Transforming Humanity

Greetings my beloved family in love, and peace of the Great Source, God! I extend my sincere apologies for being unable to post additional articles in the month of July as originally intended but it was necessary that I take a spiritual retreat to convey to you now what I researched, and accomplished during this absence. It is my wish that the greatness of love and peace of the Great Creator has been with you during those absent days. However, it is with much joy, and anticipation that I am writing you these words of inspiration, and kindness because the disclosures received during these absent fabulous days are more than just revealing but also very profound.

Ever since December 21, 2012 when humanity’s great escape took place from fear to free will, I have been sharing through my writings at the various milestones humanity had to accomplish to maintain the divine gift of freedom decreed by the Great Source, the Great Creator who we all know as God. It has been now almost nine years since then, and humanity has faced various obstacles to continue on that divine ascension to greatness. Episodes after episodes humanity had to struggle between fear, anxieties, anguish, and crisis to overcome darkness. COVID-19 was at the top of the list of that ascension journey. It was not only a crisis but also a deliberate effort by the dark side to harvest fear in the consciousness of humanity. Yes, it had a decisive impact throughout the world. It frightened people, and in many cases the fear of death was so overwhelming that acted on humanity’s consciousness causing such fears that resulted in deeper emotional states of despair, and loss. However, it was revealed to me that its effect in the long consideration was beneficial for mankind because for the first time in human history, we had the opportunity to reflect in the lives we were living, and found for the most part that everything that encompassed our lives, such as relationships, jobs, family, friends, and even spiritual devotions were all in conflict with the desires of love, peace, and harmony we should all be experiencing. The isolation the pandemic caused affords us the, or better yet, necessitated for us to see our true selves as we really were. Each individual had that opportunity to see their real selves, and determine the good, the bad, and ugly of our lives. Some acted on the opportunity, but others could not or would not. The truth of the matter is that the pandemic gave humanity a chance to leave a job that was wearing your integrity, and make aware that a better option was available then that otherwise you could not have seen because of the fast pace life you were living before the pandemic. Now, the pandemic is in the last chapter of its existence but it will not go out quietly because according to the manifestations received, a critical disclosure will soon be brought to awareness , and its decree of disclosure will rock your inner most emotional state after you become aware of the why, where, and who of its malignant existence. But that is just but a slice of a much larger pie of disclosures rising to the surface of the new ascended consciousness.

Ever since July 23rd of 2021, we have been on a vehicle of ascension, and disclosures. You may have not recognized it or have been aware of what has been taken place but you will agree that the election of Biden has been carousel fraudulent activities. You have contemplated various incidents that eloquently show fraud throughout the election process. You have seen what congress, and the senate has spent time, and efforts to dislodge the very essence what made our nation to be priceless model of humanism, and integrity, not only these fraudulent actions but also the manifestations of darkness controlling every aspects of our existence. For centuries, humanity, and us, the United States of America has lived under a dark atmosphere that very soon its existence , and means will be brought to the attention of this nation citizens to be make known, and judge. I can assure you, it will make you at first to believe that it cannot be possible but as further , and more convincing evidence becomes available you will begin to accept that it is true. But nothing will be more painful to the citizens of this nation that when it is disclosed the protagonist of such detestable actions, scenarios, and involvement. It will be at this point that your sense of citizenship and integrity will manifest within in you with such ferocity that it may surprise you of your inner hidden emotions. Consider this, imagine for a moment, what you, and your loved ones went through, and may be going through because of COVID-19. Maybe also, currently for most of the time, you find yourself content with all that has taken place with your valiant efforts. You muddled through the ordeals of the pandemic, jobs, bills, relationship, and even the shortage of money, and food, then all of the sudden when you thought things could not get any worst, you find out that there is no truth in anything or anyone that can give you the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel except that you must continue muddling through whatever means you can muster to exist, and provide for yourself, and family. In short, it seems as living truly one day at time. You can verify this even as today by observing how confused those around you have become. In fact, you may find yourself not trusting anyone not even those close to you which make the whole ordeal worst. Sadly, love, peace, and hope take their toll as things seem not to get any better, or are they getting better?

