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A Storm Named – Ego

Good morning, and greetings my beloved readers. It is a beautiful day to be alive during this glorious ascension of humanity’s consciousness. Things are going well in the celestial realm as we speak. The energy wave of January 10th was effective, and expanded the awareness for many more human beings. Presently, the news is bogus to say the least. It is embedded in themes, and aspects that have nothing to do with the true reality of today’s humanity futuristic path. Still, I hope you take it all in stride accompany with spiritual perception. It will guide you well, and bring peace, and harmony throughout this ascension process, which brings me to the topic of this article, “A Storm Named – Ego.”

Many of you have taken at least, and introductory course in Psychology at some time in your educational career. In one of the many topics addressed, the instructor discussed the Structure of Personality, and referred to be the works of Sigmund Freud in which he portrayed personality as a dynamic system consisting fully by three mental elements, the Id, the Ego, and the Superego. You were told that according to Freud that most behavior involved a close relationship among these three principles. The Id was portrayed as the innate biological instincts, and urges. It was denoted to be irrational, impulsive, and totally unconscious in its nature. The Ego was described as the Executive”, the big boss that directed all the energies needed by a “pleasure seeking” urge to achieve the desired , and much needed pleasures of life. The Ego existed in what was described as the “reality principle.” The Superego on the other hand was given the role to “act as the judge” for the thoughts, and yes, actions of the Ego. Supposedly, the Superego was identified as our conscience reflecting on behavior or actions for which a person has been punished. According to the notion that whenever a principle, an attitude, or an action that did not meet the standard of a good conscience is not met, the superego initiate feelings of guilt, sorrow, etc. In short, consider the Superego to be guardian parent for all humans. As we go throughout our lives, and interacting with others at diverse environments, and ideologies, we create conflicting attitudes, and in many cases creating emotional havoc in which can be harmful to our psyche (the mind).

It would be a lengthy article if I would addressed all three of Freud’s mental elements, and I am certain most of you already understand them well, thus for the purpose of my article, I will only addressed the Ego for it is the Ego, the psyche element that is going to necessitate the greatest understanding, and its effects that it does, and in many cases can convey or limit humanity to achieve a successful, and completed ascension in humanity’s current achievement to a new consciousness. So let’s look at how and why the Ego has benefited humanity in the past but I will be very harmful to a smooth spiritual ascension, and transition into greatness.

For start, we must recognize that the “Ego” has been the dynamic, powerful, and the dictator of just about every single attitude, action, and the principle that as human we have entertained. In short, the Ego was the governing mental element that dominated our existence. It may not seem that this psyche element has such authority over our behavior but it was it is, and sadly it may still be a very influential part in some individuals as most of humanity would be on an ascending conscience process. Yes, the Ego was, and is to some degree a “clearing house” determining what was good, bad or ugly. I am also a “powerhouse” with unlimited mental powers to such degree that determined the personality, and character of an individual. In short, the Ego through its psyche maneuverability appropriated our “will power” jeopardizing our destiny, and realities to such degree that created spiritual, and emotional ambivalence for a human being. This “mental take over” was not something that all of sudden appeared out of nowhere. Oh, no, it had taken thousands of years to culminate to what is today. Originally, its function was to be a safe guard of our actions whenever the principles of love, and fear were to be addressed but slowly it expanded its role in controlling just about every element of our existence. From such lengthy encounters it became so diversified, and effective that in today’s reality, the Ego is found in just every day activity involving our behavior, our daily actions, and our daily perceptions. We have been mentally incarcerated by the Ego principle , and now that we have embark on a new divine , and spiritual journey of ascension to higher level of mental or psyche levels, the Ego is no longer the emotional tool needed for survivability as humanity has entered the divine journey of ascension in which you, the individual will possess the all of the virtues to not only create , and manifest his own reality without the intervention of the Ego for it has become a hindrance to humanity’s greatness. Therefore, it feels threatened to be removed, and it is putting quite a fight to keep its powerful influence in humanity, which comes to the core of this article.

It is now not only necessary but crucial, vital to remove the Ego from the midst of our daily mental processes. Why? You would ask? Well, because the “ascension process to a higher level of consciousness” requires for the human being, you, and I to be in charge, and not our minds. In short, you must exercise your divine right of “free will” which has been absent for millennia in humanity abilities to maintain a freedom to create our individual realities. It may sound absurd that to exercise abandonment of the Ego as a source of the “clearing powerhouse” would be wise, but it is not only wise but necessary for a greater you because you no longer would be dealing with the cornucopia of negative emotions that was attached, embedded in our lives for thousands of generations. But rather, you as a divine independent and wise thinker would realize that the new consciousness requires your input, your divine love not only of yourself but equally for others to ascend to greater you, and the Ego will jeopardize this.

