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The Grand Evolution

Greetings my beloved readers and friends! Here we are again, looking forward to a great moment in human history, the development and establishment of most exciting period in all of humanity’s history, the integration and permanency of “The Grand Evolution!” This divine and historical event currently taking place as we speak and live is real. Its precedence consists of a “divine ceremony” with the invited guests being, “humanity.” We have been given higher priority and inclusion to one of the most coveted position in all the universes. This may sound and seem out of a fiction novel but what is before humanity from December 21st 2012 to December 31st 2040 is nothing less than real and irreversible.

Humanity, we are being prepared to not only to recognize who we are but also to accept that the divine prioritization of us is the “culmination” of thousands of years of an “expectancy” from, us human beings to ascend to greater levels of consciousness but also be “an example” for other beings to recognized their own individuality and potentials. Sounds absurd? Not really. Did you really believe that we, human beings, are the only creature in this universe and others? Did you believe that the Great and Divine Creator would just establish His creation to one humanity? Hope not! Would a violin, a cabinet maker, or an artist create only one item? Neither, would the Supreme Creator. We, humanity, are to be considered by all of the realms of this and other universe to be the Great Creator’s “ultimate masterpiece.” Does that surprise you? It should not because if you would take a moment from your mundane everyday life as compared to the lives of the ancient masters, you will immediately recognize your “uniqueness” and your “potentials” as a divine creation.

Therefore, here we are, on the verge of a “Grand Evolution” in all aspects of our existence. Yes, in everything your mind could conceptualize and that would be only the tip of the ice berg, so to speak because underneath it all greater and more virtues await humanity ahead. Consider this, it is not only an evolution but also a “redefinition, transformation” resulting in a being with such properties and potentials that will equal, and in some instances may surpass the potentials the ancient masters. Simply putting it, the old earth you, I, and every human being experienced in this life and every life before that, no longer exists. Surprised? It is expected. Why? Because for so long we accommodated principles that deprived us of reaching higher levels of consciousness. Simply, we were pawns in a conscience chess game in which the majority of humanity were expendable at the cost of others rising to greatness. The expendables became the building stones in which the mason built the housing in which humanity “egos” would live in perpetuity, but that will no longer be the truth. The core of the Grand Evolution has for ultimate and final purpose to eradicate, do away, cease the existence of the influential ego self that denied each one of us the “purpose of our true creation” and also our divine nature.

Consequently, the waves that came and the ones that are on their way will continue stimulating, affecting, and shaking our various emotional, spiritual, and corporeal states until we finally are awake to the divine truth that we are not creatures from a microscopic evolution but rather the manifestation of a Supreme Creator. This Grand Evolution comes with five Golden Areas. The first Golden Era began in the year 1987 with what is known today as “the Convergence.” In short, it was the point, the milestone with the ultimate purpose “to unite” humanity. For thousands of years, humanity was disjunctive, separated, divided, and in a deep atmosphere of dysfunction. It was so great the divergence among humanity that chaos and crisis were an everyday outcome. However, during the mid-nineteen forties, a spiritual movement began to take shape among, shall we say, “thinkers” to visualize that a greater and more harmonious society could be integrated in to the human spirit. The movement was more spiritual than anything else. As the thinkers began to formalize their intent, the heavens took notice and began to influence them in what is known today as an “awakening.” The principality of the conscience awakening was to bring “light” into a dark and somewhat sinister spiritual world and some events during this period depicted trends of such spiritual interventions. The period from the year 1947 up to 1987 (40 years) reflected all of this in which the conscience of the thinkers became more and more united and the group began to emerge as it is known today, “a collective” and its members became known as “light-workers.”

The second Golden Era began from the year 1987 and ended on 21st December 2012. It also became the beginning of a higher degree of awakening to other light-workers who remained asleep, that is with consciousness meddled in the old earth, the third dimension, and ever since the year 2012 until 31 December 2019, we experienced the presence and effects of what became to be the third Golden Age. This period was very important in solidifying the divine nature of God upon the earth. This meant that the ultimate objective was to bring the earth into a new consciousness. Equally, humanity was to be included in this transformation or ascension for mother earth, and it has been very effective for many more light-workers have been awakened and are now mutually assisting the previous thinkers in generating more and more human beings, and the cosmic waves are an essential part of this divine transformation within the Golden Evolution.

The fourth and more complex Golden Era began this year on January 1st, 2020 and will continue for a full decade. During this ten year period there will be an astonishment of discoveries that will be made available to humanity, technologies for a better existence and happier individual. During this same period, the rudimentary, archaic, or antiquated principles of consciousness will begin to be eradicated and by end of 2040, conscience as we know it today will be completely eradicated and substituted by a new conscience with an integral essence of “unconditional love, peace, compassion, and kindness” throughout all of the new earth.

Thus, as you wake up early in the morning, become cognizant that you are now on a new earth. It is not yet at the established divine level but it will be by 2030. For our children that will be the citizens of the new earth, their cognitive or mental abilities are already far ahead from the adults of today. They are the builders, the architects, and engineers of a whole new earth in which unconditional love will reign supreme. That is the purpose of the cosmic waves and the knowledge of the ongoing, “Grand Evolution.” Become part of it! Relax, rest, and believe. They are the steps to grasp and adhere to the wonderful gifts these waves are bringing. The more receptive you are to changes, whether personal or an aggregate to a job, a study, or a relationship, be confident, be positive that it is all for a positive and productive end. That is what is required to enhance your conscience and of course your overall well-being because as your spiritual and emotional state are being probed, there will be also bodily affects that you must be aware of and remain calm through it all. More on this in an upcoming article because from here to February 20 we will be, in short, receiving dense and highly charged waves that will require your attention and patience. Love to you all. And so it is! Namaste!