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The Year 2020, Year of Celebration

It has been 72 hours since we said good-by to 2019. Surely many of you have made resolutions for the year 2020, and will make valiant efforts to see them become successful realities. I also have made resolutions according to my needs, the needs of my family, and enhancing my purpose to continue offering you, my readers spiritual and comforting information not only regarding what awaits humanity this year but for the next 4 years, and beyond.

Therefore, as I now take the time to review the year 2019 as a memory passed, I contemplated the gains, and benefits 2019 provided. The first thought should always be, “Am I better now than 2, 3, 4, or even 5 years ago? The answer should be a resounding YES for a large majority of us. I sure have been, shall we say, rewarded not with materialistic riches but with emotional, and spiritual rewards in the confine of peace, and harmony. That doesn’t mean that all has been perfect, oh no! In fact, to have observed, and experienced the rewards along with certain disappointments have been natural. Throughout the year 2019, I experienced , and witnessed some that affected me, my wife , and children but with each of those negative episodes were often produced or created by means you had no complete control but had to rely in the mental state of such negative attitudes individuals. The positive rewards gained in 2019 were often within my control, and auspices, and purposely we maintained an outlook of positivism that became genetic in all we did. The disappointments or better yet negative outcomes were predominantly the results of others opinion of what was favorable for them which in many cases actually brought upon themselves a “negative karma.” Similarly, as we recognize the goodness the previous year’s brought to us, it should be complemented with words, thoughts , and actions of gratitude, and thankfulness, and that is what every human being should reflect within those 70 hours. It helps to be more determined, and motivated to view the New Year as ascension from where we once were, and can be at in the new one.

Consequently, given a small thought of the past is helpful but we must constantly remind us of the goodness of the year, and not its pitfalls, which brings me to the New Year contemplations. For beginners, the year 2020 is known to the awaken ones as “The Year of Celebration.” Why? Because is the year in which humanity no longer is in spiritual, and emotional slavery. That is, humanity has been offered an extraordinary divine gift of a “New consciousness.” What does this means? It simply means that you are no longer are in need of others opinion to determine your future, nor in need of a leadership to determine your joy, happiness or choices they convey to you being as necessary for your successes in your life. In fact, you are capable to formulate your own destiny, and your own reality. It is your divine right! The issue that you did not or could not manifest them as easy as it would be in 2020 is because humanity was shackled by doctrine, philosophy, ideologies that constraints not only your thoughts but also your emotional state. In some degree, this principle stood among us for thousands of years, and it was not until December 21st, 2012 that the chains of negative perpetuity began to be set humanity free. For the last 7 years, all of us, every human being has been going through a period of conscience (ego) detoxification, especially in the realm of our negative emotions that literally made us slaves of its power. Yes, anger, hatred, jealousy, violence, fear, are just but the tip of the iceberg because many more negative emotions lie under the waters of our conscience, and it affected at everything we did before December 21st, 2012. Thus, these 7 years that culminated on December 31st, 2019 came to completion, and a new era began on January 1, 2020 from which there is no escape. We have embarked in the most enjoyable quest or journey of not only a new consciousness but a new freedom, a freedom of having control of our own destiny. It will be a whole new experience for humanity but we will get use it, and after witnessing the benefits from such new consciousness, we are going to grasp it whole heartedly. As of right now, we cannot fathom its impact in humanity but for the next 10 years its potentials will be manifested in all aspects of our lives with richly outcomes throughout humanity. It may be quick for some , and for others, it may a little shall we say, slow to adhere for personal reasons such as not to change their ideology but as they will see more , and more success in others, they will wonder what is that other person possesses that is different from theirs, , and “doing through example” many shall we say, disbelievers may finally recognized that to “let go of the past” is the answer , and recognize that absolution for the past is not harmful at all but very beneficial to them. , and yes, that is the frame work of the New Year 2020, “let go, let do away, let’s forgive, let’s love unconditionally, and let’s be the divine being we truly are once, and for all!”

There you have it my beloved friends, and readers. This is your year! Make the best of it emotionally, and spiritually. The rules and principles of the past will no longer apply for the next 10 years. In fact, all that you once perceived as valuable or essential in your lives such as riches , and power has already began to erode, , and a good example of this can be witnessed in our political arena since the year 2016. I wrote an article, “The Erosion of the Third Dimension.” When you have some time read it will provide beneficial insights. Begin, the New Year with an open mind. Be a true believer of your own abilities. Yes, they will be some pot holes along the road of your ascension but as a good driver avoid them with confidence, and surety. You are the driver of your destiny. Don’t be the passenger or the back passenger. As you recalled from experiences, either of the two always considered them-selves smarter, and wiser when in reality they knew little. Nobody can determine your success unless you allow them. This is what the celebration of the beginning is for you in the year 2020. Consider the year 2020 to be both an emotional, and spiritual “emancipation” in which “the principle of controlling you” no longer will apply. You will be your own teacher, and student, your own healer, and advisor, our own artist, and your own critic. Oh, yes, it is going to be that delightful, and rewarding, so let’s begin today to exercise your new conscience, and freedom remembering the most crucial aspect, “You are a divine being!” So act, deal, and pursue your future as you see it fit to benefit YOU! It is now your divine right, and the celebration of the year 2020 for all of humanity. Love you all! Namaste.