November, the Month with the Final Truths

(The Eleventh Hour)

…I have set the Lord always before me because He is at my right hand, I shall not move!” (Psalm 16:8)

Greetings my beloved friends and readers, peace, joy, and prosperity be with you during this season and triumphal period of the Light! As I shared with you earlier in the month of October, I took a spiritual reprieve to consult with the universe and the spirit of the messages received in the last six months. And as you can recall those who have been following me on videos and reading my articles would recognize the elements of advices, cautions and suggestions shared in spiritual survivability for the months of May 2021 through October 2021. I emphasized the elements of wisdom, patience, and trust to travail through the spiritual and emotional paths that lay before all of us, including me. Now, the long awaited scenario of Ascension is no longer an imaginative or prophetic potential but an actual reality conforming solely based on our conscience efforts. Simply saying, we create our own reality not others but own our-selves. Therefore, the above Scriptural Words of Psalm 16:8 is appropriate for the months of November and December 2021 for much discourse, conscience outbursts, natural, and emotional activities will determine not only your spiritual posture but also your involvement.

I can assure you that the revelations of the month of November and December 2021 are but the introduction of a larger conscience awareness effort that may leave you confused and disoriented causing anguish, anxiety, and in many cases the individual becoming distraught to the point that those that are not prepared for such awakening of the truths become mad and easily angered, especially throughout the month of November which encompasses, “the Eleventh Hour” in which humanity, all of us, global but much more intense in America, we will receive the blunt of the massive emotional and spiritual changes or transformations we have known as, “the Great Awakening.”

America is the catalyst from which the global discovery of the truths will be revealed. We are the epicenter of a massive awakening of the truth that has not only hampered our society but influenced many other cultures around the world. The question you may be asking and wondering why now? Well, it is simple. Humanity is rising to a higher level of consciousness and similarly, becoming aware that for centuries we lacked sensitivity not only toward each other but also toward Mother Nature. The revealing truths that are to be brought up will open America’s eyes forever. It will be from the edges of political corruptions, inhuman acts, and social deprivations, economical, medical, and medicinal illicit activities that will baffle your minds. However, the revelations have no purpose to deteriorate your concept of what humanity entails but rather bring it to a higher order of purity and awareness allowing for all of humanity to exist in a new dimension in which love, compassion, and prosperity will be equal for everyone. That is the core of all that is to be revealed. Consider this; the journey ahead has already begun since 2020. It is a twenty-four month journey. It may seem for many like a long and stormy period. I will not deceive you by sugar coating it; it will be as riding a stormy sea with violent waves. I have shared this journey in previous articles in the last year and half but fear not the force of the waves or the durability of the boat. Be conscious of those that ride with you in the boat because as it is well known, individuals in desperate or fearful situations allow themselves to reveal the true self and therefore the personality that you see before the storm may not be the same personality you would witness when fear overcomes them.

Thus, we come to the “eleventh hour” of humanity’s destiny. The introduced scriptural words above say it all, “would you trust that the hand of the Great Source, God” that has a handle on all that is to come and persevere in not only trusting but fully believing that all that will emanate from the dark world we used to live is for the good of all of humanity, or would you resort to the fear and the emotional state that derived from it? Would you bury your head in the ground or in the case of the stormy boat ride inadvertently be tossed from the boat or jump overboard and seek return to a safe land? Remember the controversies the children of Israel sought during the Wilderness journey wanting to return to Egypt? Would you be one of those that rather return to an emotional and spiritual slavery of an old earth, or would you ride the storm secured that you trust all that is before and around you to arrive at the Promised Land, or in this case to the New Earth and new humanity? Well, that is the purpose of the “eleventh hour” in the month of November 2021, to set you free, “the truth will do that.” Historians years later will recognized and write about November 2021 to have been the beginning of an end. Imagine now, you being a member of a never experienced by humanity divine intervention. It is an unprecedented celestial act in human history and you are now part of it. Your courage, steadfast faith, and love for God are the key ingredients that will allow you to withstand the rigorous, emotional, and spiritual demands to the stormy seas ahead with turbulent waves now approaching the stern of the spiritual ship you have embarked since May 2020.