It is not an easy choice to abandon a friendship that has been with humanity for thousands of years, that I know , and I understand but it is necessary that you , and I began to give thoughts of at least become aware about the real truth of how power , and overpowering is the Ego that defines you. The elements of the new earth, the new you, the new higher dimensions “does not” exhibit the presence or existence of the Ego. No, Sir! Not at all, therefore, one of the major interventions of the arriving energies, and the ones to follow are to energize the heart, and not the mind. This process has already began as I mentioned in previous articles, however the ease, and facility of achieving ascension has to do with you. It is you who have to begin recognizing that the negative emotions we once exercised so often , and in many times overpowered us are in their decline for never again to rise or slave humanity. Resisting their effects in our daily activities is but the beginning. You must at least take small step to recognize the degree of an ever present syndrome of eliciting negative opinions, feelings, and ill attitudes in just about every day situations or events that affect your psyche, your mind, and above all, you must “control your tempter” for it is through this behavior that the Ego manifest its greatest dominance, and hold on humanity. Seek moments, and places that exercised peace, harmony, and pleasant contemplations that soothe your heart not your mind. Begin by appreciating that you have risen to another divine day filled with the glory of God in all the things you do for the day. Practice kindness. Be patient, be courteous, and above all be thankful to all the great things God has provided for you. Refrain from swearing, cursing, lying, deceit, especially; judging others. Don’t see the faults on others but recognize their virtues to be better if given the opportunity as you have received. There are so many manners, and ways to release the Ego’s hold on you a little bit at a time. I agree with you that what has been asked, and is been asked of humanity may seem to be a monumental task but it doesn’t has to be that way if of all of us just practice a little bit of kindness each day. The importance is to begin to let go of the “grip” it had on you for so long , and let your heart reign as the supreme leader of “all of your actions” , and you have discovered not only how great you are but how divine your nature is.

Thus, humanity is facing an emotional and destructive storm named Ego. Its outlining winds of destructive egotistic and envious attitudes are at our doorsteps, and if spiritually unprepared it could easily raise havoc within your emotional stability. Its path lies directly in the path of humanity’s conscience ascension. There is no escape route for all us, every single human being on this earth right now will be affected, except those that have recognized their awareness, and have prepared spiritually, and emotionally to overcome its impact in their lives. Simply putting it, the prepared one would have already recognized the need for strengthening their emotional stability through meditation, practicing kindness, and charity, in short, recognizing the vital balance between love, and fear, and acting promptly when fear advocates negativity hindering the positive emotions of your lives. Promptness and confidence are the keys to a strong emotional stability. You are not the only one experiencing the effects of this very powerful mental storm, just about every human being is but remember this, the storm is pounding, tossing your ship up, and down, sideways but remember this from this article, you are the captain of this ship, it is your life you are navigating it through this named storm Ego as we all are. It is your wisdom, your experience, your know-how, your determination, your confidence that will endure the storm, and come out of it with success, and ascension. It is all up to each one of us to exercise our righteous divine place in this new consciousness ascension, and mental transformations. Some of you may be in a quandary as to what can take place if I cannot endure this storm, well rest a ease, humanity is going to shift whether it like is it or not. The difference is that the Ego is like baggage we carry on a trip. If the trip is short in distant , and stay, packing should be light , and practical, however if we are like must humans that required all the comforts to consider the journey to be an enjoyment, then, you would pack excess baggage that becomes more of a dreadful deals than the enjoyment of the trip. In short, be practical. Drop the negative baggage the Ego has made you believe that you need for this divine journey. In short, drop the Ego influences in your life. Leave all its influences behind. You can deal with your heart better than you could be with the aspect of your mind. Utilize your mind to be the storage of the pleasant memories you accrued during this divine voyage of ascension. Let your heart be the eyes that see the beauty all around you, and the ears to hear the peaceful nature of God that surrounds you. Smell the aromas, and fragrances of delightful outcome, and above all speak of blessings and gratitude for all that you are, and leave behind the negativity that had hindered your divine nature to be your domain as it was originally divinely decreed. Then, it will be the moment you will never forget, and regret not to have been “aware” in whom you are, and have been since creation. If doubts may still linger in your life as to the effect of the Ego, rest assure, you will at one point in the next few years will be made aware of it , and almost as in the flash of the moments, you will no longer sense its influence as you do right now. My love to you all my friends, and readers, and so it is!