A Troubled Humanity

Part I

Tribulation Fever

“The benefit of foreseeing catastrophe is the ability to take steps to avoid it, sacrificing short term for long-term benefits.”

Dr. Carl Sagan, the Dragons of Eden.

Human beings, so often, have a tendency to want to put any information, news, or advice in a box where it can easily be put together in parts. It makes the person comfortable to deal with, handle, or act within the demands of the situation. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the current End of Time frenzy is harming the fragile social and spiritual nature of humanity. The frantic attitude of so many being exposed through news and social media is alarming. Some have legitimacy in their content and others fancy themselves in creating drama to traumatize the audience. I agree with some of the drama being projected as warnings because some have merit and are valid to adhere to, especially when it comes from genuine biblical authority. 

 Therefore, it seems natural for a person in any situation to translate what is being disseminated or presented around a framework of conditional truth. This cognitive process has the purpose to create and render a reply. We do it every day in so many ways that it is almost an automatic act. However, the discrepancy most often encountered in such cognitive activities is that we tend to group various situations demanding our attention into one single batch in which one path or solution applies to all.  However, with all the demands on our daily existence, we have become conditioned and are expected to adhere to the one path concept avoiding other prominent paths that can apply to the situation. Simply, there is always more than one path and that is the reason the successful individual that applies the multi-path doctrine is capable of finding the solutions that are beneficial to others but also helps to avoid doubters, skeptics, and recriminators that often tend to approach a perplexing and sometimes, unavoidable situation with counter accusations or comments against that what is been presented, and it very much familiar in current End of Time news. So, it is customary to see an individual comment, that doesn’t prove anything to me or you can’t prove it. You may find such individuals to be bitter, disgusted, and possibly existing in a terrible atmosphere or environment. Consequently, even if the truth stood before them, they could not see it and would miss coping with the dramatic series of the coming events known as the Tribulations.

No matter how you discern the perplexing sequential events of the forecasted Tribulation, you cannot depict it, in good conscience, to be a comfortable, emotional, paradigm because truth cannot be manipulated. Truth is forever truth. However, the information presented within must be free from anything that dims, obscures, or darkens its purpose, even if you have the deepest desire to present the events in a manageable manner because, in the case of the tribulations, it is unprecedented. This is the message of this article, Tribulation Fever, because it is not to avoid it but to survive with methods and conditions you are familiar. Therefore, due to what has been disclosed and has been heard through many media outlets, some may have conceptualized and strong belief to be of a chaotic nature and it may be. As I mentioned earlier, there is always and alternative path yet to be discovered. That path has one truth, fear is not an option, being preparing is, and will be outlined later in the article.

I have found that in the last seven decades not only of this nation but throughout the world, individual responsibility to ourselves as well as others, as described in the Holy Scriptures, has been lost. Most of the divulging consequently brings the tribulations; stemmed from our action and reactions toward what it is expected of us in circumstances in which we are supposed to properly conduct ourselves in a proper way before God and the heavens, and how we relate to each other. Presently, what is the point of all of the tribulation expectancies that seem to be worrisome? The absolute truth is humanity is in an emotional and spiritual quandary about its eminent act. We are all trying to find out how we fit in this emotional travesty. We may find ourselves wondering how truthful are these chaos-sustaining series of events and how it may affect us and our loved ones.

In my personal experience, since that 1981 Christmas day and again in Spring of 1987 when I had the privilege to witness a series of unprecedented events forecast for humanity, in the event humanity continues down a fearsome and deadly path culminating with climatic catastrophes, it would end much of the existence of humanity. These warnings were warranted only in the condition that if humanity sought to continue in a perdition path, it would assure an eternal damnation from which there was no reprieve. Happily, humanity resolved to change and on December 12th, 2012, humanity was spared for a while.

In short, as we speak, that reprieve was temporary. You can verify it as the world is again in a chaos. Unfortunately, there are individuals with personal activities and vendettas, through some media outlets or news agencies, creating a brighter richer outlook revolving around an environment of care-free attitudes. Their deceptive intentions are filled of opaque or hidden intentions targeting the unprepared by making those individuals impervious to the reality confronting our present humanity and is very real in America.

However, thanks to God, there is a small group, in time you shall know them as Old Souls, Light Workers, and Light Warriors, perpetuating the knowledge that seeking a reprieve from prophesied catastrophic events that can be averted completely though faithful prayers, love, compassion, and a personal examination of our conscience. If this is the case, how do you expect to recognize and find these spiritual workers in government, celebrity forums, or religious organizations? No you won’t find them in these places and neither in your places of worship but rather in places where there is much need, such as shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, homeless housing, and even by the side of those who need divine reassurance.

