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When Destiny’s Collide

The Great American Eclipses

On August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse was visible in the United States that spanned from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic coast. It was considered the Great American Eclipse. It was visible from the northern regions of Canada to South America. It had a maximum width of seventy-one miles (115 km). It began its journey across America around mid-afternoon. What was extraordinary about this eclipse is that no solar eclipse has been visible in the whole of the United States since the year 1918, June 8th to be exact. It has been documented that it affected fourteen states. It began its journey on the Oregon coast at 4:05pm and ended along the South Carolina coast at about 6:44 pm.

Now, on Monday, April 8th, 2024, we will see a similar eclipse. It will be also visible across the United States from 1:07pm Eastern Daily Time (EDT) across America ending in Maine at 3:30 pm EDT. It will pass over Mexico, United States, and Canada. The difference between this eclipse and the one on August 21st of 2017, is this eclipse will cross major populated areas estimated to be around 31plus million people affected while as the August 21, 2017, only mustered around twelve million. Why is Monday, April 8th, 2024, so special or unique? Well, for starters this eclipse will have a greater distance from the sun than August 21, 2017. This means that certain conditions differ when compared. The eclipse of August 2017 holds a seventy-one-mile extension while as the April 8th has a much wider band of between one-hundred-eight to one hundred-twenty-two miles wide with maximum totality of four minutes and twenty-eight seconds. It will begin its journey around the city of Torreon, Mexico. What is so significant of the April 2024 eclipse is that its path is going to cross major populated regions. It has been identified as the Great North American Eclipse. It also outlines what has been considered to highlight various prophetic signs. Of course, this has enacted various opinions and comments. Still, there is substantial evidence that the cosmic statistics of this April 8th eclipse calls for attention and merits consideration that its appearance at this troubled period in America and across the world, is the heavens trying to declare a much urgent need of change(s).

Therefore, let us decipher the prophetic traits that reflect that there is solid evidence the eclipse of Monday, April 8th, 2024, is depicting and entertaining its validity. First, the April 2024 eclipse has a unique characteristic that requires close attention when aligned with the August 2017 eclipse. The trajectory across the United States for both eclipse is what makes not only unique but a destiny destitute. Not only because they cross the nation’s land but because their journey across our land at one specific point both trajectories meet at a small, unknown town and if it were not because of the April 8 eclipse it would go unnoticed. However, due to the eclipse across our nation, their existence has acquired much notoriety, and has become a source of support for the prophetic atmosphere currently being brought to attention. But it is not only this little town’s name that has many prophetic scholars issuing evidence as reflected in the holy scriptures but also in ancient prophecies. This little town’s name is Little Egypt. But there is more supportive evidence that the eclipse of April 8th has much more to offer. It is also traversing our nation over various biblical named cities cited in various aspects of being sinful to repenting ones. Such as the town called Nineveh in which the eclipse will pass over. There are others with names like Salem which just happens to correlate to the various cities of the same name that the August 21, 2017, traveled across America.

Consequently, much attention has been given to this April 8th eclipse because the August 2017 eclipse can be said it is the lock and the April 8th is the key to unlock it. It is true that there is evidence that both eclipses seem to show that there is correlation and some verifiable truth that something or someone is placing enormous efforts in making us, Americans, be aware that something is not right in our nation. Further, continuing this path of mischievousness, and many times deliberate, intrusion in our free will and spirituality would bring consequences of such degree that would put our nation on a precarious level not experienced since our ancestors stepped off the Mayflower.

