The Mastery of Humanity’s Free Will

         (The Coming Realities)

            What would be the most priceless and sought after gift from the Greatest Mastermind that ever existed that goes beyond the value of gold, precious stones, and even immortality? Humanity’s Free Will.

Greetings my beloved friends and family! Yes, humanity’s free will is the rarest and most sought out principle in the whole Milky Way Galaxy. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. For millennia, not only on Earth, has this priceless virtue has been sought out to possess at any cost, becoming the symbol of wealth and utter cohabited ruthlessness. You would think that a society as ours would recognize that the power each human being possesses affords him complete control of his destiny. History has taught us that it has been quite the opposite. Humanity has relinquished all of the power of free will to a chosen few, and this has been the established order of the day for every human being since the Garden of Eden. However, this is not to be any more.

Ever since December 21st, 2012, this cannot longer exist and during this current year of 2021 humanity will have the opportunity not only to be witnesses of why it was taken from them through manipulative actions for most of humanity, except for a handful of individuals that recognized the greatest gift in all of the galaxies being only ordained and manifested to a small group of local human inhabitants.  Realizing that such a gesture from a Divine Source was thought not to be warranted of worth deserving to such insignificant individuals, the foes of mankind sought to fool, falter, deceived through deception and vile lies and ill constructs filled with words of greatness giving results to humanity aspects of doom and sorrow for all of mankind. You find all of this in Genesis of the Bible.

It has been thousands of years in which the free will of man dwelled in conscience slavery. Any altered motives to bring the greatest gift to humanity were quickly wiped out not only with subjugated cruelty to all of those that sought to revitalized it would end up in utter destruction and death. All of this and much more was the daily routine of all of the inhabitants of this Earth for thousands of years. However as I mentioned above, the reign of conscience terror, targeted toward humanity will see its end soon. You can be sure that the protagonists of these cruel and dastardly actions will be brought out to the open and mankind will see the authoritarian and ruthless deep state that kept humanity in check for millennia facing all of humanity worldwide for judgment.

But this is only the beginning, humanity must also learn to not abnegate free will and seek the same actions, ruling, and characteristics these protagonists of evil, Reptilians as you will come to know them, having a sinister plan for all of humanity for a long time. Humanity was but an insignificant pawn in a larger chess game. It was inconceivable by this diabolical state to see humanity as the recipients of the greatest gift and lord of the mastery of Free Will. It was for them more than intolerable to accept such Regal attributes as they called it, to be awarded to an unworthy bunch of insignificant creatures known as human beings. It was this demented demeanor that brought many miseries and destitute to every human being that questioned their actions. They saw themselves to be the righteous inhabitants of this glorious and lovely planet we call home, our Earth, and exercise this initiative by convincing the local inhabitants of the old Earth that they were utterly gods, and the Earthlings of our early Earth accepted this and worshiped them. They became lords or gods and humanity their servants until now.

Their intertwined society is crumbling and coming apart as we speak. I mentioned in a video that September 2021 will be one for the history books. Humanity is on a journey not only of discovery in who we are but also in the why. It’s the beginning of a fascinating spiritual journey in the making since May 1997 when a proclamation was made that if humanity would altered their effort to be more compassionate and indulged in doing good the Great Source, God, would see our divine nature to be not only good but also exercise love and kindness, a divine decree would be issued toward December 2012 cementing the Spiritual Journey for all of humanity which we have come to know as, The Ascension.

I am aware that the various versions of the chaotic scenarios that have taken place and even the coming ones may be, view, feel, or be recognized as a test or experiment in vulnerability, but it is not. It is really an experience in the real truth concealed, demonstrating to you your undeniable strength is due to your divine nature and the right to know that you deserve to possess. It is not the awareness of the uncertainty of so many variables that may cause fears but the inability to comprehend their purpose because as we speak, even now there are various scenarios already bringing about not only changes but also disclosures most people here in America and around the world are being kept in the dark so to speak because of the fears of repercussions and possible deadly threats. Therefore, all things are being done under secrecy and in stealth mode. This is necessary to keep humanity transitioning toward a process that can be less volatile and threatening. The stealth transition is taking place and it is in overdrive status. However, when all things are in place, the strategists of this secret endeavor will soon be providing to all of humanity their findings and these disclosures will be manifesting various degrees of emotions with thoughts giving away to feelings with various behaviors that would break any psychological and emotional Richter’s scale designed for consequential effects to mankind in severity, damaging, and utter destruction.

