The Twenty-One days of Mourning and Forgiveness

(Prelude to Greatness)

…Many will be purified and purged and refined; the wicked will act wickedly and none of the wicked will understand; but the knowledgeable will understand.” (Daniel 11:10)

“Oh, Great Source and Creator, our beloved God, hear now the prayers of your children throughout this nation and the rest of the world, and their pleas for enlightenment, and show favor through the days to come.”

Greetings my beloved friends and family. I thought I would begin this article with a prayer for all of you, your loved ones, and the world appropriate for the message I will share with you. Now, for a while I have been providing the messages with what I have considered to be vital knowledge in preparation for the soon to be unfolding episodes affecting humanity. Similarly, in this article I will share with you the message received outlining the critical days of October 2021.

Initially, we must all become aware that since October, 1997, when I was provided with a revelation, I was able to understand what chaotic path humanity could find itself if it continued in the ill-fated journey we have embarked on since 1988 (40 years after Israel independence) and quickly purged from me the doubts I was carrying since the original messages from the year 1981 and 1987. It was during that 1997 period that I began the serious task to have the novel “God’s Chosen Ones” to be published outlining the gravity of mankind’s behavior and the potentials for not capable or no longer able to contribute to our galactic heritage. Humanity had become insensitive, careless, and even worse of all irresponsible, simply all around this Earth, mankind felt not to be liable or being accountable to Mother Nature and God in any way for the disorder and disregard for the well-being of the only planet we could reside. This was considered intolerable by God and it was necessary for His intervention. The malignant intentions toward this precious Earth by mankind were viewed as the actions of a careless and spoiled child without scrupols or a sense of a caring attitude. All of this came to a head for us, America but also the world as an example of humanity’s vulnerability on September, 2001.

The how it all took place is well known. What is herewith to consider is the why it all happened. This would be made known to you in the next months when disclosures began to surface. However, it was round two that really made not only America reorganize its emotions but the whole world when COVID-19 affected all the Earth. And since then, all of following awareness acts will be encompassing all of the inhabitants of this Earth. Yes, it will no longer be an individual group but the whole Earth community being affected by the shifts not only in our behaviors, but attitudes and how we perceive truth and since December 2012 this trend has continued and it will continue until the year 2040 with various milestones in years 2031-2038.

Therefore, the years ahead of 2020 thru 2030 most of us will be wondering what would entail. Since May 1997 when mankind demonstrated to be capable of changing, the universe saw a great potential for humanity to rise above the disregard for Mother Nature but also for Human Nature that the Heavens decreed divine intervention, however it was all decreed on the condition that we, as one family, would come together not only mourned but feel compassion. And since that date, humanity has contemplated a radical change ensuring not only our survival but also our place among the galactic stars.

Thus we come to Daniel’s twenty-one days in October, 2021. In Daniel 10:2, Daniel enters a three week period of fasting and no anointing. The interpretation of these 21 days can be of numerous, all depending on the desired narrative of the speaker. However, as it was given to me, it is a period in which humanity must begin to seek not only individual repentance but also offering forgiveness for deeds or acts that other individuals may have caused you. The idea behind this is because as the coming disclosures and discoveries mentioned in previous articles and videos will test you as you have never been tested. It will be emotionally and spiritually and in some cases you may not find coherence or sense in what you are confronted with making the whole experience absurd but rest assure it will not be a Hollywood imagery, it will be very real.

Consequently, since October 3rd, 2021 we began this twenty one days observance. The idea behind is to begin a period of purification of thoughts and motives. Simply, clean up your act. The time has come to begin recognizing that the negativity of hundreds of years that hurled humanity into a vicious chaos of greed, hatred, jealousy, envy, and even defiance toward the Great Source God has begun its final journey to elimination and a new more pure and unaltered conscience will be dominant factor of every single human being on this Earth, and this will be accomplished during the next twenty-one days and subsequent month until December of the year 2024. It may seem like a long time but believe me, at the end of these twenty-one days you will see a surge in emotional distress by many but you will also observe acts of kindness, inclusive charity, forgiveness, and love that will impact you. You will not be immune or neither be unaffected because the energy is global therefore, be ready to recognize that things are changing. Things, events, whether in your life or the lives of others, are changing for the better.

Today is the 6th day of the 21 days with 15 days remaining and I would like to bring the importance of two factor of duality that is critical to point-out. The number 6 relates to the 3, 6, and 9 integral numerical value of possibilities in each activity in which a balance can be found because these three numbers relate to universal cohesiveness thus, it affects events, activities, and even plans according to their desired values. For example, today is the ninth day of the month but it is also the sixth day of the twenty-one days of Daniel’s three weeks of contrition and observance. It is also to be observed that the period of the three weeks began on the 3rd of October, the first number of three universal energy driven numbers as disclosed above. Now, if you add the date of today, October 9th plus 6 days already being observed, the sum is 15 (1 + 5 = 6). Coincidence? No! It is destiny, therefore the next 15 days will require for all of us to do our best to remain balanced and steadfast in our desires to begin a new attitude towards others with kindness rather than animosity or prejudice.

Finally, this is the metric, October 3 is the beginning. October 6th was the third day and October 9, 2021 is the sixth day of the twenty-one days (2 + 1 = 3). Therefore, dates such as October 12th, 15th, 18th, 21st ,and October 24th ,2021 (Daniel 10:4) will be the royal day in which your spiritual eyes will open to see the real truth of who you are and once you recognize it and accept it, you will be An Awakened Soul along with your Spirit of Godas I have countless times shared with you and clearly Daniel’s visions honored us with it is manifestation of his visions alongside the bank of the river Tigris, however it is not Daniel that would observe the vision of October 24, 2021 of the man dressed in white linen because you will see yourself as your conscience enters into a new world of benevolence, compassion, and unconditional love. Yes, this is the reason for October 24, 2021. The chapter of your life, it is you who writes it not circumstances, others, or relatives. You are now the writer and the pen is in your hand and the paper before you is in your heart that will be inscribed in it based on your actions of the three mentioned above, benevolence, compassion and unconditional love. Thus my beloved friends and family strip yourself of the emotional and spiritual stained garments you have been carried since, well a long time. Entered not the Tigris river of Daniel but the river Jordan of John the Baptist as if you would have done it back then. Only imagined and the Heavens will do the rest for the time has come to receive the divine greatness you are but has been hidden from you for a very, very long time. You are divine! Must believe this above all things during this October month of 2021. Peace in the love and greatness of the Great Source, the Great Creator and our Heavenly Father who loves all of us unconditionally! The Scriptures of the Truth will be revealed and much more. Can you handle the truth? It will be all up to you! Believe every cell of your body. And so it shall be as it was given!