Northern Lights over a snow covered mountian

Placing our Hearts above our Heads

Greetings my beloved readers, and friends! It is a joy again to chat with you especially today because today is an unusual day. It has been my experience so far that today has not been a normal day for many of you as well as me. Some may have even considered the day to have been crazy. It was one of those days where we found that we had the need to have true friends close by. It was as if we were alone, and abandoned. It was as if a friendly call, a warm whisper; a gentle touch was needed urgently to ease the uncertainty of our inner emotions. We considered seeking someone to be able to explain this unexpected emotional instability because we could not understand its origin, or purpose. Some of you managed to hold it back for a while, but you found yourself almost as if you were the only living being on this earth. All you wanted was to hear someone tell you that they loved you, they needed you, and without you they could not exist. It was a day of spiritual and emotional loneliness accompanied with tears, and maybe a solemn moment to ask God, what is happening to me?

You found yourself that solitude was affecting more than being beneficial. But these emotional feelings accompanied by spiritual fears may have been very unusual for some, and unable to decipher their intent is what caused January, 10th to be a period as one who most of you could not make sense of. The truth of matter was that January the 10th was to be the “D Day” to launch a higher sense of the vital aspect of our inner emotions, our deep entrained feelings which we keep so secret, and most cases never allowed to be seen, or sense by anyone. Yes, my beloved readers , and friends, we were engulfed by a divine , and powerful wave that affected not only the earth, plants, animals , but also us, humanity. Days before, we witnessed all sort of tensions from the Middle East, politics, financial, and even some aspects of deteriorating relationships among elites of the world. All of these were the preamble of a major emotional shift to be initiated on January 10th. I felt it, my wife felt it, and even of my loved ones felt it. It was across the globe. Some of you may have not noticed its impact because of your attention to matters that comprise of “mental programming” that your worries were not derivate of your deep, inner emotions, but of your consciousness. The fact that you may have placed all of your energy on a conscious effort, and not an emotional sense, and need of love was no unusual. In fact, it protected you for this round, however this is just the beginning of many more energetic waves are arriving , and affecting the earth until mid-spring when the great “change, shift, discovery” will take place.

  The question by those affected is, where did it come from? What purpose did it have? Well, my beloved readers, it was a “heart reprograming.” As I mentioned earlier, some may have entertained, and will continue entertaining a “mental reprogramming” for the next few days as the intensity, and effects of this glorious energy wave began to dissipate. Its purpose was to purge human beings of negative emotions. Emotions that have shackled humanity for thousands of years, and made us become insensitive not only to our earth the only home humanity has, but also our attitude toward the other creatures that reside with us on this earth. All of that had to change for humanity to rise, to ascend to a higher level of consciousness. In doing this “heart reprograming” it allows us for the first time to truly recognize how fragile, but yet real our divine nature is. That is, we are beings from a divine love from which our origin truly began , and now we are being “awakened” to recognize that through unconditional love we were created , and because of it, we are now been guided to achieve this divine spectrum for all of humanity. Yes, such energies emanated from the Great, and Infinite Source, and it is our greatest shield to achieve divine mastery, and receive guidance from the unconditional love that reigns supreme throughout the heavens.

So, yes we suffered a short period of desperate need of understanding, a sense of secure attachment, a sense of belonging, a need to be understood, and of course a sense of personal ambivalence that may have frightened you , but it was all of part of step to a “greater you!” Just as a storm comes through, and raises havoc, after it passes there is sunshine, and calmness, so it was January the 10th. It was the Richter scale for our emotions, and the emotions felt on January 10th rated high. Hopefully, you had the opportunity to find out that it was alright to be gentle, to be fragile, to be soft, and yes, be human for that was its ultimate purpose. Today, January 11th, some of you may have received good news that once you found to be maybe disturbing, or it molested your psyche, or even affected your survival emotions, but it cannot longer affect you as it did before. This was the result of January 10th, and can no longer be effective in disturbing not only your peace, but also your demine because you are the master, the captain, and the sole creator of your reality from now on. Nevertheless, now is the time to “let it all go” that has caused the uneasiness, and uncertainties of the year 2019, and grasp dearly to the benefits ahead of the year 2020.