Yes, I can share with you that humanity is transitioning into greatness as we speak. It may not seem that this is happening but it is. This mirage of a peaceful and cohesive ambient has been created to protect us, humanity. The scope of the various trends taken since the year 2012 has been numerous; however all we have been able to hear and witness is the fraudulent elections of 2020. But I can assure you that battles have taken places in the realm of higher dimensions, all with one sole purpose, to give humanity a fighting chance and to rise from the most turbulent and constraining existence we have had, all due because of our free will contained valuable virtues to possess. Other creatures thought that it could serve them better and other beings in the cosmos, universes, therefore, sought to eradicate mankind when deemed necessary and possess Humanity’s free will at any cost, and more often than not with means of such brutality that it would make your hair stand  on end. Think I am describing a Hollywood horror movie for Halloween? No! I can assure you that this will be just one activity that will be brought to the surface within the next three years if not sooner when the Unidentified Flying Objects, UFO, hidden agenda by various nations of the world are finally made public. Wait and see. Your reaction will depend on what you believe and fear.

It is this divine bestowed virtue of Free Will in mankind cruising to a variety of illicit realities that has created in all of us, including myself, this sense of vagueness and in many cases, fears as what is to be believed in. Let’s be realistic, humanity has been inside a bubble of ignorance for a long time and it did not happened by chance but actually purposely. Yes, we have been kept in the dark for almost 100 years, just alone in this country. It was not until December 21st, 2012 that the veil of deception began to be lifted. For some the scales on our eyes were removed. The simple reason was to be at the right place, the right time, and in the right state of mind. Simply, to be cognizant that a change would be coming securing our further existence, averting wars, pestilence, and chaos until it would be necessary not only for few to open their eyes but all of humanity. And this is what began the COVID-19 Pandemic and still continues to incarcerate our thoughts, our free will, and even our spiritual beliefs sometimes.

Consequently, the year of the fraudulent election added to an already troublesome society in America, but it was not our lack of foresight, contrary it was the desire option by the Universe for humanity not only perceived the wrongs being done but actually living it, and seeing what it all entails. Ever since, December 2012, when so to speak, we left Egypt to the promise land. In this case, the promised New Earth in which unconditional love is the realm of every inhabitant. Therefore, to get there, to this promised new Earth, humanity has to travail through many natural obstacles just as the Children of Israel had to endure, except we are not traveling thru an unknown desert as they did, or are we?

