in a primitive way, its existence was to learn, experience and in many cases perish trying to follow a determined destiny, just as a butterfly must do before becoming one of beauty and splendor, such was our case. Since 1981 when the first sound of the shofar (trumpet) was sound for alertness humanity began its irreversible journey. In 1987, the second sound of the shofar was exercised but this time was louder and longer in duration bringing an awakening or awareness to those light workers becoming spiritual warriors and taking the lead to protect Mother Earth but also afford the opportunity for humanity to participate or be an integral part of this divine change.

Initially, but a handful of these light workers heard and adhere to their call and began a journey of spiritual illumination centered towards humanity resulting on December 21st, 2012 for the celestial shofar to be sounded for the 3rd time to seal the Divine Mandate and began the New Earth as described in the Bible filled with splendor, beauty and holiness never seen by mankind since his creation. But just as in the past and it will be in the next 2 years, many in humanity will doubt and respond with negativity and in many cases seeking to disclaim or deny, renounce that all that is been said, provided and offered by the light workers as the new consciousnessas nothing more than devious and malignant thinking directed to devitalized a most precious gift of illumination to say the least from the Divine affording humanity the concept originated in the Garden of Eden a long time ago.

Consider that these 184 days are but the peg marks on the ground of a greater and fascinating endeavor in which more than angelic forces are involved. In fact, the spectrum of the many involved in protecting Mother Earth from humanity’s reckless attitudes of the previous centuries toward her; necessitated the intervention of heavenly beings from all over the galactic realm of God, the Supreme Creator for which all of them honored and bestow their loyalty and love to all of His will and desires. Such is the nature of these 184 days. These days are the foundations of a not only spiritual transformation for humanity but also a divine deterrence from an insensitive and egotistic humanity toward the paradise (earth) God made for humanity to dwell, grow and multiply in peace, harmony and love. However, we know this very well since the wish from God to have man be at the level of His vision was warped by beings mankind learned to call, the falling angels and in other instances, the serpent(s)(Genesis 3:14). And their involvement then has continued for thousands of years and endless of suffering generations of humans until now! For the time has come for all that the Bible prognosticated will come to pass and not only through the year 2019 but thru the year 2020 and unto the year 2040 in which time mankind and the Earth will go through a period of spectacular transcendentalism coupled with spiritual events radically changing humanity consciousness for all times, surely, making mankind divine as it was originally intended by God Himself.

This new divine modality is not a spontaneous event as many of us would love to considered be but a divinely inspired progressive journey. This divine journey of higher conscious for some may take less time and for others longer. Definitely, it will take time. It all will depend in the individual’s belief, state of mind and emotional state. For those that heard the shofar call back in 1981 and proceeded to begin their illumination journey and assisted those in 1987 to be awaken and together begin the spiritual collective the Bible described as a community of loyal and loving Masters working for peace and love bringing God’s message with emphasis of loving one another regardless of color, creed, or gender creating an earth of eternal love and peace for all its inhabitants. For these divine principles were and are the pillars that hold the universes together.

Therefore, as the sun rises faithfully every morning comforting humanity so does the love God has toward all of humanity. It is this divine principle that now engulfs the Earth and us. Consciously we are being altered to a higher degree of perception. It is as if our covered eyes have been released from an imposed blindness and now we can see the surroundings that was once for us but a dark void with sounds and noises that we could not determine its origin, but as the veil of deception, darkness and negativity have been removed, humanity marvels at the beauty of splendor of what was once a dark tormenting world.

Surrounding us are all sorts of divine energies releasing us from our daily blockages we endured for such a long, long, long time. These divine inspired and manifested are purifying humanity in various degrees. Some of us are aware of the subtle changes taking place but many, many more they are oblivious of what is taking place but that is of course expected due to our conditioning or learning from the emotional to the spiritual. In all cases or perceptions, we, humanity is being changed. We are been purified in all, and I mean in all aspects of our existence toward a more unified and coherent humanity which sole purpose will be to have eternal peace. What remains during these 184 days is a delicate balance of whether you will accept what God now offers to rise to a new divine spirituality or would you settled to continuing exercising the same mundane spirituality of thousands of years of consciousness oppression or be free! Simply putting it, do you wish to be in a revival after revival carousel due to fears and apprehensions or you willingly set your paces toward the divine cloud of survival rising to a greatness which will bring you not only closer to God but face to face with Him as it was in the beginning. “Peace and Love to us all!”