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The Corporal Transformation

As mentioned in my previous article, “Gratitude and Attitude: The Current Spiritual Rivalry” I mentioned that humanity is going through a radical change in consciousness. That is, human conscience, the ability to create, perceive, determined and act upon their reality or in this case, their environment is what been targeted. This action or intervention is not only essential but necessary to ascend to higher level of conscience in which humanity overall will be given the opportunity initially to become part of it at his own willingness to rise above the mundane attitudes of the past and reach a level of consciousness of unimaginable abilities and creations, and in all cases an awakening of divine proportions in which us, humanity plays the major role. Yes, all of these divine interactions and interventions are divinely decreed just for us, humanity. Such is the infinite love of our God, the Divine Creator and Source that an irreversible mandate was given by Him to transform mankind assisting us to master the divine abilities He, God, our Creator bestowed on us from the onset of our creation. Simply putting it, you, I, humanity are the representation of His divine nature. Now, that is definitely awesome and beyond measure and finally since is being orchestrated by the Divine its purpose and final accomplishment are irreversible.

The question many are asking themselves right now as they become awakened of the divine actions and for those that are oblivious or uninterested of the earthly changes will be asking themselves in the future then the same questions we are now asking, how is it manifested? As it was mentioned in the previous article, “Gratitude and Attitude: The Current Spiritual Rivalry” the process of transformations are directly targeted to benefit Mother Nature, the Earth! Consequently, as the Earth is, shall we say for the time being, upgraded simultaneously affects all of humanity but due to our beliefs, traditions, culture, and mostly our way of thinking not only toward each other but also in our affection toward Mother Earth to say the least, chaotic humanity is also being upgraded or given the opportunity to rise above our negative attributes, attitudes, and even our corporal or body measure at first with subsequent stages of development culminating with a unprecedented creative divine nature benefiting each individuals but also all of humanity as a unified collective.

As previously mentioned, the idea of an intervention began in 1981 with a number of individuals being provided through dreams the thought or idea that divine changes for earth and humanity were being contemplated and the blueprint for such divine endeavor began in 1987. Since then, unsuspected changes or alterations began to take effect. Initially, integrating unconscious thoughts and feelings toward humanity as well as acting on the urgent need to upgrade or rapidly intervene on Mother Earth deterioration caused by mankind and if left unattended, Earth would have suffered a deadly deterioration consequently affecting humanity to the brink of extinction. The future for this inconsiderate attitude toward our Earth would have been perilous to say the least for all humanity. Ever since 1987, subtle changes began to be implemented in conscience awareness affecting social, spiritual, emotional and in some degree financial attitudes that began to erode the ego syndrome of superiority so prevalent in humanity since our existence. And ever since 1987 to December 21st 2012, the reinforced foundations for the Divine Plan were created, formed and established for the next major step, upgrading (restoring) Earth to Her original beauty alongside offering the opportunity for mankind to be upgraded (ascended) to a higher order of consciousness not only improving his nature but his format. Initially, beginning with each individual culminating into a formidable collective capable of influencing every aspect of our lives, and this and many other aspects have and are being pursued toward a more pristine Earth and a better humanity.

It has taken a few years since 1987 but mankind has reached the next milestone in his ascension toward a new humanity. Not only our conscience has been divinely affected but our corporal entity or makeup to such extreme that unsuspectedly, some individuals have witnessed the erosion or dismissal of some ailments that have plagued humanity for thousands of years. Since, it has been in some stealth divine fashion we have not heard it as it we would in the news as the occurrence of a major catastrophe but I assure you that it has taken place simultaneously with a phenomenal change in eating habits to a large number of the human population. In many cases individuals (affected by the divine energy) have resolve to limit the intake or consumption of beef, pork, and even chicken derivate. It is as if for some unconscious reason they found themselves aware of the pain suffered by such animals sacrificed to please our desires. Such, shall we say, compassion attitudes are becoming more and more prevalent that by the year 2040 the franchise McDonalds may not be what is today, or any other franchise in business in the same fashion.

The corporal (body and attitude) changes that have taken place since 1987 through the year 2012 and completing the milestone on the year 2019 will persist and continue throughout the coming years with more and more individuals recognizing that their bodies, their attributes and attitudes are changing toward a better more healthier person but most important our view of other creatures such as animals and even plants (trees for lumber, fruit trees, etc.) will be revolutionary as humanity becomes exceedingly aware or awaken that as he (the human) was created by a Divine Being so does all of the creatures, plants and animals that dwell on earth, and this emotional transformation will be prevalent throughout the whole earth. Simply, God, the Divine and Infinite Creator will prevail and humanity will be transformed to be a being not only of a higher compassionate toward God’s created nature but also to all of humanity.

Finally, as humanity has accomplished the conscious level of compassion its next level of transformation has to do with his current body that requires changes to ascend to a higher level of emotional, spirituality and divinity as disclosed and described in the Divine Plan. To finalize the first phase or step of corporal transformation the human carbon based body as we are (in some cases were) must change, transform and done away with and replaced with shall we called it, a refined body capable of not only conceptualize with a high degree of consciousness but also create, do, make, formulate positive attitudes and attributes affecting himself, others and Mother Nature in such a collective composition that will become the main reality (environment) for eons to come. No longer is the body recipient of illnesses causing symptoms debilitating our bodily functions. Instead, due to both positive healthy eating habits and body holiness attitudes humanity will experience finally what the Garden of Eden offered to the first man created, Adam. Thus, our body will go through a radical change of carbon based to a higher order makeup of a crystalline based being capable of higher order of consciousness (thinking, perception) as never seen by humans since creation (per Bible). Today, June 2019, we are at the threshold of phenomenal transformation for all of humanity. For those already aware of these Divine interventions, the ascension and changes are part of a daily awareness resulting in an eagerness to receive further divine offering in the form of divine waves engulfing the earth and humanity affecting each individual according to his makeup, his consciousness and his beliefs (spiritual, emotional or cultural). The reality is that there is no turning back to the egotistic, malevolent and hateful attitudes and attributes of the past. Humanity is being changed and the quicker your fears of these changes are tossed aside, or put away, the quicker your resolve to be a being of a higher conscious order you will become, simultaneously, you will also understand the meaning and purpose of the 144,000 beings (actually awaken) found in the Bible. As always, peace and harmony in your lives along with the strength of unconditional love for all earth creatures! Love leads to peace.