The Mystery of God

A much divine Greetings my beloved friends! May the peace, and love of the Eternal Source, God, and His angelic entourage, currently are assisting humanity through this wonderful period of rising consciousness, be with you, and your loved ones! I am excited to disclose to you the latest spiritual missive received yesterday during a meditation session. It was a much needed period of tranquility, and introspection to receive this message.

I have come to the conclusion that even as I am, you, and all of humanity, we are experiencing or encountering periods of perplexities, and confusion possibly derived from various periods of anxiety, and utter confusion. But I found after this meditation that it all makes sense when we can put the right pieces of a divine puzzle in its proper place. It seems humanity has been given a trail of crumbs along a supposed triumphant ending. However, each piece encountered is more complex than the previous one. It is as if we were through a necessary training process toward a final outcome that would require all of our wisdom, and dexterity learned during this self-awareness basic training, and undoubtedly it all started for me on December 25th, 1981. However, it seems the core of its existence, and purpose began for all of humanity on December 21st, 2012, and will continue for 36 years until its final assessment on December 31st, 2038. I was given this message back in 1987 , and it is published in my novel, “God’s Chosen Ones” except, I was originally provided that the year 2040 would be the grand finale of humanity’s ascension to a higher level of consciousness providing humanity with a grandiose seat among the stars of this Galaxy. It may sound to some of you as a fairy tale but it is not, I assured you that it is not, and all of us on Earth will see the truth of this, and much more before the end of the year 2040.

So the question you are asking right now and will be for the next five months is, what objective does this arduous, and sometimes mentally debilitating spiritual training have to do with me? Everything! Me, you, and every human being residing on Earth will go through this spiritual process of awareness. What I mean is not only the ability to understand but accept who you are, where you come from, and the vital aspect of why you are here. To not understand these principles according to their ranking as disclosed, you have to relinquish, abnegate, and even in this critical endeavor of awareness, dissolve the ego principle that governed your actions, and behavior. Yes, you will have to become master of your own destiny, and not allow the ego conscience of thousands of years of manipulation designate the life you must have.

In short my beloved friends, greed, envy, and jealousy are the first cognitive human principles that you must give-up because from these 3 principles, an array of negative actions will overtake you to despair, anguish, and depression, and in some cases, death. The culprit of all of this Greek tragedy you have endured all of your life, and even dozens if not more of previous lives, is the deplorable fear that has governed, and controlled humanity since day one in the Garden of Eden. Its influence or existence to continue to enslave humanity in the coming 20 years is coming to an ultimate end. But it is going to be up to you to take the bull by the horns so to speak, and be the master of your ascension to greatness. It will not be an easy task for the journey will contain spiritual hazards that may incapacitate you if you let it take control of you through personal doubts, falsehoods, and deceptions. The reason for all of this is because it is up to you my beloved friends to be the spiritual warrior of your own destiny, and ascension.

Therefore, the shield of protection toward all of these cognitive principles that could jeopardize your success resides in you. You are the key to being triumphant against the various scenarios, events that are at the cusp of humanity’s reality for the next 5 months. The spiritual training is now in its fifth training period. You are or did enter it since August 24th, 2021 this spiritual phase, I call it, hand to hand combat training. In short, you will be the one combating your own enemy, your fears. It is the stage in which you must believe in your spirituality that will allow you to overcome the fears of failure, being deceived, or a sense being a fraud as you have never thought of it. You must conquer this negative sense of long periods of existence as soon as you can. Begin by taking baby steps in convincing yourself that you are not a member, not even a participant, in one of those negative impairments. Rely on the knowledge that you were created in the image of God. Ask yourself this question, is God a perfect Creator? Of course, you know without a doubt that He is, therefore should not His creation, you, be perfect also?

Know this, from this day forward for the next 5 months you will be tested in all aspects of your divinity but also in the strength of your spirituality. Simply putting it, the period of discovery has passed, and we have just entered the period of disclosures, and it will be one for the records. It will begin with the disclosure of 9-11 that is, September 9th, 2001. This year America will be celebrating in deep emotions the tragic occurrence of that day. It has been 20 years since that horrible day in American life. In short, the First Woe has passed, and the Second Woe begins lasting until February 22, 2022 (2+2+2+2+0+2+2=12, 02+22+20+22=66). The numbers says it all. The number 12 denotes the completion of a year, and when added, 1+2=3, the number of realization or Truth. In many other classifications, it determines Time. In short, the time has come for the Truth to be revealed to all of humanity, from the knowledge that humans are not the only ones in the whole Universe to finally grasp the vast incomparable greatness of the Great I Am, the Source Creator, God from what we were taught as children. It will be essential at each interval of the upcoming events to not jump to conclusions or intervene in any way that would jeopardize your spirituality but also you’re bonding with the Spirit of God that resides within you. Yes, my beloved friends. The true essence of God is within you. His love, His benevolence, His mercy are all within you, really, the Spirit of God His Magnificence has been within you for millennia but it was obscured by the darkness that engulfed humanity’s conscience but it no longer will continue to have you in darkness, unless you allow it.

