Rainbow from a cloud

The Colorful Rainbow of Emotions

Greetings my beloved readers, and friends! It has been quite an exciting beginning for the year 2020 for me, and I hope it has been for you too. The energetic wave of January 10th was something else but better was the 11th in which the numbers 111, January 11 coincide with the peak of the wave. It was for me an emotional earth moving experience. I was anticipating its arrival but since humanity has never experienced such intensity of energy, I was surprise at its degree of intensity, and its effects. As for me, it was like being in a hot day, and entering an air conditioned atmosphere, it was refreshing but in contrast, being outdoor for a lengthy time on a very cold day, and entering a warm area, it was to be something to be very wonderful. In short, both extremes of energetic emotional waves should have been experienced on January 10th, and so it was for me, my loved ones, and I am sure for a large portion of humanity.

During those two days, in some respect, most of you should have experienced or had a sense of confusion, an ambient of dismay, or even a little bit of forgetfulness. In either case what it was sensed was the degree in which our emotions were altered, experienced, and even how it made us behave. For example, in one extreme you might have felt saddened but not overwhelmed by a depressive mood as let’s say not as if you have lost a loved one but maybe as if you would been rejected for a promotion or a hire. These feelings would not have been long lasting or it did not have for purpose for you to take extreme violent measure but to experience an actual sensation of have been denied a promotion or a hire affecting our inner emotions. In another situation, some of you experienced deeper emotions as you found yourself in need of some bonding, some caring attitude from a loved one. You desired for someone near to reach, and give a sense of security in what they felt toward you. In fact, some of you may have taken time to questions whether what you have been doing was what you really desired, or that the one next to you appreciated you, or whether you should be together? The point here is that this glorious, and awesome wave was directly intended to move us as humanity had never been moved before, emotionally that is. It was designed to affect our deep entrenched emotions from which our “ideal self” dwells in protective or concealment nature.

So here we are in January 15th, and the wave has passed, and dissipated to a certain degree but not the results of its impact in humanity. More and more human beings are awakening to a new self-concept of themselves, and their reality. The “real self” of all of us is now been transformed, and subjugated to assess itself with more confidence, and decisive outlook. Simply, our deep emotions were stirred up, and our hearts are contemplating more, and more the value of love, peace, and harmony. Finally, it seems that the hidden “colorful rainbow” of our “inner deep emotions” is no longer kept in the secure vault of our hearts but rather the “spiritual divine time lock” its dial knobs are being turned to have its valuable treasures be seen. That is what took place on January 10th, and the waves will continue arriving, some in intensity, and with longer duration. Surely, as each wave arrives, a greater awakening of our emotional stability will be affected but not toward the negativity as it has been for thousands of years but rather advancing to a sublime level, stage of emotional and spiritual ecstasy as never experienced. Simply, my beloved readers, you, and I, and all of humanity will confront not our fears as we have made to believe for so long but to grasp the essence of love, and all of its derivate which are the splendor of humanity but also the new earth for all of these, and more makes the heavens, the universe, and the galaxies. Yes, we are at the verge of a monumental divine discovery right now that could bugle your mind but we must first understand the motives, and the principal characters in all of these, “our positive emotions.”

To best understand the importance, and value of the wave of January 10th, and the 11th, and of course, the upcoming ones, we must first recognize that there are three elements that make the human self. You may know it as the body, the soul, and the spirit. But for this article, I want to expand these three concepts in such terms as, “the emotional, spiritual, and the corporal body.” The emotional body is of one of the most sought out in today’s ascension. This is due because the spiritual body already knows who we are, where we come from, and what is the great purpose in creating mankind but remains in silence until the “emotional body” discovers what the heavens , and the universe already know, that we are divine not only in nature but also in purpose. So we come to the quandary of life. Why, the secrecy? Why now, and how? Well, for beginners you already know the how. That is why the strong waves of energy, frequency, and duration are arriving. The why, well that is also known since the year 1987 when a divine decree went into effect. It is known by some names as “convergence, initiation” but for me as it was provided on December 1981, it was “spiritual admonition.” In short, it was design to revert a path of shall we called, “destructive outcomes”, and adverting such events immediately was necessary, and if allowed to happen or take placed, it would have caused harm to all of humanity, and that was considered by the Great Divine to be “unthinkable”, and therefore divine measures were implemented immediately to avert such future, and steered humanity toward the path of ascension rather destruction as originally foretold by the Masters, and Prophets. All these interventions were to combat our unbalanced emotional state. Thanks to God He did this because if He had not, all that you saw been manifested back in 2009, and culminating in 2015, well, America would have been a completely different nation, and simultaneously, the world would have been in such chaos that joy, and happiness would be strange words in our lives, and deception, hatred, injustice, and many more relevant negative emotions would have run rampant affecting about every corner of this globe.

