The Wisdom of Having Knowledge

(The Source)

…And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of ‘knowledge’ and the fear of the Lord.” (Isaiah 11:2)

Greetings my beloved and dearest friends and family! It is the 22nd day of the month of September of the year 2021, First Day of Autumn and how appropriate for the season of 2021. Oh, yes, this is the much awaited season and appropriately named since the Lord Jeshua, Jesus, times, The Era of Knowledge and Wisdom. In the Annuals of Spirituality and Divine Disclosures, today marks not only the beginning of an autumn season but also, the Discovery of Humanity’s divine nature. Simply stating it is described in the bible, the Kingdom of God is in every human being. It will also be the season of revelations and disclosures as stated in the Holy Scriptures, “…the great ones will be cut down and the lofty will be brought low.” In short, an unprecedented set of circumstances or in this case, scenarios will be revealed to the world asserting the wise spoken words of Isaiah to come to pass during the times ahead.

It is not by coincidence or either a case of misfortunes that the once considered upcoming events depicted in the Bible of our Later Days scenarios be construed as judgments decrees. No, it is not! I am the first one to admit that for over 30 years after receiving the messages relating to humanity’s outcome regarding our existence did have merit to accept and conceive such demise but it was depending back then on our human nature which was considered barbaric, insolent, and mischievous at best. Surprised? You should not be because mankind with, shall we call it; ill-fated nature warranted such fatalistic final endings. However, mankind did resolve to change and embark on a more caring and benevolent attitude toward all of humanity. It was originally carried out by a small number of valiant spiritual heroes called by their nature, Light Workers, who tirelessly invoked peacefulness and became the fig trees that brought the ripened fruits of truth, compassion, and peace to a maladapted world. Otherwise, have not been by such fig trees, you will learn to know them as The Old Souls, Light Warriors, humanity would be witnessing extensive corruptions on a global scale that would baffle your mind. But it would not end on that only, we would be witnessing the war of wars bringing almost a full annihilation of humanity. Perplexed? You should be. In fact, the simple dedicated but arduous efforts to bring knowledge by the Light Workers and inclusive the Old Souls to the Universe that humanity had a precious virtue worth saving at any cost. And this they brought to the attention of the Great Source, the Great I AM, that needed to hear that humanity was undoubtedly worthy of salvation. It was through this deep felt desire by such dedicated light beings to demonstrate such devotion that their efforts were recognized to be truthfully genuine and of one of deep love that it was heard by the Great Source, I AM, decreeing and allowing all of the Celestial Councils to intervene on behalf of humanity and assist to deviate from its final chaotic demise to a new beginning and a chance to redeem the once divine privilege and right lost at the Garden of Eden. And here we are, since December 21st, 2012, at the cusp of a great emotional, physical, and even spiritual transformation journey toward a new Earth and a new humanity not only to a peaceful Earth but an Ascended One!

Thus, we come to the nature of providing the milestones and goals of this, not only Earth Ascension but also conjugal, Humanity’s. We can begin by outlining the basic principles the Holy Scriptures originally described of events within a specific set of circumstances alongside time parameters. In this section, I will entertain the timeline possibilities by sharing with you how previous recorded events unfolded within a specific time line. Keep in mind that most of information herewith disclosed is given during periods of meditations and during sleep stages. I know that humanity, all of us and once including myself, relied on factual documentation and verifiable information. However, I must point out that all things during this festive spiritual journey is necessary for every human being observing, reading, contemplating, and seeking informative news necessary to comprehend and assure himself/herself of realizing the truth they must rely on or intuition. You must discern what is being offered, published, or shared and that can only be supported by your emotional as well as spiritual beliefs. No one can interfere with those 2 principles unless you allow it. However, an individual keen in judgment can determine fact from fiction and it is through this effort that news, information such as what will be shared in this article and the ones to come can be observed.