Yes, yes, and definitely yes! Things are getting better, and this trend began on July 23rd, 2021. It surged on August 8th, and will continue unto August 22nd, 2021 in which the divine Creator, God has decreed the triumphant entrance of the Light over darkness. It is this divine manifestation I received during my absence. It is simple and straight forward. Darkness that hovered over this nation, and its people has begun to fall rapidly, and in such expeditiously, and exponentially manner that on a daily basis scenarios around the world are taking place without much notice by citizens but they are occurring, shall we say under a stealth manner as to not allow the dark side, and its perpetrators become aware of the deadly storm coming their way. In short, my beloved readers, massive, massive disclosures are at a conscience level that will be brought into you present reality. Hang on to your pants folks because when all begins shortly within the late part of August 2021, but most important during August 22nd and 23rd, the most awaited revelations so became accustomed to read will be brought to fruition but with various caveats you may have not been made aware off but they are effective, I can assure you of that. The week of August 22nd thru August 28th keep your eyes unto the heavens, and your ears to the ground because the train called, Desperation, and Intrigue is quickly approaching the station of Reckoning, and all of the citizens of this nation are going to be shock at the cognizant reality of who, what, when, where, how, and why the culprits of such both ungodly, and perverse acts have been unknown to not only the citizens of this nation but of the world.

In short, my beloved readers, and family, strap yourself tightly to your seat. The upcoming disclosures will be unpleasant to say the least but must be necessary for humanity to begin having an inner rebirth of consciousness in which truth; integrity, and honesty will be the traits of every human being on this planet. We no longer are the sheep that gladly travel to an emotional and spiritual path toward an undesirable slaughter without knowledge that is what awaits each one of us. This will be truly the concept of awareness, and ascension, called as many of you have known it to be, Rapture but remember is not as it was originally intended to be ascension of a body but ascension of consciousness. In short, an awakening of the conscience but also, it will something much , much better than that, it is a union, a marriage of the Spirit of God that was, is, and forever be within all of us since creation. You will become aware that God has existed within you all these times, not in books, nor buildings or objects but rather it has existed within you from the beginning of time. You will understand, and what Jesus so devotedly and fervently shared with humanity, The Kingdom of God is within you! You will find it in Luke 17:21.

Therefore, from July 23rd, 2021 , and throughout the rest of this year 2021, all of us are going to be revealed the greatness of God through disclosures that hindered humanity to know God as truly He is, a magnificent Creator, a loving God , and a Great Source of Love unimaginable , and humanity, yes all of us, we find the unity of God’s  spirit with the heart, the soul , and the mind all working as one, not separated as originally taught but in unison creating the human being God for saw at the Garden of Eden, completely as not only a creation but been also a creator himself. That is the rapture my beloved friends and family as manifested. Yet, more of the best is yet to come, believe me! The revelations of darkness placed upon humanities for millennia are but a grain of rice on a pot filled to the rim. Thus, as a Child of God that you truly are, and made it to be untrue by the dark agenda for their purposes of spiritual restrain through fear, chaos, and ambivalence is over. They were fearful of you all along because if you were to know that you were created containing divine heritage you could destroy their perpetual dark agendas to keep humanity in fear, doubts, and death. These are the ways that kept humanity in control. But all these will be brought into the open, and you can see, and judge for yourself. However, as we become aware that we have become the risen Children of God, keep in mind that forgiveness is also a key factor of God’s essence, and that is an integral part of the Spirit of God that resides in you. This virtue or concept is known to all ascended masters as, Christ Consciousness. Welcome my beloved friends, and family to the New Earth, and the forever being, the New You! Much peace, and love my beloved ones. I am with you thru all of what is to come. Be patient, be safe, and be wise! More to be given in coming articles, please, check coming videos at YouTube! Love you all very much! , and so it shall be!