For start, let me express that for the clarity of this article one must differentiate between an emotion, and a feeling. An emotion can be considered as a strong subjective response from an individual. It can be in response to a threat, stress or in some cases an act without a noble reason, whereas, a feeling is the result of our emotions. Simply said, an emotion is the stimulus, and a feeling is the response. Does this sound like a conscience principle? Well, it is because is through our conscience that both are housed. Therefore, our inner motives or emotions are the topic of this article.

So which are these emotions that the Divine and His celestial teams are so devotedly pursuing on this earth, and humanity? For start, imagine “light” our source of existence. As we see it every day, we take it for granted however if you were to think what would be to be without it, you immediately would respond, “humanity will die!” And you would be correct. Without it, we die, and all that is on this earth. Therefore, the sunlight is vital, critical to our existence. Similarly, so it would be inner emotions, our most elusive positive emotions that we often recognized, and often speak of, dream of, and conferred to so many others as often as we can, and that is, ‘Love.” Yes, love is the ultimate. But don’t’ go , and start thinking that you really know it all about love because, you , and I, and humanity do not know of this love because the love herewith discussed has only been experienced once , and it became an emotion engulfed with fears, apprehension , and disobedience. Yes, it was once on earth at the Garden of Eden, and is returning back for a final appearance, and this time mankind is better prepared to adhere to. Thus, the “divine and eternal love” is what I will discuss here not the one you and I have maintained for thousands of years. No, not that one because it came with all sort of negative attachments like leaches adhering to a body, and sucking the blood from the body which truly the “love of the earth” was the impostor for the “true divine love” Consequently, the energy waves are here to “purify” our hearts from such earthly bound love, and been replaced by the “ultimate divine love” that binds all of the universes, and all of its beings.

Just as the sunlight has its secret colorful nature, and its only seeing by the utilization of a refractive dispersion, and the usage of a prism creating beautiful colors, so it is the nature of the “divine love” within all of us but hidden until the appropriate object or item is brought into existence, except the drops of rain or a prism for humanity hidden treasure of the divine love within each one us is the “Great I AM, and the source of the ultimate love.” The arrival of these high energy waves as the one on January 10th is the major ingredient in this “new love connection”. As you know, the rainbow has seven colors, they are, violet, indigo, blue, green yellow, orange , and red, and these colors are not only designating the spectrum of light but also the divine structure of the human body known as “chakras.” Chakras in these case deals with the physical conditions of the corporeal body, it functions are to regulate organs, body parts, and intervene in physical illnesses or emotional stress. The chakras consists of the crown, the third eye, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, sacral , and root , and they have the same colors as are found in the rainbow. Of course, more about the chakras on another article but for now let’s discuss our inner positive emotions.

Just as the rainbow consists of seven colors, so does our most beloved positive emotions. These seven emotions stem from the hierarchy of the “divine, and eternal love” of the Great I AM! Here, is a question. Is it the Great Source, and Creator that manifested His divine love in all of humanity? The answer is a positive, yes! Whether we wish to knowledge it or not, due to His magnificent love for us, we, yes us, humanity is the “the Light of God’s Love” it can be seen as the spark that ignites. It is through this spark of love that our current journey has begun , and the arriving waves are the intensity of His warm , and eternal love, without it, we could not ascend or achieve the degree of “unconditional love” to exist in the new earth. It is not mandatory as it appears right now but it will be necessary to achieve , and humanity must be adhered to without any “negative hang ups” which means that we must dispose completely of all of our ill, destructive , and insensitive negative emotions that has plagued humanity for thousands of years, and also just happens to be governed by the “authoritarian ego” which it also humanity must dispose of it as soon , and hastily as we can, and of course, it is what these waves are purposely conducting.

