The Worrisome Conscience

Greetings my beloved readers! I can now expand on August Dilemmas. According to the message received, August is the beginning of a period of truth, discovery, as well as the disbursement of untruths. Let us take a moment and consider all that has taken place since January 2023, not to mention all that happened during November 2021, and the systematic exposure of illicit activities to hide a well-known deception of a valid truth that has prevailed as an uncontrollable fire. Ever since then, we have lived knowing that something is, was, and will be wrong but somehow it seems at times that it does bring quandary to our conscience. It is as if we cannot grasp what is truth and what is not. This mental atmosphere of misgiving has catapulted our conscience into a frenzy which has robbed us of the priceless virtue of trust. We have been fooled, and in many cases, we have been oblivious to the manner or tactics used.

The month of August has been assisting us to decipher the actions and approaches the dark side has been using to deceive, disconcert, confuse, and even alter our spiritual attributes by creating through fear tactics, our opinions, our ideals, and our deep respect for our beloved National Constitution. Thus, August is the emotional fuse that completes the package that will begin the detonation of the truth purposely hidden from us.

The Finger of God points toward our nation’s capital. The time for a spiritual rising began August 8th. Just as truth shall rise to the surface of humanity’s conscience in America, it will also rise around the globe. According to the message received in mid-July and shared with all of you, a tsunami of truth is being prepared to surface during the coming month of 2023. Equally surfacing to your awareness will be the continuing adversity in which the Dark Side will be in full battle gear to convince you that their actions are more favorable to your wellbeing than the demise of the surfacing truths. In short, the Dark Patriots will use various means to convince you that the Light is your enemy by placing you in the center of their spiritual tactics. Be leery of the wolf in sheep’s clothing sounding like peaceful sheep during a spiritual storm because the Dark Shepard that guards them has a plan that does not constitute freedom nor free will. For many, the last months of the year 2023 and into April 2024, will entertain spiritual anxiety and confusion. And that is the sole purpose of all that has taken place, from disregard of the nation’s Constitution to the God given right of freedom and free will.

Consequently, our emotional state will take a hit as we find ourselves in dire need of knowing what the truth is and what it is not. However, that is what has been brewing in the mind of the Dark Forces, now steering the nation’s ship, either toward an abyss or a rocky coast. It will be up to each one of us during these upcoming weeks to be silent and watchful. Let us not be impetuous or quick to judge. Perceive all the strategies, mandates, and words elicited by the Dark Forces to lack substance, truth, and originality. Equally, strengthen yourself in the complete knowledge that as the Finger of God points toward the nation’s capital. Also, the Finger of God is pointing toward those that have blasphemed God and used His name for the benefit of their personal, perversive, gains.

The side of truth shall rise in such a spectacular way that it will confound and confuse the participants of the Dark Force; however, they will have an opportunity to resolve themselves, to seek forgiveness, from a nation morning for the truth, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. This you will witness from mid-2024 until the year 2025. Until then, let us stay strong and above all truthful to ourselves that God is in charge and that we, America, are a child he loves dearly. Show your devotion by trusting Him only. You are a magnificent human being before Him. Now is the time to believe in all of He stands for. The Dark Forces for a millennium have reigned above us in supremacy. That is no longer true. Your strong advocacy to all the Nature of God is your shield against them. Remember this, as the continuing efforts to eradicate the Good Shepherd fighting for Truth and Justice on your behalf must be protected. Remember to pray for them daily. Be cognizant that the Shepherds of the Truth must carry the burden a nation could not, therefore as God points toward our nation’s capital, let your hands come together and favor their divine, relentless battle against the Dark Forces, in this spiritual manner you will join them in a quest in which all of the residents of this nation and the rest of the planet will glorify God’s divine and humane majesty.

More on the evolving critical events in the following articles. Until then, be strong, be a believer, and Trust in God in fully! Be the Light and Love more now than you have ever been!