Therefore, what could be the message these two eclipses are manifesting with their journeys? First look at the data or prognosticated future it seems to manifest. First, the various territories reflecting names and events experienced by the ancient people and documented in the Holy Scriptures by their insolence, misgivings, Hippocratic attitudes and sinful existence. Could these be the signs both eclipses are denoting so fervently to our nation’s people? Or is it all a coincidental circumstance? Well, the answer to these observations and in the case of ancient people and cities in the Bible seems to show otherwise. Thus, secondly, it seems that coincidence, or accidental factors, is not the platform I would utilize to describe the paradox of our nation since we are encouraged by several groups to maintain self-contradictory lives along side with absurdities that contradicts not only our spiritual stand but also our emotional sanity. Oh yes, I strongly believe that both, the eclipse of August 2017 and the one on April 8, 2024, are truly signs from an element that is doing all it can to make us aware of the obedience, caring nature, and belief necessary to avert the calamities or adversities both eclipses clearly are indicating. To prove this, one must verify that the information regarding similarities to Bible passages, people and cities does call for attention and that is what I will present to you now.

Thus, let us begin what is already known of the eclipse of August 21, 2017, and its aftermath. First it was the 34th Monday of the year 2017, second it was the 233rd day of the year also happened to be the 34th week of 2017. Conversely, it was the 62nd day of summer and 32 days left until the Fall season. Similarly, the eclipse of April 8th is on a Monday. It happens to be the 11th Monday of the year. Interesting occurrence that the 1st of April 2024 was also on a Monday. The second Monday, April 8th would be the 99th day of 2024, with 268 days left in 2024. Also of interest, the year 2024 has 53 Mondays instead of fifty-two. It also happens to be the 15th week of 2024 and August 2017 corresponds to the 34th week of the year. In addition to this, both eclipses make their entrance on a Monday. Thus, it seems that both eclipses have or hold valuable information in addition to their time element but also such as the number of populated cities each eclipse crosses, except the August 2017 eclipse takes place on the 233rd day of the year and 132 remain until the year 2018. Now, we see that April 8th, 2024, is the 99th day of the year and 268 days remain of 2024. The numbers do not coincide exactly as you would expect except for the day of the month, Mondays. So, to see the validity applicable to the various prophetic discussions currently published, you must seek the most vital holy scripture aspects. Ones that support divine intervention that relies not only on the numbers and data shown but where both aspects applicable for each eclipse fulfillment of the prophecies is advertised. It is in my opinion that the key factor of all of this lies in the spot, place, or point on a map where both trajectories come into a meeting or junction such as discussed earlier. This point in the nation’s map is critical and should reflect the authenticity that both eclipses data proves cohesive explanations supporting the biblical prophecy or passage that can be substantiated to be from a divine source.

Currently, the dilemma lies in who is making the statements. There is no argument that both eclipses hold biblical meanings and must be taken seriously by America. Nevertheless, the time after the April 8th eclipse is a time when one must keep a keen outlook because the uncertainty of the times ahead, and favored fulfillment of some of the prophecies and can be substantiated by passages found in the Bible given to support to its validity by many people. But there is more!

Subsequently, the eclipse of August 21, 2017, held the preliminary steps, in which a set of guidelines were offered to humanity. Consider it to be like a parchment with specific points of interests and conditions to make everyone affected see the real purpose we all had in life. It would be most important to recognize in how the August 2017 eclipse passed its dark trajectory as it would have been during the Egyptian tenth plague, Death of the first born. Of course, there was no such event in 2017 but the trajectory passed to remarkably interesting towns and communities that mirrored names of cities in the Bible such as Salem, twelve in fact, which was the original name given to Jerusalem. It was the old name of a city during Melchizedek’s reign. In some cases, it passed through towns that the Bible recognizes or highlighted with not so favorable outcomes. Similarly, April 8th, 2024, is traversing towns with the name Salem and Nineveh to mention a few. Small towns that have not had notoriety are now being given interpretation from omens to biblical relationships. For example, the dead center of the eclipse will be over a little community named, Little Egypt as mentioned earlier in the article. Some of us may note the names and places as a coincidence but since God has now offered us a wonderful insight as to the purpose of both eclipses across our land. I wonder how many people in this nation of ours would encounter the meaning of these two cosmic events as warnings or simply consider them no more important than an interference or nuisance in an already complicated life. By all indications of my research and message acquired during meditations I am here to share with you that statistically having two eclipses at close proximity of time, place and duration are not an everyday occurrence, to the contrary let’s call it as our ancestor viewed them, omens, warnings or signs of impending calamities. I can attest that as we view the complexities of our nation’s political and social atmosphere it is true, and the Great Eclipses of America are signs and much more! 