Let’s begin. It is the first day of autumn, September 22nd, 2021. In short it is the first day of a numerical journey; let’s call it, signs that can provide the transient human being location of his or her whereabouts to each spiritual and emotional state throughout the journey for the rest of this year 2021 and 2022. Both are very important as well as necessary to understand and recognize its affects not only to your daily activities and routines but also, how would you emotionally compensate to each demand or clue that can affect you in the advent of an unforeseen crisis. Herewith, below I am outlining various time or numerical values parameters. Consider them as markers along a route you are planning to take, however in this case you, I, and everyone on this Earth will travel no matter the age or background. The beginning for this intermediate stretch of a very long journey that began on December 12th, 2012 is the one that will require spiritual as well as emotional stamina. It will be put to the test as it is any unforeseen journey. But with proper preparation in this case mentally one can find the positive aspect of not only the unforeseen and do the best one can do while the circumstances may be somewhat beyond our control. Our limitations are not our beliefs, which would be the ones that would influence us the most at each interval of the upcoming journey until February 22nd, 2022; it will be the magnitude of our fears!

Therefore, here is my opinion of the time parameters beginning first with today’s date, September 22nd, 2021. Second, follow by a 2 week (14/15 days) transitory period of virtual chancing that can affect a person’s facial expressions but also their appearance. These 14 or 15 days are very significant during this transitory journey because it will determine your spiritual posture and the subsequent emotionally responses toward each encountered scenario. Third, the 2 month, 60 days (30 days each, lunar month) characterized by random social disclosures affecting your moral values. It does follow after the 15 days in which observance will be given to not only personality shifts or exchanges but also regrettably to an increase of perplexities and fears all based in deep entrenched negative emotions. Fourth, the day mile marker 102 -104, it is the boundary from todays’ date, September 22nd, 2021 to December 31st, 2021. It will allow for an individual to discover an inner self that has been on a spiritual hibernation and will be awaken to a new reality that will require careful scrutiny determining what you will become under these uncertainties. Fifth, the day mile marker 155, it corresponds to the time boundary from day one, September 22nd, 2021 to February 22nd, 2022. Sixth, the day mile marker 180, it relates to the culmination of all the social, financial, political, religious revelations, and even our own individual personal crisis. It will be a global affect as a whole not just only on our nation but every nation under the sun. During this period of 180 days completion much has taken place and the final act or the culmination of our expressed emotions and spiritual state at the end of the 180 days will be the determinant in which direction you will entertain your attitudes and actions toward the rest of the year.

Thus, this is the abstract information of the time line matrix for the upcoming events. It is going to require spiritual strength accompanied by a good dosage of trust without an ounce of hesitation. The vital point is where you will place this required trust. That will be determined by you, only you. If your character is strong, sure of itself, not defiant as we have learned to have and disseminate at our own leisure because one thing all of us will quickly learn is that, we really did not have control of our destiny as we thought we did. You will find out that you, I, and all of humanity was in a bubble of deception and treachery that was so well concealed from our conscience and finding out that you, I, and the whole world was taken for granted, it will be a grave insult not only to your human dignity but most sadly, your spiritual (religious) principles in which you built your trust, confidence, and an utterly blind commitment. Just take a moment. Imagine for just a minute. What you, your loved one would feel if you were to be given the opportunity by the Divine Source to reveal to you the real truth of all that you are on a measure that you may have not been accustomed to or in a manner that may interfere with what you already think you know. That is a quandary. However, I can assure you that the way you think, act, and worship holiness would have a dramatic change within a short period of time. I would say by at least the year 2024 or possibly much earlier. And for those that fear the truth it may be dramatic and somewhat painful to quickly accept however for others, and it may be almost instantaneously! The question today for you is how would you act or behave to such spiritual demand? In what you know about you as a human being, about this planet, about the whole Universe, and of course, the most vital one, what about God, The Great Source. Would you be able to handle the truth in who, what, and the why of you and all of humanity? Well, that is the journey you and the rest of the globe began on December 21st, 2012 and is continuing until all is completed as divinely decreed.

Finally, the analogy and descriptive nature of this glorious time matrix will be discussed in detail in next article titled, The Solace of the Truth (The Weight and Measures). Peace, prosperity, and love being with you all as we have now embarked on a journey that has no regressive measures. And so it is and shall forever be!