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April (Nisan) God’s Redemption Month  

God and Trust His Divine Powers

“…This month shall be unto you the ‘beginning’ of months; it shall be the first of the year to you!” (Exodus 12:2).

This month refers to the month of Abib or Nisan. Abib means in the Bible an ear of corn. Coincidentally, it coincides with the newly ripened grain. You will find this in Exodus 13:4/23:15. Abib was the original month name throughout the Wilderness journey and residence in the Promised Land. The name changed to Nisan after the Babylonian captivity (between 597BCE-538BCE). Nisan (March and April) represents more than just a name change.  In fact, it represents ripening, the first fruits, and first month of spring. Nisan is the month when barley ripens and was a vital, staple commodity of the ancient people. Barley was primarily a cereal grain and often used preparing various staple foods. Barley in Hebrew was known as se’ora, the hairy or bearded grain, however, Nisan (April) it is best known for the Month of Miracles and the Bible mentioned as being so. Coincidentally, because of its significance from ancient times to today, it holds a divinity requiring for all participants to adhere to its mandates by God to keep and exercise on Nisan which comprises of God’s decrees and bonding bringing humanity closer to Him. In fact, God made a promised that if the Hebrews kept His mandates for the festivity of Passover considered throughout the world as an epic drama of divine power and love, thus the promise is priceless: “the individual would reach old age and not come to a premature death.” (Exodus 23:22) and it has become a mainstay of a spiritual life.

Since the ancient times, Nisan has been the cornerstone in building a life, not only supported by an alliance with God but most vital in recognizing that we are divine in nature. Simply, humans are recipients of God’s magnificent essence, His light! This denotes that we are not only divine in nature but we also possess a divine holiness that became the envy of other galactic beings. Yes, we are that unique. However, it comes with divine decrees manifesting the principles of unconditional love, peace, and compassion. Therefore, Nisan (March and April) are an intricate part not only for the ancient people of this planet but extends to today’s humanity. Sadly, we have strayed from this path of holiness and divinity. It seems at times throughout our lives that love has been replaced by hatred, alienation, selfishness, and many other attributes in such unbelievable frequency causing emotional and spiritual chaos and hardships in not only our lives but in what we believe. In comparison to today’s spiritual ambiguity we experience on a daily basis, the Garden of Eden denial of Adam and Eve can be said that when compared to today’s haughtiness and arrogance of mankind, it is a simple misdemeanor.

 Consequently, Nisan or Adar II it is known in today’s Hebrew calendar for the year 5784 (2024) is renown to be an elite month. Not only because the Great Source, God, deemed it to be so but what it entailed in ancient times and concurrently means today. Adar II or Nisan is the month of Spiritual Redemption as well as a miracle month. But it is more than just a mark on a map or date of commemoration. It is God’s decree month in which beginnings are specially enacted. Humanity in ancient times revered the month Adar II or Nisan (March and April) a primordial principle in their survival. It was so valuable and vital that eloquent ceremonies and temples were built to celebrate its arrival. Now days, that devotion and anticipation of the event has been erased out our existence except for a handful that recognizes its importance. However, as our attention to prophetic events have severely gone astray due to numerous distracting activities, cannot fathom the impact of what the month of Adar II is about to usher on April 8th, 2024. Much of the world has focused on this date because it how applies to the prophetic darkness humanity will experience during the period known by the Holy Scriptures and some other sources of period of affliction, sorrow, and even death. Not only have the writings forecast that day, 29 Adar II 5784 (April 8th, 2024) is more than just a mark in a calendar. It is a Day of Reckoning for a worldwide society to reflect, assess, and contemplate the aftermath of such tragic endeavors culminating in an era of emotional and spiritual instability and if the worldwide society dare not to resolve to change its ways, then all that was predicted will come to pass, and 29 Adar II 5784 (April 8th, 2024, Monday) happens to be the crucial onset of such a predicted future.

Such is the importance of this day to reflect not only on our actions as humans but also as to our beliefs in the Great Source, God. Already, throughout the many media outlets available to disperse information, many are echoing the importance of this epic event. No greater emotional threat is as real as it exists in America today. Not only the political bickering, we are bombarded daily with mischievous characters but also the spiritual hindrances we are confronting in who is disclosing truth and who is not. It seems on a daily basis as we are being entertained by a three ring circus in which it makes it difficult to master vigilance over all three rings simultaneously. It is a quandary of critical proportion for any human being. All of this because humanity has never experienced such dramatic scenarios of so many various attributes. Some of us are to the point we would refrain from watching media that causes frustrations and refraining us from offering sound advice in the expectation that a personal opinion or stand may bring about animosity even among close relatives. Yes, it is that kind of impact April 8th, 2024, Monday will usher throughout the year 2024 into 2025. It will be an emotional arduous journey for the unprepared and the one that cannot fathom the significance of the April 8th, 2024 eclipse across America.