Subsequently, here are not only the accuracy of numerical data once compared at years end, but we would also find out how precise and valuable the signs were. Small town names are but one of the pieces of this celestial chess game. We must also refer to the people of these towns not only in beliefs but also in spiritual dedication. April 8th, 2024, eclipse will not only be one for the record books but also one for the divine Great Regal Book of Earth’s history in which not only the people that put God first in their lives during this crossing but also to the ones that since August 2017 have been persistently taking their personal life to new beginnings manifested with joy, peace, purpose and a decisive sense of direction. How thankful they are that God grant them back then during the eclipse of August 2017 the opportunity to be awaken to the love and peace of God rather than surrendering to the despair and inconsistencies this nation and humanity are experiencing. Thus, the April 8, 2024, is bringing with it not a new set of divine order, but one that has been on the books since Adam’s time, allows God to control and empower your daily lives. Recognize that this is not a simple notice for a change in humanity’s existence but a mandate to love God first and above all things but equally your neighbor for love is doing what God has commanded.

In fact, and of historical record, on September 7, 2017, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake jolted Mexico claiming ninety-eight lives and two days later September 19, a 7.1 magnitude jolted Mexico City toppling structures and creating panic and mayhem for days. In fact, many areas were affected around the world with large magnitude earthquakes with 1,246 fatalities. In addition, to earthquakes, we experienced other natural disruptions all after August 21st, 2017. The question that should be on all of us in the United States should be, are there to be a massive earthquake in the United States after the April 8th eclipse, and where? California? Or the one that is expected to be at any time from the Madrid Fault in the central United States? Is this scenario that I am conveying to you, my readers, because there is correlation in what happened after the August 2017 eclipse, it can certainly happen to America and the world at large. Therefore, it is because of these similarities among the two eclipses across America we must contemplate that they are not simple coincidence but destine expressions with ramifications. It is expectant that there would be skepticism among the populace however all signs so far show that we are about to experience many emotional tragedies from distorted truths to collapse of spirituality, especially if California is hit with the much-anticipated West Coast major earthquake. One thing for sure I can share with you is this, the path of the August 2017 did not traverse Mexico however it experienced a formidable and destructive earthquake. If we could correlate the distance and location where the track from the August 2017 and the upcoming April 8th, 2024, eclipse meet, then, with suspicion we can assess a possibility that an earthquake could jolt the United States, weeks if not months right after April 2024. Its impact may affect not only our economy but also our state of mind, which as we speak it is a precarious if not confused atmosphere. The sad part of this April 8th eclipse is that most of the valuable information is not given to the populace, in fact what the eclipse has become is a novelty to make money and entertain, and that is not what the message is from both eclipses.

To conclude, just as it was during and after the August 2017 eclipse, it showed the ferocity, speediness, and intensity it came upon people’s lives across the globe. It makes sense that there is room for preparedness and objectivity not only for the rest of the world but for the United States. Both eclipses are leaving their marks on our land, our nations and heed must be contemplated as warnings for changes in all aspects of our lives, especially the most critical one; your divine nature and how it may support you during these trials of the spirit. Thus, here is my version of trust supporting any inconveniences the Great Eclipse of America may bring: commit everything you do after this scenario to God by trusting Him and seeing His help for further enlightenment and He will help you. No two people would have the same awakening or awareness to make changes to a life filled with uncertainties and emotional turmoil as it has been since 2020. But take comfort in knowing that the outcomes from the eclipse of April 8, 2024, will usher you to the vision to personally make changes in your life. These changes by God’s desires will be equally rewarded for everyone after the eclipse with abundance, prosperity, and resourcefulness for the ones who heed the warnings. He is sharing with all of humanity as we speak and He is saying, Trust me.

