A Single Rose on the vine

The Power and Love of the Spirit of God

Greetings my beloved family! It is my wish that the greatness of love and peace of the Great Source be with you during these fabulous days. Also, it is the perfect time of rewarding experiences and joy in our lives. It has been 36 hours since the event prognosticated in which humanity would pass the threshold of indecisiveness that I discussed in my previous videos and writings. It is an Era of Enlightenment to say the least because you, I, and all of humanity have spirituality, emotionally, and consciously merged and declared that humanity no longer will be the object of conscience restraint or thinking manipulation. Yes, since the preface of the regarded conscience shift that initiated during June 10th and 11th of the year 2021 has diluted in many ways the dark agenda in which humanity has existed for thousands of years.

There is now a new agenda generated by the Great Source and supported by a vast membership of divine beings with one thing on their mind, bring humanity to a higher dimension. Simply meaning, to assist humanity in their efforts to eradicate darkness from their emotional and restrictive spiritual environment to one in which the knowledge and understanding not only who we are but also from where we came and for what purpose will be answered. The year 2021 is now the catalyst in which humanity will rise from our restrictive and mundane existence and become lords and masters of our own individual destiny without the influence of rules and regulations that contribute to make limitations to our conscience or leaderships that gain power, prestige, and wealth at the cost of human sufferings. The end of all of this and much more is in full motion at a very fast speed thanks to the Essence of the Great Source, God, who through His unconditional love for all of humanity endorsed the eradication of the darkness trilogy not only from our beloved earth but from our universe.

Thus, at this point you will be inquiring about what essence am I referring to? Well, my beloved friends, I am addressing the divine essence of God, the Creator! Which just happens to be the most important ingredient and crucial to our existence, it is you, humanity! I am talking to you that humanity is an integral part of the Creators vision for not only our Earth, our universe, but for the whole galaxy. We, you and I, and every single human being currently existing on this earth not only have access to this creative and nurturing essence but we all are going to be part of this marvelous divine endeavor, and it began two days ago and will continue throughout the rest of the year 2021 with various vital spiritual markers along the way such as the following dates, July 23rd, August 8th and the 22nd, September 23rd, October 8th and 21st, along with November 11th, let’s not forget December 21st 2021 which is the mirror of December 21st, 2012, the date of such significance for humanity on this date, humanity was released from the universal shackles of spiritual slavery into a new journey toward conscience grandeur. In short, humanity passed the marker of despair, fear, and chaos and embarked on a whole new divine journey, more on these upcoming significant events in following articles and videos. Peace and love to everyone and a joyous spiritual voyage.