Thus it comes to my question to all of you, do you believe that you possess the divine virtue of Free Will? I cannot answer this for it is for you to know and believe in with all the resources you can muster, however I can share with you about me. Yes, I not only believe in that virtue but I have exercised the right to declare to others that I would not compromise it. It has brought sometimes consequences but at the end of it all, my soul, my spirit, and my conscience endured in the splendor of knowing that I made every effort to hold the virtue given by God at its highest level. It is through this emotional and spiritual experience that I became aware that a Greater Being created not only the virtue of free will but also the beginning in which to be housed such divine gift. It was not an easy task to remain steadfast, as many of you may be finding out in this year of 2021 because of all of the uncertainties and most of it all, the lying, the cheating, and the deceptive manner in which just about every agency, organization, society, and even groups responsible for the wellbeing of all humanity contrived to do not only harm but also remove, if possible, what is needed. We have not gotten to this last effort of removing but the Pandemic may bring about influential individuals and maybe even some of the ones you held in high esteem being members, or at least by association, or colluded in some degree against humanity’s existence. Will this be made known during the Era of Disclosures? Yes, because it was discovered during the first era, The Era of Discovery which began in December 2012 followed by our current one, Era of Disclosures followed by the Era of Discernment for the year 2022 in which The Truth and will bring about all types of conjectures, verbal battling among friends and people within the same family, community, and even social parties. Then, by end of the year 2022 through 2024 you will witness the Era of Disbursement categorized by issuing various categories of sentencing according to the degree of the act committed toward humanity. During this era, you are going to need to be strong and reasonable because it may hit right down to your doorstep. It is during this fragile period in which your spirituality will be put to the test. It will determine your character and your beliefs in a Higher Order because what the Divine will ask of you will be not only determinant but also be necessary for ascension to the New Earth. All of us, those that decide to stay and endure the journey of humanity through the Wilderness, will have to endure the heat, public pressure, the desert sand, the uncomfortable bickering of the issues, the aches and pain, toward an already exhaustive body from previous societal ordeals, the inexcusable defiant wind, society’s never ending blasphemous ideologies raging as powerful dust storms, causing more injuries to an already battled spiritual, emotional, and even corporal body augmenting the psychological pains that have already caused pain and sorrow to an already feeble body once thought to be spiritually invincible. Such scenario is not out of the prevue of a reality, in fact, it will be the reality created by our fears but also by our current discontentment most of humanity is currently grasping and thought by so many as being real, it is only now a mirage in which the sand of a once known desert called destiny, thought to be real, has now become as a succulent stream of cool waters to satiate a deadly thirst that consumes our true reality. Simply, many creatures called humans are oblivious of what has taken place since the year 2012 and what has been brewing in the pot of the next reality for the next six years, and have been also distracted by a mundane and illicit third dimension Earth that is changing rapidly as we speak to higher level. It is accelerating at a high speed with grave consequences. And it is this factor that I must point out to The Straggles of today and for the ones witnessing the upcoming realities of years 2021 and 2022. These individuals are getting behind for whatever personal reasons and may hinder their ascension at this time consequently, their divine opportune moment may pass for the time being but I can assure those that choose to remain behind, you still will have an opportunity at a later period except you will have to deal with emotions, feelings, and even fears that are currently in chorus format, all is well! As your divine spirit within you is presently shouting that things are not, and shouting for you to be ready, for it is very real and is almost here, it almost seems as a small voice shouting in a very windy and violent storm where the mighty wind of falsehood is much louder than the soft voice of divine nature.

In conclusion, your divine free will is now at stake. Beware that for millennia, free will was not only incarcerated but taken away from you by already described human beings as celestial outlaws in cahoots with a small number of our own people that sought the power of complete free will for their gains and riches. Sort of like, sucking the blood from you but leaving enough in you for the job they desire for you to do without any controversies. That was the way we lived for millennia. However it is changing and will never, rise on the New Earth. Humanity will dwell on an Earth filled with the essence of God and His Free Will to all of mankind. The question that remains right now as you read this article, Will you come aboard this journey toward unconditional love, peace, and compassion as being the requirements for citizenship on the New Earth? If you respond positively, and then begin tomorrow by being kind, compassionate, caring, and loving unconditionally not only to your loving pet but also to humans you may encounter having need of affection and security as you convey to your pet. And of course, the most crucial and demanding of all divine traits of a Free Will divine award, forgive! Oh yes, it is at the top of the list of requirements and affords you the opportunity to rise, to ascend, to elevate to the kingship of a truly free human being. It will be the hardest requirement to be awarded ascension but it is the one that is going to require deep emotional commitment. It is the most critical and valuable to enter, or at least during this critical time but also during the coming ones that will require a spiritual level head and a comforting heart to see it all through. If not, it will be as like the passage found in Revelations in which it  describes people seeking shelter by mountains as they seek fragile protection and plead for cessation of events that cannot be neither changed or modified.

I am certain that if you choose to follow the current trend of distractors issued by the infected media, Hollywood, the political, and social arenas currently providing a three ring circus and diversions to unwary participants. The day will come when you will say to yourself and those that look to you for solutions and protection; we are not in Kansas anymore! At that moment you will come to the reality that the truth was before your eyes all along and it was given throughout the time you were being callous with the divine nature God at a critical time in your life. He was seeking for you to hear Him through His workers, The Light Workers, the Old Souls and Star Seeds. Have you met one lately? I bet you have but could not recognize them. Why, because you were not looking for them but they were looking for you and when they found you, you ignored them! Why? Well, that is for you to find out. Hopefully, it can be done sooner rather than later. If it is too late, you will become the disciple for others in fears and trauma. You will have to choose my dear friend, fear or love! You decide. Choose wisely! Peace and love my beloved brothers and sisters. And so it shall be! Namaste.