However, remember this if you can, from all here presented and I have shared, God always reserves His best for those individuals who leave the choices to Him. Therefore, trust Him with your heart more now and throughout the year as you have not done before and not the ego influence of your conscience which would war against your spiritual actions fiercely. I can honestly say that God loves caring for us and His protection will be so very real after the eclipse to not only you, the awakened but equally the many more individuals that shake the dust of their feet and never look back at the chaos of the foreseeable future of 2024, and its protagonists are determined to derail not only man’s best interest in God but His ordinances and existence. This meaningful change of attitude and heart encounter shall be known as The Conscience Shift of 2024. Next, one must also become sincerely aware that our political arena is like a pit of snakes and where there is such an assembly, there is also a dominant one. Where it exists and manifests its activities, well that is what may surface out of these eclipses. Consider this as I close the article. The best example I can share with you is the Jericho stand and the people of Israel that loved God and followed every mandate He had for them facing the walls of Jericho. Now, if they fully obeyed God to walk around quietly without making a sound for seven days, can we the nation’s children walk around our beloved White House in behalf of the path of righteousness quietly and after seven days shout to the top of our lungs for freedom and exert the will of God? Well, that is the spiritual arena that will come about after the April 8th eclipse, redemption, and spiritual courage. Remember this, where both eclipses meet, X marks the spot. It is highlighted by a greater power for a reason. The event of April 8, 2024, is not a comedy or an event for entertainment but a scene where all citizens of this nation must take notice and contemplate how it would affect our lives not only here in America but around the world. Numbers and names do not deceive April’s eclipse purpose. It is realistic as life is. Especially when we can recognize that April has also been known as Nisan (5784) by the ancients and it was the Miracle month. In today’s busy lives, we do not afford the opportunities to seek the knowledge our predecessors pursue to entertain a moment of personal peace not only among ourselves but with God also. In fact, God in our daily life has taken a back seat to everything we do. Therefore because of our disinterest in God’s true existence and His mandates, intervention has arrived in the forms of these two eclipses. Its appearance in today’s time is heralding not only motives to change but enact traits that our future generation can build better lives among each other rather than separatism as is currently being conducted.

Finally, all that is to pass after April 8, 2024, is part of a greater awakening as I shared with you. It is a conscious effort made by God to bring us closer to Him not by creating chaos, drama, or emotional crisis, it is us that have the power to change it all. Nature has been doing this since December 2012. It is humanity that is lagging, and the eclipses matrix discussed will help by speeding up our inner changes all by itself. We must wait patiently and see what we have learned since August 2017 and what we would experience right after April 2024 to decide our stand in all of it. Your spiritual fortitude and emotional balance would be your tasking tools to not only avert the conscience effects of the unfolding events but also to remain not only calm but astute to every demand you will face. You are the key to the necessary changes for this country. That is the profound message of the Great American Eclipses. As for the people of ancient Nineveh who were given an opportunity to revert and seek repentance for their sinful ways, it is now being addressed to us today. We do not have the Jonah of the Bible because each one of us in this nation is the Jonah to warn us. The question is, are we hearing the warnings from within or are we in a conscience stupor from which can only see what is at our feet? Hopefully not! The success for the rest of the Great American Eclipses story is all in your hands. The result of it all will make the rest of 2024 a year filled with emotional pleasantness or a period in your life surrounded by turmoil in a quandary of emotions colliding with your spirituality. No celebrity words or music would bring comfort or tranquility as neither would the political entities make deceitful promises. Yes, it can be that troublesome to our emotions right into early 2025. Thus, spiritual seclusion will be necessary and a stand for identity your recourse to survive it all. The writing is on the wall. You are the agent of peace and justice as depicted by both eclipse’s activities. I leave you with this simple message, fear is not an option, and neither would be emotional failure. Stand for this blessed by God country and you shall be victorious as our nation’s fathers were. And so, it shall be!