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The Unsettled Conscience

Greetings Children of the Light! May the Divine Source and Master of the universe keep watch over you and embrace you with blessings. As you know I am sharing with you the nature of conscience during these unpredictable outcomes, as well as the effects and factors behind the current and upcoming events. It is a fact that as we speak, our nation and the world are experiencing unprecedented events that thirty years ago would have never been considered and if humanity does not act wisely and decisively it will be an alarming phase up to the end of 2025.

Consider this, if today’s events reflect what our ancestors experienced during the period existing of a new nation in which the constitutional rights to freedom and pursuit of happiness were in jeopardy, they considered such reality to be an intolerable existence to say the least. However, we are now also witnessing the same underlying reality in which our beloved national constitution has been used to circumnavigate our ancestor’s guidance and values. As it was back then and is becoming today, our nation struggled to survive the oppressive principles from a rising authoritarian ideology and its players. Our ancestors believed that free will and freedom was worth dying for. To them it was a lethal principle endangering the freedom of an individual having to live within a world filled with authoritarian pretensions. Such principles back then were considered lethal to a democratic society. It constrains all its citizens of God’s given right to freedom. Throughout history, societies have risen to defend the value of free will when denied such virtue. Often, requiring immediate and corrective measures to correct those defying the ruling authorities in the knowledge that lethal confrontations may ensue. It was a bold move with dire consequences, but unity prevailed to overcome it. It was a decision from which they knew there would be no escape. It seems to some extent our nation is witnessing an almost similar scenario. It is as if our society is on board a directionless and unsettled train that seems not to have a conductor or a destination.

The essential question, which historians one hundred years from now will be asking is, why did it happen? The answer to such a question would be conscience negligence. Yes, it may seem absurd today to think that we, humanity, have become so insensitive and careless with the aspects of our cognitive process and how it affects our way of thinking and emotions? The answer is a resounding, yes! To understand this current phase of our lives as we entertain and witness all that has taken place since the year 2016, one must recognize that our environment has been the culprit of our conscience demise. We, as a society, have been coached, trained, and conditioned to be in a constant survival mode in every aspect of our daily lives. The daily routines we have come to trust made us to be so dependent on it and have molded us into that daily survival mode. It may not seem apparent to most of us, but it is real. Simply, we were conditioned to be children of habit. It is through these survival habits that our conscience currently deals with them in a robotic manner. Therefore, when an unprecedented event or circumstances stand before us, some of us panic and others resort to doing nothing. Consequently, as members of this society, the ones who benefit the most from our actions are the ones that orchestrated the conditional programming.

It was not too long ago our American society maintained an “esprit de corps” that was the envy of the world. The past members of our society honored truth, loyalty, and pride. The American fellowship was unequaled. Our society saw the value of God in their lives to be primordial. Not only were the Holy Scriptures viewed as words of wisdom but a sense of divine security. These members were our ancestors, our grandparents, and great grandparents. That unswerving spirit they possessed and extended to us has diminished in value but has also fallen to levels that would bring tears to the ancestors. Since then, our society has been in a whirlwind of lacking conscience stability with little solidarity or camaraderie creating a division among its inhabitants. In fact, during our ancestor’s times, they sought inspiring enthusiasm in all the things they did and accomplished during their daily lives. The ancestors diligently conceptualized devotional enthusiasm not only to honor their place in a family group but also a strong regard for the Nation’s Constitution and all the aspects that honor such priceless documents. Their whole existence was viewed with solemn honor and respect. It is amazing to see that today, such traits are not commonly found in our lives instead; have been replaced by disguised societal traits of deep apathy creating a mental health condition in which is characterized by the presence of boredom and lack of motivation. Simply put, the fact is, our society does not care much about what is going on around us. We have become an uncaring society. This lack of desire to get involved has created a split society in which unity has become a strange word not only in our homes but in our communities, churches, schools, and even our political views. Unfortunately, all the aspects of our divided society, with their frantic conscience disorder, are what directs our current destiny and the ones of our children.

Meanwhile, while we are on the emotional carousel that continues to play the same musical theme and is lacking vigilance, the unsettling consciousness will continue until the realization emerges that, the once fun driven atmosphere of the carousel, is ludicrous and we begin to feel that something is not right. This is usually how unsettling mental attributes affect an individual that cannot fathom or control it, and right now, the nation’s political arena resembles the carousel that no longer brings joy or laughter.

Consequently, a change is necessary immediately. So, how would we begin to enact conscience changes? It rests with each of us. It is that simple. However, the caveat for the success is another story because human nature is not as easy as 1-2-3. Rather, it lies in the mental complexities of everyone. For example, as a counselor I am often asked if I can hypnotize an individual for him or her to quit smoking. I often respond, “It is easy, just quit! Well, that is easy to say but harder to accept. That is the dilemma we encounter with an unsettling conscience. Since each one of us has private opinions and in many cases, they vary among individuals. Such is the case with our current political atmosphere and the enactments of programs and ideologies that have shown no national benefit. There is such a deep division among the members of our society in what is preferable for the whole nation that complicates a genuine plan. For example, there should be no left or right ideology. There should be the American purpose. However, being children of habit, we tend to look selfishly at our beneficial actions. Unity is a strange word in political environments. Yet, it is the most valuable and essential ingredient in uniting a family, a community, or a nation for a common good.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to make every effort to at least, not only remedy, but improve a situation, such is the enhancement of a human consciousness. In this and the next articles, I will share the milestones to not only improve our conscience but also transform it to be a vital aspect of our collective ascension. In the previous article titled, Worrisome Conscience, I described how the conscience can detour (the individual) from various episodes that can create thought ambiguity. Especially, if the cognitive response contains fears. Fear is the opposite of Love my friends, not hatred as we thought it to be, and that is the first step to begin a conscience transformation. The second is to recognize that God is all Love. I mean, the divine essence of Unconditional Love without any pretexts, conditions, or regulations. These are laws that govern conscience and are an integral part of human nature. However, somehow humanity has lost these vital aspects of our beliefs. Our Self rewarding interests compounded with greed and concreteness have transformed human nature into a self-indulged human being, in which compassion, caring, and forgiveness has become outdated which brings us to today’s emotional scrabble. Simply, my beloved friends, it is not trauma, drama, or apocalyptic ideology of self that has collaborated in getting our nation’s people insensitive and uncaring. It has been our disposition affected by our conscience influences. Thus, it is in reality; conscience that has changed you causing the moodiness observed in certain daily circumstances. The mechanism that your conscience utilizes to get you where you are manifesting your desires, your needs for preservation, and realization that the end justifies the means. We are all guilty of such attributes however we can be acquitted from such phenomenon by recognizing the major impact our way of thinking molds and transforms our personality through the ego principle that holds us in emotional chains until we find the magic key, personal sovereignty, allowing us to govern ourselves with dignified virtues that unite all of us in a common cause. And since cause has its effects, the result of this grand transformation is peace, harmony, and unconditional love. Therefore, begin by being the Lighthouse of your life and you will find a world filled with wonderful outcomes that today may seem impossible to attain. Recognize that your reality is entrenched in your own thoughts. Next, the third law of consciousness awareness. With light and love!