Auditioning the New Consciousness

An Inspiring Way to Begin a New Life

As I write this article, it doesn’t seem likely that the inhabitants of this planet, Earth, are likely to make an effort to review the causes of the perverse nature of the ludicrous dispositions over the wars and territorial conflicts experienced in the last one hundred plus years. Sadly, the darkest days of each of these wars have left undeniable emotional scars from which there is no reprieve. And yet, as we witness a current war across the ocean and many others of the years past, I often wonder, what would it take to learn that blood shed from these absurd confrontations generated by pride and egotistic personalities is not only ludicrous in nature but also bringing emotional dark days with costly deep architectural fears and agonizing memories that can shape the nation’s inhabitants for years to come.

Therefore, if we are unable to grasp the reality of the unfolding events that will create a paradox in our lives, there must be intervention by other means. It is this intrusive act that humanity is facing now. This year, as we are contemplating the explosive opportunity to change directions, I find that a beneficial mutuality of what is best for all is absent. The overwhelming odds that are required to defeat the circumstances and conditions from the path our nation and certainly other parts of the world should bring to the core of our minds that the conscience of humanity is in urgent need of an immediate transformation. Even if it is feasible that we can bring such congeniality among all of earth’s inhabitants, we are oceans apart.

Consequently, the intervention of an outside source has become necessary. Even if, deeply in our hearts, we know that we possess the ability to harmonize our consciousness and bring about a peaceful and spiritually thriving earth. Such a thought, would be colossal miracle to have all of humanity together on this common harmonious attitude, yet 2023 and the beginning of 2024 depicts quite the contrary, thus, a simple decree and execution such as, let us draw our earthly families closer together and see if from such bonding relationships earth can be spared.  Imagine this thought for a moment. It would be an unprecedented divine act in human history, wouldn’t it? Yet, it is this vital thought that is what all of 2024 and 2025 will be about and is currently in its formidable trend, especially for 2024.

Decisively and realistic atmosphere of 2024 is to be truthful. The word that could best describe 2024 for all of humanity should be, surmountable. However, the environment controlled by the agents of persuasion that controlled the public minds through various amiable but deceptive tactics depict a nation and the world being as insurmountable and that is the current atmosphere in which we live in. However, the irrepressible attitude of the ones in power over humanity cannot longer exercise this function any more. The irresoluble mentality we learned for millennia that it cannot longer exist. It is through a series of divine intervention since December 21, 2012, everything changed.

Look up into the skies! There you will find the light that shines on a brighter future for all of humanity. The respective astronomical and celestial indicators are telling humanity to be prepared for a radical and unprecedented shift or transformation that will usher a new humanity with virtues of peace, harmony and unconditional love to all things created, and yes even among every human. It may sound as we say, a little farfetched! But it is not. Presently, we are being surrounded by various entities that would assist humanity to rise to the next level of harmonious conscience, emotional and spiritual enlightenments, and many other virtues which are foreign today.

Therefore, the signs written in the Holy Scriptures and other religious books foretold that such time would rise and give to a brighter future if humanity would make an effort to eradicate the notion of control over man deteriorating his divinity and free will existence. Miraculously, humanity rose to the occasion and in 2012, humanity was spared and avoid the predictions of ancient prophets depicting sickness, horrors and the ultimate death of humanity, whether through devastating nuclear wars or astronomical ends. Happily, these all changed on December 21, 2012 and now we are combating what it is considered in the annals of divine writings, eradicating evil and the evil doers. And these are the signs not only above the skies but also on the earth, specifically, our nation, and our home.

Thus, the prophetic matrix we have been observing since August 2017 and soon in April 8, 2024 are not coincidental events. These and many other previous other ones are specific events depicting a determined destiny in which there are irrevocable conditions. Simply stating it, humanity earned a new chance and for the last twelve years humanity has been rising slowly among all sort of events and activities digressing from a divine destiny which appropriately humanity was bestowed at the onset of our existence and manipulated by ones identified in the Holy Scriptures as the Watchers.

Now, in March 2024, we are not only experiencing the malignant environment we have endured for centuries in which the virtues of honesty and justice have been trampled and defiled by unscrupulous agents of deception and chaos which brings me to the Divine Matrix for the rest of 2024 and 2025. As mentioned in my previous article, Last Words I pointed out that the period from April 4th, 2024 to October 31, 2024, a cautious and firm stand will be not only necessary for all of our countrymen but also worldwide as events within the scope of the astronomical an conscience arena would give away unto realistic and experiential conscience activities in which fears, anguishes, and some ideal disturbances would affect your daily lives. All that is yet to be experienced is by all of humanity can be expressed as a purification period in which our emotions, our beliefs, and even our spirituality would be put to a transformation in which a new dogma, tradition, or a view of the meaning of life would affect every one of us. It will not be the same for everyone, of course not everyone will experience the same attributes but their manifestation to every event, outcome or circumstances manifested will differ from even the ones closest to you. It will be a dynamic principle of transformation and evolution in which of will power rises to such high level that suddenly those affected will become the visionaries of a dynamic and highly technological earth in which illnesses, poverty and even death would no longer be principle of preoccupation. How would all this possible, you would say. Well, the answer is above you, in the sky above and the writings of the ancient wise-men we have learned to admire by their devotion to the wellbeing of men.

