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Synchronism and the Numbers Part 1

Greetings my beloved readers, friends, and Light Workers! After a brief day to attend to some activities requiring my personal attention, I am happy here to share with you a continuation of the published article, “Numbers Tells it All.” As you know I have been sharing with you for a year the vital aspects of the changes initiated since the year 2012 with emphasis on 2019 and 2020. In recent articles I provided insight as to the purpose and effects of the energy waves that were, are, and will be coming to our beloved earth affecting animals, plants, and humans.

Therefore, this is an auspicious time to share with you my personal understanding of the valuable meaning numbers have, for it is only mathematics, and can be found in everything you can imagine, from the infinite universe to the lowest creature dwelling on earth. Because the depth and length addressing this topic, I chose to divided it into two parts. Part 1will focus on a historical aspects and explanation of the various calendars we have come to know. Part 2 will correspond to the “calendars matrixes” and their impact for the years to come.

This knowledge and understanding referring to the title above has come through research, intuition, and a deep curiosity. It was a personal quest above all and in all retrospective, I am glad I followed my instinct because it helped me finally to understand the message I was given on December 1981. As for start, I am not an astrologer, a horoscope designer, or a tarot card reader. I am just an ordinary being with a deep curiosity and unwavering attitude to seek answers. Originally, when I began my quest, I never considered that it would be long and requiring patience and persistence. It was a time consuming and lengthy journey but every minute spent seeking the right answer was worthy as I see it now because knowledge gain “illuminated” me and I am secure that all that has taken place and it is still to come, I understand it completely to be for a greater good for me, my family, and humanity.

Finding the perfect approach to disseminate celestial information for everyone is probably not an easy task. In some cases it may even be a source of stress. I am sure that those that have been keeping up with my articles have a fairly good idea on what is taking place on Earth, especially relating to the four elements, water, fire, air, and earth. The best one can do is provide, the information or the data for each individual considerations and corresponding assessment. That is why researchers or any interested individual seeking value and truth regarding human nature, the environment and the various interactions that makes the makeup of humanity in relationship to the universe we live in is a formidable task, But it does not has to be as I found during my spiritual and cosmic quest. All these may sound a little bit of fiction but it is not! In fact, you would be surprise that there is no “fact of coincidence” but an assortment of “potentialities” that are design to be available and in many cases governed by us, humanity. Simply putting it, you, I, we are the key to all that has been manifested. In some instances, these “manifestations” have been individually created and in other times is a “collective” effort.

Therefore, I have worked very hard to compile the information for this article and presented in the simplicity that it does warrant. Hopefully this information help you understand the vital purpose of the energies that have been engulfing our earth since toward the last part of 2019 and are in full force for the year 2020. My bonus to you is to present just a personal point of view the result of years of research regarding numbers, their purpose and value in our lives in a “lay term” rather than a scientific paper as it is often done for the elite academia. Of course, I wish for you and your loved ones if you so desire to share my views on this article, and also from previous other articles that address similar themes. So, let’s get started.

First, the universe as you know it is “mathematics,” numbers my friends. Today, we have one technology that 100 years ago would have been considered preposterous and yet, here we are, using in everything we do from using a calculator to send complex machineries into space. I am talking about “the Binary code.” The binary code is nothing more than “zero’s and one’s” arranged on a specific sequence that would denote an individual code and yet it can perform functions humanity now takes for granted. This code exists in everything we use today, a simple math with unbelievable usage. Now, imagine the complexity of the universe and its numerical codes that are yet to be revealed to mankind. Whereas, our binary code may considered by us as state of the art a highly intellectual species may see it as a “cave tool” and we may consider theirs to be unrealistic. The point is that “numbers are everything.”

According to Nikola Tesla, an electrical engineer, and a man ahead of his time recognized the invaluable asset of numbers for humanity existence. In fact, he recognizes that the universe was governed by numerical laws. He discovered that three numbers made the complete formula that only governed the universe but were the springboard to greater mathematical discoveries. These three numbers were 3, 6, and 9. I have used and will continue using this phenomenal numerical awareness to just about everything I do, and I can tell you without a doubt, it works! From a simple choosing to go through the check-out line numbers 3, 6, or 9, or buying things in these three values, sounds silly, “don’t knock it until you try it!” It will make you a believer of Tesla theory.

There are many “postulates” regarding this theory however to address them it would require a size book article. I am interest to share with you what should be of an immediate interest to understand the “vital role” the energy waves are causing on earth and the value of 3, 6, and 9 as it applies to our daily lives. Starting with, that we live in a world dominated, governed and also directed by numbers. The collective functions of numbers when aggregated create is known as a “Matrix.” I am sure you have heard of this term lately. A good in depth understanding can come by watching the movie series, “The Matrix.” Even, the movies were done way before the knowledge of today’s “matrixes” providing a fairly good understanding of how it works. I suggest viewing the series after reading this article.

There, as I mentioned above, “matrixes” govern all aspects of earth’s elements and much more throughout the galaxies. The earth is an infinitesimal particle within a very complex but well organized universe, all of these because of a uniformity in which numbers play a major role. For us here on earth, we have the time matrix, the calendar. We have an earth, a lunar, and a solar calendar. You are familiar with the first two for sure but not as much with the third one. Each has uniqueness in composition affecting other matrixes. For example, the moon rotation affects our seas. The sun affects the earth’s core and magnetism and so on.

However, there is one calendar that you don’t hear of it too often but it is an integral part of the awesome universe our earth dwells. The position of the earth in this universe is very unique. The time and cycles our earth endured to reach this level beauty and spectacular nature was governed by time. Our earth has not existed as long or as old as the universe is but it does have accumulated an extensive calendar or cycles. It is this nature of time and its potentialities that I am addressing in this article, and it happens to be the theme for this article. Let’s call it as it known now, “Cosmic Cycle.” This term has been given to various stages in which the earth went thru some chaotic conditions, some climatic and other tectonic movements with severe consequences. Thus, herewith, I will address how within this “cosmic cycle” contain cosmic calendars with meaningful numerical values that when observed, can defined why certain events too place or can take place. Nothing happens on earth or throughout the universe as “coincidentally.” In fact, everything seems to be arranged mathematically. All governed by a set of cosmic mathematical formulas, just as Mr. Tesla discovered and impacting the universes.

It seems incredibly to believe that a series of ten digits or symbols could dictate the future humanity but it has. Imagine the colossal technologies that are part of the great universes. I don’t think that us, humanity can conceive the vast impact mathematics has on every galaxy until we, humanity enters the realm of space exploration. It would be then that we will recognize that numbers is the life of every domain. And so it is!