Surely, we will have further energetic waves from the Great Source. Your question may be now, how do I prepare, or contemplate the right mood, the right stand for the next waves that are already on their way? The answer is simple. Stop, stop, stop placing your deep inner emotions that you guard for dear life in your head, and make them reside in your heart where the soul, and the divine spirit that guides you with “benevolence, and much love” dwell since the beginning of time. All of us have relied on our consciousness to dictate the seriousness of our emotions in all of the dealings we human beings conducted while on this earth. Well, the time has come to assume the true responsibility that it is your heart that, “reign supreme”, and not your head. We have placed our head above everything we formulated, thought , or conceived throughout our lives , but that is no longer possible on the new earth , and the new ascended human beings. Truly, our mind through consciousness protected us when it was needed , but time was our foe because we let consciousness dictate our reality , and most often than not it depicted misery, sorrow , and death as the ultimate, , and truly it was never meant to be that way. In fact, it was humanity that allowed conscience to be the dictator, the tyrant that got us nearly to extinction. Had it not been for the divine intervention of God , and His complimentary celestial beings that are now watching over the earth, we would as of right now be, “in deep….!”

So here it is! Enough of letting emotions to be like soap bubbles entertaining a child’s mind. It is time to think big, and securely. Love dwells in the heart, does it not? All other hidden negative emotions are stored in our heads, our brain, our mind, right? A child is not born hating, or angry. These emotions he learns as he grows up. What is within him at birth is love , and this takes place through his mother inner self as she develops a bond that it is still a mystery. Through this bonding with her he learns that love is everything. Even a grown man sees his mother as a special human being to love, respect, and honor, and if any health issue, or mishaps can happen to his mother, most of us suffer because of it. Therefore, love is in the heart, and not the mind. It does make sense that the “heart” should be “above all things” that it is, “above our heads.” The heart should have the “supreme seat” above all other things we are, especially above our head, our mind. Love is, and will be the source of all things in the coming new earth, and the ascended human being, you! Thus, begin to laugh, tell a joke to yourself once in a while, and listen to radio stations that play gentle, romantic, and soothing tunes. Abort loud establishments filled of negativity, and spiritual chaos. Be friendly to yourself, be mindful not  to consume food that is not beneficial to your body, and oh yes, keep always in your mind, that the heart reigns supreme above the head for it is above you that heaven is , and of course the angelic realms dwells.

Finally, keep both “emotional, and spiritual sobriety” at all times. It protects, and guards you from the effects of those that have not, or cannot yet place their hearts above their heads. You will find them routinely, but your wisdom and spiritual smartness will allow you to recognize them, and avoid confrontations when possible. Here is a good one that can explain it all. Remember the movie the Wizard of Oz? There was a frank and true line that is perfect for our times as the earth, and humanity are going through, “Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore!” Well, my dear friends, “humans, we are no longer on the old earth anymore!” Keep this one in mind from here on out because there are going to be continuing episodes of energetic waves arriving as well as a “spiritual transformations” accompanied with “reprogramming” not only to the earth , but every creature on this planet. There is no place to go , and avoid the glorious changes unless you are not on this earth, again, drink plenty of water, juices, greens, and of course meditative periods even if they are , but five minutes each day. You do these things the heart will do the rest. I love you all, and I will be here providing what is necessary to keep you abreast of what it is provided by the universe. Right now, it may not seem that the year 2020 has this glorious outcome, but I truly can tell you that it does. I outlined this, and much more in my novel “God’s Chosen Ones”, and I can tell you that you can be one of the characters within the novel that witnessed Michael, the main character in the novel prognostications. I was provided this back in the year 1987 with reference to an awakening, a change, a transformation for the earth, and “all” living things on it, and here we are in the year 2020, and this foretold event is taking place as we speak. Trust me, you can be anyone of these characters in this novel right now, and be experiencing the same emotions, and spirituality as described within. The best to you all, and so it is!