Therefore, the crown of the seven emotions is “unconditional love.” It resembles the love the Great I AM has for all of humanity, and we have not achieved it yet, except for the Master that lived, and die for this love. It is this, the unconditional love that we have been purged from the resulting effects of the earthly love rendering negative emotions over the old earth (third dimension version). Humanity will embrace this “celestial version” of unconditional love as human beings become citizens of the new earth. As it is implied, humanity will love all creatures, big, and small with a deep, and profound pure, and unselfish emotional attachment. As the title implies it, the upcoming unconditional love will be manifested “unconditionally” without any negative attachments or pretexts. It will be the ultimate throughout the whole new earth, uncompromising. It is this new? No, it has been around since our creation, and it is the essence not only of the angelic realms, the universe but in everything created, and we, humanity will be a major part of it. Besides doesn’t the First Commandment clearly state all of these for every human to adhere or at least honor?

Next, the other six emotional stages are the derivate of unconditional love, and that one is “kindness.” Yes, kindness, the one humanity deprived itself in practicing. It is not only been kind to mankind but all creatures on earth. We are going to go through an adventure, and a quest that in no way it will mirror the way we have treated other creatures in the past. Look out “meat eaters” you are about to have “an unprecedented evolution” when it comes to consuming meats. Welcome, to the new earth!

After, experiencing the virtue of kindness, “compassion” is our third virtue of our deep emotions. You may say it is not compassion higher than kindness? I will answer with this example. You found a man on a corner with a sign, “Homeless! Need money for food.” What would be your first thought, impression, and elicit response? It may seem a quandary but it is not. A thought doesn’t make an active gesture or act. Giving money for food would be, therefore we actual act is more valuable that the thought conceived. A thought is but a wish not an actual act. Therefore, kindness is greater than compassion, and yes they have a mutual relationship in the new earth as it should have been on the old but we failed to accomplish until now.

Next is “forgiveness.” Oh yes, forgiveness is an actual emotional feeling , and not a perception that has been , and still is a hardship for many to manifest but I can assure you that on the new earth, forgiveness , and pardoning will exist as the new you, will not encounter faults or errors on anyone, only, just compassion , and unconditional love to all things. Why do you think forgiveness is hard for humanity to discuss, and elicit? Simply, because humanity experience fear followed by shame, and we have been under that condition for thousands of years but humanity will no longer need to be fearful or shameful ever again. Remember, the Great Master Jesus who taught that forgiveness was a necessity for mankind as he asked God to forgive us during his crucifixion. Also, he showed us compassion. Remember the blind man that he cured, or the many he healed? Throughout his ministry you will encounter the emotions herewith I am addressing, and discussing. In fact, the purpose of this ascension is to live in a “Christ image” on the new earth.

The fifth virtue is another of those well hidden divine emotions within every human being we learned to hide because for most of us we could not believe that it would be possible to have experience or attain, and that is “peace.” Is peace an emotion? It is more than that. It becomes the essence, the result of the ones above. Peace is more than a concept, an act or an elusive adventure because without it humanity could not exist. It is the fervor, the determination, the courage, one of the most passionate of the virtues of unconditional love. As we are currently going through humanity ascension, peace is an integral part of it as the arriving waves are stimulating the conscience of humanity to seek harmony not only among loved ones, a community, a nation but the whole earth also. The wave that came on January 10th did this, and more. Simply, remember Iran’s issue with its people as it stands right now. Would there be a new spiritual Iran, yes! What is currently in the Middle East or any part of the world that does not seek peace, and harmony among its citizens, the aftermath of these coming waves will have consciousness shift from dominance to “free will.” These are the purpose in which peace will reign throughout the new earth, and among its ascended citizens, you, me, and humanity. Thus, our emotional desires for peace shall increase with each arriving wave. There is no regression to authoritarian rulership. So what you are witnessing in Iran is but the beginning of major conscience shifts , and peace sits at the center of it all supported by deep rooted positive emotions.