Therefore, my beloved friends, here is the underlying reason for all that has taken place since May 20th, 1987 as shared to me, and solidify on December 21st, 2012, humanity or the Earth in this case has traversed or still traversing through a cosmic plane event of 36 years. I understood it to be 40 years when originally given because of lunar calendar setting. However, since August 24th, 2021, the Earth has completed 18 years of which the majority concentrated in enhancing or elevating the whole nature of Earth. That is, creatures from the smallest to the largest. The trees, plants, and the soil have gone through a spiritual enhancement thanks to Mother Nature, whose was named Gaia by the Divine. Humanity has not been too far behind, and therefore the next 18 years are solely for humanity’s aspects in all of the principles denoting a rise, ascension, or for some of you, Rapture. Still, for whatever name or decree it may go by, it is simply for the current humanity, an evolution, a transformation from what used to be 3rd dimension status to higher ones in which free will is the ruling authority of all of our actions during this higher consciousness at a higher level known as the 5th dimension.

It is because of this divine trend to ascend humanity to the higher conscience level that the principle of ascension has been incorporated in today’s human lives alongside with the spiritual basic training we all have, and will continue being exposed. There is no escape out, so to speak, not unless you find yourself unable to withstand the spiritual training, and unconsciously may decree to have morbid fears that may cause you to deny yourself the opportunity of the Great Transformation, one that I discourage you not to ever contemplate.

What is the remedy, the elixir, or the prescribed element to survive the hand to hand combat training before humanity in the next 5 months? As it was related to me on December 21st, 2012, First of all, you must be a carrier of the Light. Be the Torchbearer of all of your realities, and existence. That is rely in your free will to choose the wise options, and not the ones that denotes negativity or indulges you in ill feelings of negative emotions. Second, be truthful to yourself, and do not fall prey to your own deceptions which you adhered to all of your life. Third, be not judgmental. Do not be quick to judge or present an opinion that strengthens the dark side of a conscience but rather bring the light of wisdom to all that quarreled in darkness. Fourth, be a forgiver. Yes, be a forgiving person not only to yourself and those close to you but to all humanity. This is going to be the hardest of all actions you must take to endure the emotional chaos brewing in the wind of the next 5 months. Afghanistan chaos and demise is just the beginning of much more. The First Woe has not quite yet has come to pass but it is in its last breath that is the fraudulent Presidential Election. However, attach to this Woe are numerous attachments that will rock the core of your consciousness, and this fourth principle will put you to the test. Fifth, practice charity. Remember the ones that have little, and require your giving to survive, especially what waits ahead in the 5 months of disclosures. I am not talking about giving to the building of your worship nor its leader for they have enough to survive but I am addressing the individuals that have little or not enough from day to day. You will see in the coming 5 months in which a distorted economy will cause fears and trauma not only here in America but all over the world. Sixth, be the unconditional love knight. Simply, love, give, share without limitations, constraints, or conditions. Remember this passage in the Bible, “during a day to give to the treasury services, a rich man offered his tidings, and felt that he had complied with the mandated to give a portion of his earnings. Equally there was a poor widow dressed in no so fancy clothes that gave all she got, two pennies (mites). , and she was looked upon the well-dressed men as someone to be dismissed, yet, Jesus called for his disciples to come near , and he shared with them the value of this widow woman in giving all she had.” It was an example not only of generosity but faith, and trust in God. (Mark 12:41-44)

We have been tasked or at least individually experienced with these spiritual tasking, not to make us better Christians or religious members but for us to be better humans with a final outcome in recognizing The Mystery of God that has existed, and currently is in every single human being regardless of creed, gender, or background. It is this current journey humanity has taken, and culminates in 2036 or 2040. Then all of humanity will not only recognize but accept forever, that all humans can truly be called, Children of God! And finally, not only recognize but accept without question that every human being is an undisputable Divine Being, not only loved by the Great Source, and all of His Celestial Entourage but all other created creatures residing in all of the Galaxies known to man. And so it is! Peace, and Love my beloved friends. Be strong, be wise, comfort faith, trust, and above all, be courageous during these 5 months of expressive ill emotions to those that are not prepared (unawaken) versus those that are emotionally, and spiritually prepared (awakened). Believe with all your heart, and resources that you are divine, and thus, you are above all that it is mundane, and dark!