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Synchronism and the Numbers Part 2

Greetings my beloved readers and friends! Herewith is part 2. For start, let’s choose the easiest and most familiar matrix we know, the months of a year. As you know the year consists of 365 days under the Gregorian calendar. Each month consists of a set of numbers, for example, the month’s number, the day within that month, and the year in which that month is allocated. For example, today’s article dated, January 29, 2020, could be read as 01/29/2020. By just looking at it may just seem ordinary but it is not. If you were to add the numbers separately you will discover something interesting. Let’s see it, 0+1+2+9+2+0+2+0 would equal to 16. However, if you were added as complete numerical properties your sum would be 70 (01+29+20+20). But we are not finish yet, there is another one, adding 01+29+2020=2050. Therefore, there are actually three versions or possibilities in which you can interpret the value of the numbers. But it does not end there because each version can have various potentials or applications when it is applicable to a human being, a nation and even the earth.

Consequently, each day of any year have an integral matrix devoted to the potentialities that often affects individual realities. Still, it can also impact a family, a group and of course a nation. To understand how it can affect humanity as overall, the “cosmic cycle” must be addressed, a cosmic cycle or as it known also, “cosmic year” consists of 129,600 earth calendar years. It is made up of smaller and very active calendars I called them “cosmic calendars” and is the emphasis of this article. For purpose of explanation and brevity, I am outlining one earth calendar year of 365 days rather than the 10 cycles of earth calendar years making one cosmic cycle. Within each earth calendar year are twelve months, each month has representative numerical value, for example, January is denoted as 1, February as 2, March is 3, April is 4, May is 5, June is 6, July 7, August 8, September 9, October 10, November 11, and December 12. Each month has either a 30 or 31 days, except for February that can have 28 or 29. These two components make our earth calendar and are well known to all of humanity. The calendar is a phenomenon for time. However, what is critical to today’s or essential to understand is why are these energy waves that you are hearing so much about from many sources here today?

Well, let’s begin by pointing about the December 21, 2012 significance because that “crucial” date denoted not only and end to a state of consciousness but a brand new beginning to a more pure level of consciousness. Science has identified this phenomenon as a result of passing through a very unusual set of circumstances within the galactic realm. It does not matter whether the earth entered a highly charged galactic tunnel, or that the approximation of a foreign object entered our universe. What is essential to understand is that coincidence is not a part of the universes but rather a “uniformity” exists in which precludes coincidence or chances.

The earth and its inhabitants entered on December 21, 2012 a unique matrix or stage in which a new beginning was to start. In some cases, various nomenclatures have been given to this “cosmic passage or transition.” Still, some others have emphasized that humanity entered an area in which allowed humanity’s conciseness to be altered. That is to be enhanced, others, have been able to define our realities as “holograms.” More on this on another article but for now I am focusing on the impact of repetitive or sequential characteristics of numbers. This phenomenon is called, “synchronicity” and its affecting humanity. Lately, you have become aware of seeing numbers repeating themselves, 1111, 222, 2222, etc. It has captivated your interest, I am sure. Did you ever wonder why were you discovering these sequential groups of numbers? Well, they are the results of your conscience been stimulated to observe them and increasing your perceptiveness. Simply, you have been made to pay attention, or at least help you observe the changes that are going around you as the energy waves arrive to earth. You question may be why now? Well, it was time for them to arrive at this precise time and to understand their time for their arrival one must recognize the value of the cosmic calendar has in all of these.

The cosmic calendar consist more than just numerical values, it also contain unique characteristics such in which synchronous numbers contain unique potentials. These characteristics are known as “doors, gates and portals” in which the potentials are given priorities and make their presence to be for a greater good if utilized. The names given to these unique characteristics are not necessarily essential. What is vital is their numerical place within each calendar. These portals, doors, or gates as my father used to call them are embedded within each earth year. Each one of them offers potentials that are applicable to an individual or a collective. An example of this is, consider, January. January numerical value is 1. The duplication of the 1 can be found in the number 11. January has 31 days, thus the numbers can be interpreted as 01/11. This if observed is call synchronicity but it is most significant when are seeing on clocks, addresses or just about any instance during that day or just few days before. Ancient cultures recognized the value of the numbers in all that they did and understood their significance. It was often recognized to be indicative of prosperous events or situations. Today, most of humanity relies on their daily horoscopes to get an idea of the outcome of the day. Similarly, synchronous or repetitive numbers observed during the day can be considered as “notices, warning lights, or events with positive outcomes.” In some cultures, the ancients saw the synchronicity of numbers, letters, or symbols to be signs of pending crisis, chaos, etc. For us today, synchronicities are valuable tools to our “ascension.” The more are the numbers in a synchronous mode, the more exciting we should become because such “awareness” is telling or notifying us that the energy waves are stimulating our conscience and this is the way or form in which you can verify its favorable impact in you and as it does on others.

Conclusively, the current matrix or date of significance for the year 2020 is February 2, 2020 and February 22, 2020. These two dates and the days within are significant because they are not only synchronized but are also repetitive which means that during the period positivism is at its best! Therefore, it is going to be a “fantastic” month for pure and honest emotions such as love. Not just because it just happens to be the month to celebrate love. Oh, no, it is the glorious period in which newer and more enhanced waves arrive on earth, and will definitely influence not only our conscience but our hearts immensely. So prepare for surge in inner emotions and emotional instability in an upward positive trend.

Finally, as we passed the 111 marker of January 2020 and we are approaching the month of February, 2020, it holds a great deal of potentials for humanity. As I mentioned above February 2, 2020 is just the beginning of a glorious period. Be prepared to have your spirit and soul find unification as your heart and your inner emotions find the “divine elixir” within your being, be also aware that every month has its own unique potentials. For example, in March 3, April 4, May, 5, June 6, and so on, each of these dates has important significance because it not only denotes potentials for success, disclosures, or personal gratifications but also denotes the opening of the doors, portals in which conscience continues to been purify, altered to greater levels and the prospects of it becoming greater increases with each passing monthly synchronization.

Therefore, rejoice in seeing repetitive numbers. They are all over and are observable in our daily life. We find them in paper currency, clocks, addresses, license plates, etc. The potentials in seeing this phenomenon every day is great. Let me reassure you that every moment, every instant to see synchronicity before you, smile, and rejoice you are being stimulated and you are “ascending” to a greater you and a newer purer consciousness. And so it is!