Therefore, we can recognize the importance Adar II or Nisan (March and April) for all humanity. To understand the priceless intricacy, not only for our ancestor in how much they revered those first days after the equinox were primordial for their survival. It enabled them to know when to plant and when to harvest. Back then, the knowledge of beginning to plant and harvest was more than a life experience, it was existence. Today, a large section of humanity cannot fathom the priceless knowledge our ancestors required just to survive from one season to the next. For most of humanity, all we worry about is making sure we don’t run out of supplies available at grocery stores. How much has the world changed and it is the reason I write these articles for you, my beloved readers. It is to keep you and me close to God’s divine essence in all of us. So, how do you know if you really are experiencing His essence guiding you with some kind of inner force or energy as we approach the April 8th, 2024, Monday forecasted and foretold eclipse when we are so occupied with all sorts of life activities that not only diminish our perception of God in every breath we take but also makes us vulnerable to activities that affects our divinity and our relationship with God. It will surprise you that in many cases, we are oblivious where and when it is taking place. Well, it is during these moments when humanity slowly began to steer away from the Divine Source such as since 2012, 2017, and now 2024 that God sees the urgent need to assist us by knocking us a little to get back on track. However, when our spiritual attention is focusing on the material world with all of its marvelous distractions, then God ensures we look not ahead but upward into the sky. Our ancestors knew that all scriptures were inspired by God and were useful in recognizing what was true and could allow us to confront, what they considered to be wrong in their lives as it should be for us at this time. It is when we conduct our daily lives in an atmosphere of spiritual ambivalence that He assists us with that divine push to bring us back to that journey humanity has strayed from. Simply, He teaches us to make every effort to do the right thing. In many instances it is God, the Great Source, which makes every effort in preparing us in every possible way for He desires for us to see, experience, do, and endure an experience in the hope you have a change of heart. So, how do you know if you are really cognizant of what is happening to you but also how others affect you? That is the core of this article, Redemption.

One of the most exciting things in our country today is that God is giving us an invitation to His alliance of love and peace. How is He doing this as we speak? Look up into the sky. You will not find the answer on the earth, or on the waters, but high above you. The Bible often depicted what our forefathers and ancestors understood the sky signs as omens ushering much needed changes, in many cases, people did comply with God’s command, not only as an individual but as a whole city or empire, such is the case of Nineveh (Jonah 3:5). Such is the signs of April 8th, 2024 lunar eclipse traversing our nation.

A date according to ancient Hebrew writings and our Holy Scriptures, the month of 29 Adar II or Nisan 5784 (April 8th, 2024, Monday) can be interpreted or quoted in plain numbers, traditions, and even in Hebrew letters and their significance to the unexpected cosmic outcomes. One cannot say the month of Adar II or Nisan 5784 is as like any old month with redundancy and common natures however that is not to be so. For so many, presently all the fuss about the eclipse of April 8th, 2024 is no more than a cosmic show and referred significance to be no more mere circumstantial however in the next coming article I will provide you that 29 Adar II or Nissan 5784 is more than just an ecliptically month for it is a consortium of divine but courteous and amiable extension of a hand from God to make significant changes toward a spiritual growth long overdue, or endure the resulting byproduct of humanity mischievous conscience. Finally, the Shift or Act of Contrition will be because of knowing from first-hand experiences during the political, social, and economic turmoil of the year 2024 that God was really doing all in His power to bring a much needed peace and divine solitude that has eluded modern humanity for a long time. You may be wondering why anyone would want to experience such detrimental experiences. Frankly, it baffles me also but it is my belief it will be apparent because such individuals think (or assume), from first-hand experience, that they can not only tolerate it but actually defeat whatever they face with an ego they perceived to be invincible.

But God really knows that His purpose is essential for humanity to see the light of truth and has been giving humanity more than hints and warnings. He has been busy sharing with us His tenderhearted mercy, kindness, and patience allowing us to come closer to Him. Thus, as we speak, it seems we have become more apart than united in respect to all that has taken place since the year 2020. And just as the eclipse of August 2017 that crisscrossed our nation from the northwest (Oregon) to the southeast (Gulf of Mexico), we are now about to be witnesses of another one traversing our nation from the southwest (across Mexico) to the northeast (New York). It may seem coincidental but it is definitely not! I assure you as I will present the numerical facts to you in my next article, you will agree that is symmetry and accuracy in that both, the eclipse of August 2017 and Aril 8th, 2024 will impact our unconscious emotional state.

Concluding also, right after the eclipse of August 2017, a massive earthquake struck causing considerable damage and chaotic atmosphere in Italy. Now, according to the same characteristics and some already tectonic movements in the middle of the United Sates, there are some speculations that a massive earthquake may rattle the mainland with possible critical damage to our way of living. It may simply be a prognostication of an overdue land act but the feasibility that it can happen can be achieved by the fact the eclipse of August 2017 traverse the United Sates and the upcoming April 8th, 2024 is doing a similar trajectory but on the opposite direction conducting what is known as an X where the 2017 eclipse and the 2024 eclipse meet on Monday, April, 2024 at exactly 2:22pm at or nearby a town named Little Egypt. Coincidence? Not on your life. There are no coincides or accidents in life. All things have a precise encounter that is controlled by human activities and manifestations. It is our conscious that enables us to perceive our accidents as a coincidence but really, it is what we have desired that creates the reality. I will share much of this in a future article. It is important to recognize that we exist in a Reality Matrix that conveys existence but just as our passing (death) and entering a higher dimension, our current existence simulates same order but allows us to experience the moment whereas as you pass the veil that impedes us to see the higher elements (i.e., heaven, ages, etc.) it also limits us to realize that we are capable of changing the stand in which perform our lives. All things contain a destiny that we will master as our conscience rises to higher levels in the years ahead. Until then, peace and love to all of you.