October, the Month with the False Notion

(The Fallacy)

…Be still, and know that I am God. I am exalted among the Nations. I am exalted in the Earth!” (Psalm 46:10)

A most appropriate verse for today’s article and the nature to be of the month October 2021, greetings my beloved friends, readers, and family, I am glad to share with you a message received regarding the month of October. However, I wish you all peace, prosperity, and love as always.

The month of October is a very significant month in human history. So many incidents, crisis, social, and political upheavals has taken place during the month of October. The list of natural, cosmic, and even man made destructive measures can be found during the month of October, and there is no difference even in the year 2021. But to understand the critical and vital nature of the month of October, we must consider what had taken place during this by some authors to be infamous and for others a celebrated month. Let’s quickly, examine one that is very critical according to the Bible. It is understood that the Lord, Jeshua, Jesus, was not born in Tevet, Jewish month, December, but rather during the month Av, July/August. In fact, according to the Holy Scriptures, the Caesar Augustus, also known as Gaius Octavian was born on September 23, 63 B.C. He was Rome’s first emperor after the death of his uncle Julius Caesar and ruled as a Caesar from 44 B.C. – 19 August, A.D. 14. His total reign as Caesar was 58 years. During the 38th year of his 58th year reign, he decreed a census to be taken by all provinces of his empire and around 6 B.C., according to some ancient writings, Joseph and Mary, who was already over eight months pregnant with Jesus, had to travel to Bethlehem to comply with the census decree that every male must return to the place of their birth.

Now, here is where history and mythology takes separate paths. Most historians agree that the traveling of thousands of people was strenuous to say the least, and sadly very little has been given to the weather and seasonal conditions of the period. In fact, by some historians believe, and I agree with them, it would have been not only intolerable to travel during late December throughout Judea. Even today, snow and cold temperatures are formidable in Israel, now imagine how would have been for people during the 6 B.C. period. It would have been chaotic and the census would have been a disaster. Therefore, I feel that destiny potentials where working hand in hand with divine purpose. Jeshua, Jesus, was born on September 25th, 6B.C. During the autumn solstice which occurred exactly at 8:55 (20:55). Thus, also I need to point out that here that the Wise Men that came from the east riding the camels did come few weeks before Jesus second birthdate. Keep in mind that Herod’s decree of death to Jewish male children below the age of two and this was informed to Joseph and Mary. It was within weeks of his second birthday that the holy family departed for Egypt on undisclosed route. Herod I, Herod the Great died in 4 B.C. shortly after the death of the Judean children according to his deadly decree. It is believed that Joseph, Mary, and Jesus remained in Egypt for two years after departure from Bethlehem. Jesus and his parents returned to Judea after the death of Herod, the Great when he would have been 5 to 6 years old.

What is significant about all of this? Here is one for start. Agreeing that Joshua’s , Jesus’, ministries started when he was thirty years old, that means that he had a birthdate around September 25th, 24 C.E. and that would coincide with the Holy Scriptures about John, the Baptist providing baptismal to the Judean people by the River Jordan. It would have been during the end of December, according to the December 25th birth of Jesus as we celebrate now. It seems that since the Judean month of Av, Jewish calendar, consists of two months, August and September, Jesus birth could have taken place during August 24/25th 6B.C. Still, it would not have taken place in December and the waters of the River Jordan would have become much colder by December 25th, which brings me to the core of this argument, the baptism of Jeshua and the forty days in the wilderness.

Here are the numbers. First, if his birth took place during the autumn solstice on 6 B.C. as shown above, the forty days after Jesus baptism, his ministry journey began either on September 25th or a day later. Counting the thirty days would place it to be in October, also known in our times as Tishrey, month of beginning or the 7th month (Ethanim, 1 king 8:2) which was understood to be the beginning of the second half of the year. Hum! Very interesting, Jesus takes the mantle of his ministry at the beginning of the second half of the year. Not a coincidence, since the Jewish calendar is a lunar, 30 days, annually 360 days, and today we use the Gregorian calendar as our current calendar, 365 days. It seems that not only the birth of Jesus was during the autumn equinox but also the beginning of his ministry.

So let’s look at the forty days mentioned above. Let’s agree that it was September 24 or 25th when Jesus took the mantle to serve. Thirty days later would had been using the Gregorian calendar for explanation purposes, October 25th, 24 C.E. Ten more days would be November 4th, 24 C.E. However since in ancient times, a month consisted of thirty days, Hebrew lunar calendar, and often overlapped two month such as August/September for Av during Jesus time. As an example it can be outlined that also since Emperor Augustus decree to take place during the late summer to autumn period, it would be expected to have taken place during the month of Av, August/September. However, there are no factual dates, except excerpts that Augustus initiated the idea of a census as early as 11 B.C. and of course it would take time to announce it throughout the whole empire and allowing for all inhabitants to be alerted of such census, therefore, it would be feasible that it would take at least 5 years to have it put in place. I argue that the baptism of Jesus took place during the late season of summer during late August when temperatures would be above mild but evenings are cool as described in some ancient writings during the birth of Jesus whereas the surrounding shepherds were attending to their flocks in the coolness of the night. Second, assuming for the moment that the birth took place during the Hebrew month of Av, August/September, Jesus’ birth could have taken place late August. Thus, from August 25th adding forty days, it would make the forty days in the wilderness to be around October 3rd-5th utilizing a Gregorian calendar format. And this seems to be more logical because within days of his 30th birthdate had taken place during the late August month the days and night temperatures would have been more than adaptable than let’s say late December to early January assuming Jesus would have had his 30th birthday in December 25th as it is currently celebrated. In fact, common sense would dictate that the temperatures in the Judean wilderness would have been less than comfortable in mid-January and February. I trust and truly believe that his birthdate took place during late the late part of the Hebrew month of Av, August, and few days later embarked on his forty days in the wilderness and the three year ministry.

Now, the birth of Jesus date and the wilderness journey is just one of the examples of the vital episodes the month of October has played throughout humanity’s existence but also wars, diseases, natural disasters, floods, famines alongside droughts, such Elijah’s drought that lasted three and half years, and ending on late September day in which of the period of three years included three months of October. And it was significant because it was after the drought ended that God revel Himself to the people. That can be after the fourth half of three year and half period. Maybe, God revealed Himself to the people in mid-August/September. Interesting!

But this is but a small example of the vital role the month of October determines influences and affects humanity in all aspects of our existence. There is no avenue of complications that the month of October is found not to be. To the contrary, there is an overwhelming historical data of October’s influences in not only human nature but human consciousness. And this is more than ever relevant during this month of October of 2021. More about its influences and revelations on my next article, “The Twenty-One days of Mourning and Forgiveness”, (Prelude to Greatness). And so it shall be! Peace and love to all of you.