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Final Countdown

Greetings! My beloved readers, and friends, the time has come for this writer to share with you a very crucial aspect of not only today but what awaits humanity in the future. There comes a time in every human beings life where a decisive moment has to be taken in which the deciding factors may be unpleasant, consider to be absurd, and in many cases to be unbelievable. Well, this is one of those articles as well as the next two. It has never been so difficult to write the topics, scenarios, and agenda awaiting humanity in the coming year as it is now. In many cases, people would like to hear of things sugar coated for it make easy to absorb or swallow. However, no matter how palatable I can make it, what is to be shared herewith is not given to affect your beliefs, or to influence you. It is simply to convey what was given December 1981 to me, and the time has come to continue the original purpose of my journey while on this Earth.

In my novel, God’s Chosen Ones, Chapter 15, titled Man’s Final Hours, and Fate Acclaimed, Section I, page 445, Michael, the messenger is sent by God to this Earth, and reveals his purpose to a man named Peter. Michael also witnesses various scenarios too long to describe here. But the purpose of this article is to share valuable spiritual, and divine manifested messages provided in 1981 but also culminating with a novel being completed in 1987, and later published. Initially, because of my apprehension to believe what was shared for six days in late December 1981 were, really at first freighting, and second to me it was almost regarded as something from a sci-fi movie. What made me make the decision to pursue publishing what I had already put on paper was a personal experience from a dream given in which affected my conscious, and I became engross in its publication. After so many disappointing periods, finally I was able to find a caring person that would provide the funds for publication at a low interest rate. But that is enough of the background, now for the crucial purpose of this article.

Let’s begin with the first riddle given on December 25, 1981, and found on page 521 in the novel, “Alpha, and Omega, Similar in Deed! Children One Apart.” Originally, I was not able to decipher its meaning until I received the second message three nights later. I understood the riddle to be a date not a scenario. It was meant to be the year, 2012. And as many of you that have been following my writings can substantiate that I highlight this date as a very crucial date in humanity’s ascension, of course regarding humanity’s higher consciousness transformation. To believe that it has been twenty-seven years after being given the riddle, and just about everything given has taken place, and yet, there is much more to come. It may seem that the events taking place mirrors coincidence but it is definitely not! The events from year 2012 through the year 2040 are not some chance taking philosophy but they are, and will be predestined date affecting the Earth, and all of humanity. In the novel, I convey all the principles of a higher level of consciousness to be related to love, compassion, faith, kindness, and most important, to be as the good Samaritan found in the Bible. December 25th, 2012 was to be the beginning of an actual divine radical intervention to assist Mother Nature in rising above the destructive nature, we humans had inflicted on her but as the divine intervention was purposely conducted for mother Earth, it became also essential to transform the culprit of such neglect, and careless attitude to the Earth we dwell on for it was to affect mankind as equal in severity.

Ever since the year 2012, the Earth has been on a constant celestial upgrading. Equally, humanity has also been affected. It has been subtle for most of humanity but for the chosen few that became aware of all that would take place just as it is described in the novel, has become the bearers of the light of truth. That is, to convey, and disseminate as much as they can trying to promote awareness that Earth is changing, and so it will humanity. And that was the purpose of the publication of the novel God’s Chosen Ones. You may be asking this question, who are the Chosen Ones? Well, the Chosen Ones are ordinary people. People who seek to do well through gestures of love, harmony, kindness, compassion, and remained steadfast in the power of the Divine, and His nature. They do not anger, discriminate, or boast. In fact, one of their major traits is that they are truly “empathic.” Sadly, the number have been few since 2012 but ever since the year 2015, and 2016 when waves of energies began to affect all that was on this Earth, the number of them have risen exponential, and that has created a community or as I called it, and is truly known, a “collective of light workers” working incessantly ensuring that the all of humanity comes to grip with it is taking place since 1987. The year 2012 was just the beginning, and as we are approaching the end of the year 2019. It seems almost a dream what has taken place already. It was this “awareness” I received that compelled me to have the novel published , and now that I am witnessing what happened, is happening, , and what will happen throughout the next decade is mind boggling but fascinating to say the least , and worthy of knowledge for all.

Here is the next riddle, which happens to be on page 524 of the novel under the Section III, Final Countdown, “Birth of Two Souls, Then, Barren. Man Divided, Death at Last” then, a day later another riddle, “Power, and Strength, Darkness Overcometh, Waters Divided, Man Cast.” The first riddle entails the year 2020 in which it will be a decisive year for humanity. Various events will take place, and it is my strong believe that the second riddle pertains to natural effects, episodes, and events that will affect mankind within the coming decade beginning with the year 2020. I am not going to sugar coat it for you for if I were to do this, I would do an ill favor to the audience that found me to, and provided me these messages. It has become a matter of serious contemplation, and I will address these factors, issues in the coming articles. What I will share with you, you can find it in the novel, especially the paragraph found in page 524 written after the two riddles. Yes, believe it or not, it will surprise you that was originally written in 1987 has taken place already, and will take place in the year 2020 are within these three paragraphs on page 524. I know that as we approach the Christmas holidays, and of course, the ever enthusiastic New Year’s celebrations throughout the world, it may be considered to be an “intermezzo” or the eye of the spiritual, and uplifting storm. Would the year 2020 would be a smooth transitory year? The plain truth is no! In fact, the year 2020 will be mark with unprecedented events, situations, scenarios filled with surprises in all aspects of mankind’s life, not only in the aspects of mother nature rumbling, shaking, and smothering certain areas in the globe but also, spiritual, emotional, social, and economic principles affecting all of humanity. In many cases, fear may be the precedence of many of you but herewith, and in previous articles I have written, I conveyed to maintain your nature of believing strong, and most important, having an open mind because what you had learned will be like having an old Commodore as your personal computer in comparison to a current high tech one of today. The information to be disseminated to all of humanity from the divine Creator, His other celestial highly developed beings down to His children on Earth known as Light Workers, Star Seeds, Light Bearers to mention a few will endure it all with a complete sense that all that is to be must be for a greater Earth but also an awesome for humanity. Yes, humanity will endure it if you believe, and I will be here to guide you just as they guided me in writing the novel. The novel is a map, and I will share with you all that were given, and still provide.

Frankly my beloved readers, I know that there are already various spiritual, and enlighten individuals conveying their messages regarding the year 2020, and its events. I am not a horoscope designer nor do I deal in tarot or divinity boards. I am just an ordinary person found blessed with the messages I have here highlighted but without hesitation I can tell you definitely that you are going to need your “spiritual , and divine wits” because not to sound obscene but rather truthful, “the manure is going to hit the fan” in the year 2020, especially in the political arena. Wait, and see! I hope you tuned to my previous articles, and also the coming ones depicting the scenario for the year 2020 especially the unprecedented event to take place on the spring of 2020. It will be a doozy. Until, then, enjoy the next thirty days, and count down the days. Remember this, each morning you arise to manifest this, “Thank you my loving God for returning my soul to me with compassion, and confidence. May I be a strong , and steadfast person when you make your agenda known to all of humanity, preserve from fear, anguish , and terror , and fill me with your peace , and comfort to endure it all for I know that all that would take place is for my good, the good of my loved ones , and all of humanity! Amen.” And so it is my beloved readers. More to come!