Our sixth virtue of our inner recently discovered colorful rainbow of emotions just happens to be one that I hold dearly, and of course I sought for everyone to adhered to or at least practice it throughout our lives, “truthfulness.” This virtue is the “holy grail” of all of our hidden emotions. Honesty is as the soil upon which truthfulness grows. It has been an elusive virtue if not almost completely absent from humanity since heaven knows when, and it is rarely seeing in its pure manifestation because it is a virtue witnessed in the realm of an honest, and loving heart depicting a pure human being, and in these case a loving, and caring God such the Great I AM from whom we are closely related through this divine virtues. Thanks to God, humanity will experience such virtue on the new earth. Some may argue that being truthful may be an estate of mind. It is alright to feel that way, however when God created Adam, and Eve He was expecting truthfulness from both, instead fear (a negative emotion) became a dominant factor in their behavior therefore, producing the element of “blaming others” for personal actions, and since them humanity has been blaming negative outcomes on others, but soon it will disappear from the world of unconditional love. Hurrah!

Lastly, I wanted to leave this one for last to discuss because of its place in the heavens, and the universe as a whole. As the colors of the rainbow are arranged from right to left, and red is at the left of the spectrum, so is this virtue. It is the root for all others that follow it. It is not unusual to recognize that its existence has been obscured by some negative emotions. It was originally designed by God for this purpose. It was the original intent for mankind to at least if not comply with it at least believe in its nature or divine purpose. All things created have for purpose this emotional virtue, including the angelic realm, the masters, and even God Himself. This virtue or emotion is the other side of unconditional love; it is “loyalty!” Woo, some of you may comment about this disclosure but take a moment. Being loyal is more than just being obedient. It actually encompasses all of the other aspects of the other virtues. In fact the emotional estate of being loyal affects everything you can imagine, from your attitude, your behavior, and yes, very much your spirituality. That is why God made known to Adam to not to eat of the Tree of knowledge. God knew all along that loyalty was a major virtue for an ascended divine human being as it was originally expected of Adam. Unfortunately, the opposite happened , and here we are in the year 2020 , and we are ben give an unprecedented opportunity to ascend to a higher status of divinity , and finally be on the new earth as if all of humanity would be at a new Garden of Eden. So, yes, loyalty is more than an estate mind. It’s the core of our creation, and it will be on the coming new earth because “all, all” that you have learned about spirituality as given for a thousands of years is about to be shall we say, “Disposed of it!” Why? Because you are going to be presented with a whole new ideology in whom the Great Source, the Great I AM, and God is truly is. As for now it may offend some of you but just as the emotions of authoritarian leadership, and been exposed for them to be substituted with citizens with free will, so will our spirituality, after all humanity is divine in nature, and this inner feeling shall rise to the surface like magma, and will obscure all that once spiritual agencies, and agents have spent so much time to convince humanity.

Conclusively, there are waves, and aspects of the divine that will bugle your mind, and those with an open mind and ears to the divine approaching wind of changes, and eyes up to the heavens will enjoy the fruit of their hearts, and their emotions will be rewarded with a brand new consciousness. As always, my beloved friends, and readers, there is no turning back. The train left the station and I hope you got on board when the whistle blew for departure. I also hope that as the train stops to pick new ascended passengers you don’t decide to disembark. It would be a spiritual decision that you may regret as humanity begins to approach the next phase of this journey because the new earth is at the edge of the horizon. The old earth does not longer exist. You cannot go back, unless, well you decided otherwise. Again, reflect, and believe in your intuition, your wisdom, and your heart. It is here were your deep rooted emotions dwell, and dwelled since our creation. Regain, you “free will” that is the purpose of these waves of energies. Let the divine, and spirituality of these energies enlighten you. The heart will do the rest for all that start from this day forward has a final divine purpose, YOU! As always my love and prayer are with all of you! And so it is!