A person at sunrise on a mountian top

Be All You Can Be

Greeting my beloved readers and friends! As always it is an honor to be here with you. As I have declared in previous articles, the year 2020 is to be filled with pleasant surprises and some not so pleasant but for the most part all are for the purpose in assisting humanity to prepare for a very special divine gift of a “spiritual evolution.” Ever since January 10th and 11th, the earth has been engulfed with various cosmic waves affecting every element on earth, equally affecting all living creatures on it. In addition, as each wave arrives to the earth, its intensity becomes greater. Imagine the waves of the ocean. On a calm day the waves are rhythmical, but as the weather is affected so is the rhythm of the waves. Similarly, are the cosmic waves generating from the Great Source. Each arrives with more intensity, of course the so called, “big wave” has not yet arrived, but so far all indications are that its inevitable presence will be soon, within the next six months. But as for now, the preceding waves are generating in our consciousness and awareness as each day passes.

The effect of each wave has the purpose to enhance our consciousness creating a deeper awareness of not only what is going around the earth but also in each individual life. Yes, we are being transformed. It may sound a little scary for some of you and skeptical for others but the truth is that all of humanity is been affected for a greater good. The question many of you will be asking yourself very soon is, “what good?” Well, the good is being free to “manifest, create” at your own “free will.” You may answer that you have always maintained free will attitudes but I have to reply to you that our society and just about every society on earth for thousands of years in an unconscious way has limited that free will and now by divine order, humanity is about to receive a second chance to experience the “complete degree” of free will as originally planned by the Great I AM.

It is my hope that each one of you, my beloved readers, are becoming aware of these subtle interventions. Their purpose are not to harm humanity but to assist, aid, and guide us to a higher consciousness, in short it is assisting humanity to a level of “be all you can be!” Simply, providing every human to not only become aware that he or she is a divine being with not only divine virtues but also with superior capabilities to manifest lives filled with unconditional love, peace, harmony, and kindness. These attributes may not sound so great or earth shattering to most of you but they are an integral part of this “worldwide awakening.” The results of these cosmic waves will bring about this. As of right now, most of us are very happy to be in what is called a “comfort zone.” For centuries we have used it to keep a low profile, both a spiritual and emotional seclusion. Well, that is about to be over because the cosmic waves with or without your knowledge will affect your emotions. Yes, even the deepest and hidden emotions you have had concealed for so long. There is no escape from it. Some of you may choose to ignore its impact on you for whatever reasons you may have but the “example” of other joyful and relax attitudes will stimulate your mind to inquire and ask yourself, “why are they happy”. What is it that they possessed to reach such joy that I don’t have? Especially, when you recognize that you have the same traits, opportunities, and attitudes. Oh yes, by observing others resilience to any impact on their lives that may hinder their joyful emotional state they have been enjoying all along, you will understand then what the purpose of the cosmic waves were and that will your “awakening moment.” For some of you, it may require more convincing. To others, your skepticism may have you wait, as we say in flying, wait until the “master caution” lights up. In any case, whether you are aware, have a notion, or care little from removing yourself from the “comfort zone” you are in for a big surprise. The Great I AM wants to “restore” our knowledge of our divine nature. Yes, divine! Not one filled with negative principles in which suffering, sorrow, miseries, and death has dominated every second of our lives. In fact, “being all we can be” is the divine order of the day. Be not perplexed by the “negative” emotions and actions of those around you, be protective to their effects on you, in fact, be resilient at all times until your conscience relinquishes the ego principle of domineering your actions. Be all you can be simply is define as not only recognizing your divine nature but also reaching higher levels of your potentials. In short, as the waves are arriving, they are stimulating and energizing your intellect, your emotional and spiritual selves because free will encompasses them and much more. Therefore for beginners plan, practice, and act on “positive principles” and refrain you from being a disciple of the negativity that not only surrounds us as the air we breathe but also from those that manifest them. You are you! The divine being created you in the image of God, the Great I AM! These waves are assisting you in understanding that and at the same time, they are stimulating you to believe that as divine being you rule your realities outcome. Simply, do not live in the past or spend time in the negative absurdity of a future dictated by others. Be your creator of your reality. Be all you can now and be defining that now as, the past no longer exists and the future doesn’t either. What only exists is the NOW! And so it is!