The time is at hand to believe in a Greater Being, God and His Spirit that dwells inside every human being and resort to trust and commend yourself with all of your might to His will and wishes. It may require you to isolate, separate or even remove yourself from those that would be fearful of the stormy sea (unfolding events) because emotional and spiritual panic is very contagious and to keep your balance or level head, I suggest you find a place of seclusion and one that can afford peace and calmness. Yes, the key through it all is, remain calm and focused for the storm will pass and a new bright day waits for all of those that remain steadfast, hopeful, and trustworthy in God’s mighty hand and love. He has promised His protection throughout all of the ordeals to come through the entourages of angelic realms that surrounds humanity as I speak. All that is expected from you is trust, trust, trust in God with all of you might and soul!

In conclusion, be not weary of the news from the main news media because its present existence is to be short lived and a new “good news media” outlet will spring from this social and political storm. Therefore, it will be essential for you to discern all the information you will encounter during these critical periods of disclosures. Rely on using your intuition and spiritual perspective. This will assure you balance. Be honest and truthful to yourself. Rely on your cognitive abilities and not in others judgmental attitudes or concerns because the confusion and emotional disorientation you will encounter from them during all these crisis will be overwhelming, even to those you may have recognized previously to be worthy wise leaders dictating to you the directions of your lives because they too will be under the same demands you will be unless you recognize that you are the creator of your own reality and not them assuring you spiritual and emotional stability being crucial at the time.

In short, my beloved readers, the events have for purpose to test, to render, to make aware to every human being on this planet what has been undiscriminating hidden from everyone for a long time. It will be shocking and an eye opener to make known who, what, why, and the how of the most powerful families that controlled our lives through personal financial dependencies and their mastery in deceitfulness and enslavement of free will and personal integrity not only in our nation but worldwide. Along with this disclosure you will become involve in recognizing the factor that what you thought was morality and truth, it is not. Simply, you will be provided a greater truth and the invaluable knowledge of God’s, the Great Source purpose for all of humanity but also His true Divine Nature. This one awareness of the true nature of God will perplex many but I can assure you that, “the truth will set you free” in more than one way. It will be the greatest revelation of this “awakening” of the year 2021 and 2022. Consequently, your spirituality will rise to higher levels but viewed right now to be inconceivable.

Humanity is at the threshold of greatness as long as we don’t slide or regress back to our mundane old ways we lived for so long. Every effort must be made to stay focus on a future filled of benevolence, compassion, love, and eternal peace. Simply being human will not be enough; we all must seek peace not only among ourselves but throughout this planet. We must admire the beauty of Mother Nature and make efforts to see it that it endures for the coming generations. Once we conceive in our minds and hearts that this is necessary for ascension everything will be right and the new Earth shall rise from the darkness that held it hostage for such a long time because humanity is at the cusp of going beyond what it was and entering into an ever will be future. The final words are, are you ready to encompass the extraordinary divine future within your reach in peace, unconditional love and compassion which are the prerequisites of a New Earth, or are you the one that fears the unknown and seeks comfort from a mundane violent Earth in the ordinary of the past filled with greed, hatred, jealousy, contempt, and bribery? Believe it or not, the upcoming events it will be necessary for you make choices. The vital aspects of how you will make choices will rely in wisdom of the experiences and attitudes learned in previous lives but also in the loving nature your heart has looked upon all that you have gone through assisted by the Spirit of God that has resided within you since the beginning of your existence. Thus the “eleventh hour” has arrived. The “hour of the Truth” is within your reach. There are no more delays or cancellations. Inactivity no longer will exist. Remember, you volunteered to be here at this time. There is no going back. I strongly recommend “choose wisely” for to “choose unwisely” will determine the posture, ambient, and demeanor of your prevalent consciousness as each disclosed events unfolds. Be strong, be wise, believe, and above all, “trust God” in all that lies before you without an ounce of hesitation or fear. Fears followed by doubts that would be the demise or abdication to darkness bringing with it emotional misery attached to mental sorrow, anguish, and confusion. In ending, be watchful of your hidden fears for it will overpower your instincts and composure. Peace, love, and joy are my most fervent wishes. I love you and in my prayers I keep all of you. Remember, Serenity, trust, and faith in God are the antidotes for all that is to come. Namaste!