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The New Spiritual Craftsmanship

Greetings my beloved readers! The year 2020 is the beginning of something wonderful for all humanity. The period of December 21, 2012 to December 31st, 2019 was the Foreword of a major change in the conscience for all of humanity. Thus, the year 2020 is Chapter One of what is going to be more than a relating epic novel. It is going to be so extraordinary that humanity may be perplexed at the beginning but as they become more aware, or in this case “awaken from a slumber”, they will understand, and more, and more its purpose for all of humanity. I am delighted to travel along with you throughout this highly spiritual journey that is now before us. I have made an effort to guide you throughout my previous articles, emphasizing to you to be open minded, and trust your inner self. I am very much aware that it is not an easy task to trust the advice of our soul , and heart for it has been a long time that our mind, our conscious that dictated , and was the decisive force in guiding us. Due to our learning process in how to survive , and exist among the society, we were denied , and accepted it willingly in who, what , and where we should be or fit without any means of negotiation, , and because of this ideology in all aspects of our lives, we remained as pawn within a human chess game. But that is all has begun to change with the onset of the year 2020 bringing about in all of humanity the principle of who we are making us cognizant that we were, and always have been “divine in nature.” Sadly, up until the year 2012, we failed to rely in our own abilities , and in many cases we rely heavily on the opinions of others , and the ever present classical condition attitudes from how to eat, shop, work, , and even pray. Well, the year 2020 is going to start changing all of these because YOU are the master of your destiny, and not the influence of society’s leadership. This concept may be view right now as somewhere between unbelievable if not trashy, but I can assure you my beloved readers by the year 2024 it will be not only real but a daily practical , and practice phenomena.

Of course, the good news is, “humanity will go through an incredible change.” It is going to happen. There is no maybe! The sound of the trumpet, the gun has taken place, and the “spiritual marathon” for humanity has begun. As it is in any marathon, some will be up front but as the crowd begin to pace themselves so is the distance to the finish line. Similarly, humanity is starting with different members leading, some will follow just behind them, and of course there will be some starting way back of the pack. That is expected because of our emotional, spiritual beliefs that will determine our standing within this “spiritual marathon.” However, everybody will have the opportunity to finish it. The prevalent thought through this spiritual marathon is to believe in yourself, to trust your “inner intuition.” To rely in what your heart, that little feeling you get when you are in love to assist in guiding your emotional state. In other words, rely in yourself. Be trustworthy of your divine nature. You are more than a creature occupying a space on earth. You are the sole creation of a God that has decree for all of you to rise to a higher level not only in the way you think but also in the way His love affects us. This is what is before all of humanity, a world of peace, love, and compassion not only among humans but all creatures, big, and small with an added touch of “divine creativity” that would bugle the mind of any human right now but is all “true” because as humanity is changing so will be our earth,, and that brings me to the travails of this journey.

Would this spiritual journey be a smooth one? That will be the question of every human being will consider by spring of this year, yes, March through May of 2020. Why? Because it denotes action that will be manifested not only in our way of thinking but also in witnessing an act, an extraordinary event that will be the first marker within the spiritual marathon in which all of humanity is involved. The event or episode of the spring of 2020 is but the first paragraph within this chapter one of the “spiritual quest.” A new, shall we called, “enlightenment” period will take place. Will humanity witness this glorious event? Yes, every human being on this planet will witness this heavenly event. The bible recognizes it as, “the triumph of the Light.” Ancient writers foresaw this unique event, and often recognized it as a divine manifestation. To some degree, it is true in their portrayals of what it meant for it to exist within our midst, our times. For the present humanity, it will create some fears, some anxieties, and in some cases “denials” due to the “fear of the unknown.” However, it is not that it had never happened because such or similar event has taken place at least once , and it is described in Joshua 10:13 where the sun (daylight) stood still , and kept the light of day into the dark hours of the night by the power of God. Will this be what will take place? Not exactly, but it does have some relative similarities whereas as their event assisted the Hebrew people to win the battle, the event of spring 2020 will assist humanity to be transformed from that primordial being into a being of a higher order build with divine qualities yet to be revealed. Noted, that these divine qualities are not something new that will be bestowed upon us now, in fact, every human being has possessed them since the beginning of time. The inability to have them being manifested throughout human history has been because it was decreed by the Supreme, and Great I AM found in Exodus 3:14 that it would be during this period in human existence in which a collective conscience would become the foundation for a greater earth, and a higher level humanity based on the practice, and existence of “unconditional love.” A practice that has been absent from all of us except for the great master that lived among us , and preached, taught , and cherished with their own lives.

As the title of this article entails, humanity will begin this spiritual marathon throughout the year 2020 , and will continue through the same period to the year 2024, , and such as a marathon display runners at different levels of stamina , and preparations affording each individual a spot at the finish line, humanity will experience the same. Some of the awaken individuals have been anticipating, preparing, and becoming ready for the “glorious light” event that would change humanity’s consciousness to higher levels, they will be the first ones to experience the spiritual, and divine sensations from such episode. Sadly, for the most part of humanity, most individuals will manifest fears and apprehensions when the celestial spectacle takes place. Those in some degree of leadership, and power may find this episode to give the reasons to reaffirm their beliefs on others by imposing a degree of spiritual fears on them as a means to contend or at least appease the now bewildered crowd when in reality the divine purpose of this glorious event is of a great benefit for all of humanity.

Thus, my friends, as every marathon runner prepares for the much anticipated for the day of the marathon, I offer this advice. You too, prepare yourself mentally, spirituality, and emotionally to feel fit to withstand the demands of this spiritual marathon of the year 2020. Set your heart, spirit, and soul to be the pillars of your strength, and stamina. As all the episodes have inherited conditions so would this “light show.” Its purpose is not to frighten us but makes us wiser, and truthful. No longer, negativity or negations would be our existence but a whole new life filled with unconditional love, peace, harmony but above all, compassion to all creatures on this earth. Surely, all of these divine goals cannot be accomplished in one year. It may take a generation or two but as I wrote in my novel, “God’s Chosen Ones” the end of all that you will experience shall we say, in the old earth, will have passed, and a complete new earth will exist by the year 2040. You and I chose to be here at this time. It was your choice. It was you who volunteered to be here, to witness this glorious galactic spectacle. You may not realize it right now but you will by the year 2024, and you will be glad to have been here at such extraordinary event. Therefore, sit back. Listen to your inner self. Yes, your intuitive thoughts that emanate from your heart not your mind for in it dwell your ego, and the ego will impose on you mental traps, obstacles, and possibly crisis to make disbelief what your soul and spirit are telling you to believe, and trust. I did trust , and believed in it back in 1987 , and published it in the novel God’s Chosen Ones, , and since then held a steady path toward seeing God, the Great Source I AM do the greatest act since our creation. I am here for all of my family, and so I will be for you relating, sharing with you that what was given to me since December 1981. Love you all. Namaste!