Let’s begin with the August 21st, 2017 eclipse that crisscrossed our nation from the northwest to the southeast. Originally, it was not considered a great spectacle, really, it wasn’t because at that time, our minds were more preoccupied with prosperous climax all Americans were enthusiastic about a better life provided by the newly elected 45th president, Donald Trump after the debacle of Obama presidency and the rejoicing in how close the nation came to possible follow-up of candidate Hillary Clinton. In short, activities kept most American preoccupied with daily existence and the eclipse was not as significant as it should have been. For example, we can look back and realized that the eclipse of 2017 was the genesis of activities and events that would mandate our citizen attention but either sought to discard, or dispose its importance into the irrelevant waste basket. Unsuspected on the vital importance it depicted the eclipse came and went as a spring storm with little interest until now, the eclipse of April 8th, 2024.

What is he difference with the April 8th, 2024 eclipse? It is monumental because it takes off from the August 2017 eclipse left off. Numerically and destine driven phenomena of the April 8th is phenomenal. Not only in the fact that its traverse journey across the United States from the southwest (Mexico) across the nation to northeast (Maine) has critical importance but what determines its destiny status is the creation of an X as it will cross a portion of the path in which the August 2017 eclipse did, and it is this one simple factor that is biblical in nature for the United States of America. Many agree that all of the perplexities and evidences of the April 8, 2024 are not circumstantial and neither accidental in principle but rather a Destiny Map. I called more of a Heavenly Crossword Puzzle because the statistic rendered for the places it will traverse is phenomenal as well as where the spot where both interact on a little town named and known as Little Egypt. Coincidence you may say! Nope! I can attest through the message received by my spirit guides and conducting a research, that it is more than just a signal of a predispose destiny; it is a decree a document filled with numerical statistics and numerology that boggles the mind. However, the most predominantly factor is that the proverbial statement, X marks the spot! In short, there is a definite correlation about the name of the town and its significance within the Holy Scriptures regarding ancient Egypt and the aftermath during the ten plagues, and of course the 430 years the Hebrew experienced during their captivity. This is a significant numerical value when you can be applied it to the various events in the existence of the United States of America or Columbus journey to America. Still, there is much more when there is applicability of the April 8th date to the Hebrew calendar (i.e., 2024 – 5784) and the April 8th is a Monday Adar II. Adar a similarity as to the name Adam which could respond to the day or time element in which Adam faced God after eating of the forbidden fruit. However, interpretation can be when God allowed Adam to name all of the animals as found in Genesis. However, I am inclined to feel more comfortable with the depiction of the crossing of both eclipses at that unique little town in Illinois, Little Egypt to be not coincidental but potentially to be the moment in which Adam took of the fruit and observed their nakedness. Why? Because it reflects disobedience and fears, just as our nation has not only neglected the mandates of God to be cognizant of humanity’s divinity and magnificence but has sought to all of the opposite the God, the Great Source bestowed on us.

Additionally, the month of April represents righteousness and it is also the month in which God named as the first of the months (Nisan in Hebrew and still is). Therefore, it is the month in which the Righteous Man is made known to humanity. We know of this because the celebration we conduct during this month and also the month represents honesty and justice. And this is the core of the United States of America quandary with God’s principles and the X at Little Egypt is not enigmatic or elusive coincidence but a realistic destiny destitute to warn America to be cognizant that to continue on the path of unrighteousness and injustice as it has been so prevalent since 2020, we will suffer the consequences Egypt suffered as depicted in the Holy Writings.

Where is the Righteous Man or Saint that embodies the principle of honesty and justice for of the citizens of this nation, or where are the Saints the eclipse of August 2017 delineated to be servants of Salem? Which the eclipse traversed in 2017 and concurrently, the April 8th, 2024 eclipse will also traverse through some small towns called Salem? In a previous article, I pointed out of the seventy, 70; Chosen Ones have been chosen to be the spoke persons for God during the events that would unfold during 2024 and throughout the years culminating in December 21st, 2028. These individuals are to be kwon as Saints but among themselves they will be known as Children of the Most High. Jeshua, Jesus, spoke of them as Children of God. And according to the Holy Scriptures, two of them shall or will rise against the Wicked One in Jerusalem, Salem, during the Tribulations, if humanity failed to unite and bring about honesty and justice beginning in America and spreading throughout the rest of the world. Therefore, our task before us may be seeing as monumental but we must overcome our spiritual laziness and embark on the spiritual journey the Saints will take in behalf of humanity and with the leadership of Caleb and Joshua descendants, humanity shall be preserved and be the beacon for thousands of generations throughout the galaxy and beyond.

Therefore, the eclipses represent more than just an astronomical spectacle. It is a decree demanding spiritual and humanistic changes. It will not be an easy battle for the citizens of this nation but our determination to see justice and honesty in our daily lives is achievable regardless of to whom you owe alliance or devotion. The core of it all is that you own God the alliance and devotion and if we can get out of the dogmatic patriotism we have adhered for so long, then, we have a chance to avert the consequences rendered by our reckless attitudes and principles of honesty and justice.

April 8th, 2024 eclipse is a warning document advising to make changes. Is not only also the birth of a new moon but it is also marked by a personal renewal. The question I leave you with is this one, are you going to redeem your principles of divinity and magnificent and become the miracle God, the Source Creator saw of you when He created Adam and gave him dominion of His creation? Or would you squander it all as humanity has done for thousands of years? The time for action is quickly approaching as it is the day, April 8th, 2024, called it the Day of Reckoning. Let’s hope you adhere to create The Day of Redemption for the rest of your life.