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Your body is talking, Listen to it!

Greetings my faithful readers, and friends! Again, I am happy to share with you some interesting information regarding the waves of three days ago that embraced our earth, and of course, affecting human beings. The priority of these waves had the purpose to increase the levels of our positive emotions. Believe it or not, it has been very effective for some. I encounter some readers’ comments that they found themselves happy; in fact, some were surprised to be a slight comedian in the two days after their arrival. That is fantastic news because I have been noticing also that I found myself telling amusing jokes, and making my wife giggle, and even laugh at times. This would be very unusual for me because being a Virgo, and an introvert, displaying such humorous episodes is kind of rare. Therefore, yes, the waves did have an impact on our emotional state.

Now, for the added bonus of such effects, as well, as the emotional euphoria I experienced, herewith let me share with you some physical symptoms that accompanied these waves. Keep in mind that these cosmic waves are influencing all the elements on earth, such as storms, earthquakes which are the results of the magnitude of these waves. It can produce weather changes that may not have been a common reoccurrence before. There is no one set of weather forecast conditions that can be predicted because the waves various intensities are the key to their effects. It is vital to recognize that as the earth physical condition is affected so is the human body creating physical symptoms as it does the earth. The key is not to avert the impact these wave frequencies has on the earth , and humanity but to understand them , and become conditioned on how to manage their physical effect on the body to be capable of tolerating the impact. For example, earthquakes will continue to increase, some in magnitude, and duration. The atmosphere in certain areas may be dry when it used to be wet. In other where it was dry now it may find the area wet creating new atmospheric conditions that could also impact the local nature. These conditions will be most prevalent during spring, and summer of 2020, especially for us in America. One major issue to be considered may be the increase of the number of tornados, and the hurricanes during these periods. Just as the earthquakes occurrence may be one of more intensify ones, tornados, and hurricanes could also be of increased intensity, and duration.

Next, the personal impact to humanity is the symptoms the human body will be experiencing during the presence of these cosmic waves. For start, we will continue to experience the sensation of mild flu symptoms. Ever since the first wave arrived in late 2019, not only mild flu symptoms have been denoted but it just happened at the same period it was also the regular flu season, and it became as part of the common flu season , and it was not given much notice. What was of interested was that children had the mild flu when for the most part children remain more resilient to it than adults. I witnessed this within my own family. Second, you could experience headaches, and for those than have migraines, it may increase in frequency. You could experience some symptoms of nausea. In some cases you may have symptoms of a stomach virus, the common 24 hours symptom. In extreme cases you could find yourself throwing up. In the case of adults, and not so much children, adults will experience “body aches.” It would resemble the morning after spending a day at the gym for the first time. In other cases for those adults with senior ages such as me, you could experience some “body” unbalances while walking or negotiating stairs. This can take place during the peak of the waves. You could possibly have been unable to raise for feet to go up a stair, momentarily you will witness as if the foot didn’t move, in short, it will be hard to balance for a moment. Be not discouraged, it is a natural frequency of occurrence especially for senior adults, it just more prevalent to happen as the wave’s impact our bodies. Following the “hard to balance” condition, we could also experience “dejavu” symptoms. That is a split moment in which you become aware that you have lived, experienced, or saw a place, a person, or an activity before, and all of a sudden you are within experiencing it for the first time.

Similarly, you could experience having trouble with acquiring long sleeps. You could find yourself having some degree of insomnia patterns. In other cases, you could experience vivid dreams in which persecution, intrusion, or even a fear related dream causes for you to wake up with cold chills, sweats, or shaking to some degree. Be aware that these conditions may be different to each individual. It all will depend on your emotional state, stress levels, and of course the most important aspect, your health condition.

The final note is this one. The waves are not harming the earth or the human body, contrary their impact is to assist, help, aid the earth, and all of her inhabitants big, and small to reach higher levels not only of consciousness but also spirituality, and the only way to reach this magnificent realm of peace, love, and kindness is by changing the old for new. Simply stating, the earth is being transformed, and so are we. As I have been sharing with all of you for over a year now, be strong, be steadfast, believe , and most of all recognize that all that is taking place is for a greater good. It is enough that you are in a world of social, spiritual , and economical stress conditions that in some degree; are already hampering your growth into being a greater individual, and the onset of these waves may augment the current stress with more emotional , and body symptoms than previously experienced. The antidote for both is this. Avoid the daily affecting stress you now so passionate feel that cannot live without. Take time to meditate, simply find a place of quietness, and solitude. It doesn’t matter where you take the time but you must make every effort to make it happen, even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom, and enjoy a hot relaxing bath. Rest your mind. Make every effort to subjugate yourself to dedicate an hour in the evening in which you can view comedy, pleasant movies or shows that decay the effort stress causes on you, and please refrain from watching the news because at this critical point, you are in need of good thoughts, good news from a genuine network, and most of all, you need “tranquility.” Finally, refrain from caffeine, alcohol, and other stimulants as much as you can because during all of these cosmic waves, alertness is not what you need the most, you require “much needed relaxation.” I express that relaxation is vital, especially from January 10th right down to end of February 2020. The crest of this cycle of waves will optimize around February 2nd. To know about this check the article titled, “The Numbers Say it All-02022020.”

In conclusion, be safe, relax, be confident because it will pass, and it has for purpose a divine reward that will change you, me, and all of humanity. These waves are the preamble of something far more spectacular for the year 2020, and as I have been sharing, we are going to see it, to experience it, and yes, some will be filled of euphoria as it happens, and other will be not only frightened but in complete spiritual disarray. My question to you is; which will you be? Love you all, and I will be here sharing with you that what is offered. Remember this. I am here too on this earth as you are. We are divine beings riding a divine train on a divine journey to a most divine place called, “The New Earth.” I am a guide for my wife, my family, and my friends throughout this magnificent period of ascension. I answer their questions, and at the same time I comfort them with the reassurance that all of these have a precedence of incredible proportions along with an end of incredible beauty. It is all not only mandated but guided by the Great I AM, and the earth, you, me, and all of humanity are the key players of this divine play. Namaste! And it is so!