It is through these spiritual efforts from them that humanity is at a standstill since the year 2020. Personally, I feel that since January 2024, humanity has been edging forward toward what was once thought to be impossible has now become more apparent to be possible. This trend can be verified by the turmoil that exists in the aspects of social, economic, and even spiritual quandary humanity finds itself in. May 2024 is but an appetizer of what will become a tsunami of perplexing situations and events that will rock your conscience until summer of 2025. Honesty shall be so elusive that you will feel as if God abandoned us. This emotional roller coaster of dangerous disclosures and conceited attitudes will be like being a frail child.

Therefore, how could you assess what is truthful and what is deceitful, and what agent, person, or agencies? Trust those who provide the practical means that could provide the most concrete framework of understanding and the subsequent knowledge needed to alleviate our concerns of what lies ahead. Of course, you cannot blame the determined individual seeking answers to such a perplexing scenario. It is expected that concerned individuals will seek the truthful answers to their concerns by any means. However the answer to all of this and much more is within us.

Thus, here is the answer to the dilemma. To ease the wondering mind and troubled spirit, we, humanity, must resurrect the declared End of Time disclosures and guidelines shared by Jesus (Yeshua) to his disciples as they found themselves not curious but concerned about the outcome of humanity. Now, we find that those words have much more meaning for us than for them. Consequently, there is an urgency for the people of our time to make the spoken disclosures broadcast throughout the whole planet immediately. Individually, we can start resurrecting the truthful sentiments and emotions within ideals found in his words, love one another, as he demonstrated to the people of his time, and rebuild the bridge between humanity and God, The Father Jesus shared and invoked with his last breath.

Conversely, we must act immediately, since time is not luxury humanity can afford to squabble over dogmatic correctness. The opportunity to address the crisis foretold takes precedence. Delaying or squashing how to go about influencing the spirituality of our nation’s people can be detrimental, since all indicators are demonstrating we have entered what I discern as, Noah’s Time. Simply, the sky may be clear and blue but the vessel of salvation must continue to be constructed for the rain will come. In simple terms, we must not squander the precious time we have. Thus, establishing a brotherhood of wise men in which the spirit of love, harmony, peace, compassion, and goodness are demonstrated as the source from which not only forgiveness stems but also means to survive the crisis with resilience, fortitude, and bravery facing whatever the tribulations can shed on humanity with enduring love, unyielding faith, and monumental patience.

It is easier said than done, I know, I have been there. However, for the majority of us to know what you can do to assure your loved ones and secure a positive outlook while chaos and misfortunes hover over an impaired society, calmness, and objectivity are essential, as well as an unalterable devotion to a spiritual concept in which God is everything and is the center of all you do. Not as you have done throughout your life, prior to the events shared by Jesus, but before, during, and after the chaos and crisis of the catastrophes have passed. It will be a completely new devotion in which truth will be the center of all you do and accomplish. It doesn’t have to be a perfect scenario, for it shall not be, by all means, but it must be truthful and sincere, efforts that reflect a blind faith being the source of your whole existence.

Consequently, there is a vital concept you must accept to begin to build a divine barrier around you and loved ones. First, recognize that you are a creation of a benevolent and loving God. Second, accept that of your divine origin. Then you must also accept that within you resides the spark, the light, the essence of the Source, God as Jesus, so often spoke and shared with the people of his time. That has not changed in two thousand years for it is as valid today as it was back then. Therefore accepting that within you exists an essence of God, the Almighty is necessary for the continuation of life. God will become the sustainer of your life and loved ones, especially when the crisis surrounding others seems fatalistic, you will entertain an invigorating sense of peace. Consequently, be vigilant and be the protector that perceives the opportunities to watch after the loved ones, and create the protective measures with whatever means you have available, especially recognizing and accepting what is already made known before the crisis about how loved and divine you are. Claim your divine right now (Luke 17:21, 2Peter:1-4).

However, it seems we have endorsed this knowledge and our responsibilities to adhere to our divinity and spirituality to Sunday preachers, ministers, reverends, or guides to save us from the individual accountability from which humanity is being judged.  Somehow, we desire, and many times, wanted the wise man by the pulpit to cleanse or take the responsibilities off our shoulders. It seems we desired not to do it for ourselves negating completely the divine spiritual law from which all of humanity is being judged. You will find all of this throughout the Holy Scriptures from Yeshua, Jesus, and later by the followers of this ministry.

Thus, so far in principle, we can at least agree that individual responsibility has been lost but not forever. As soon as humans realize the gravity of what the scenarios the tribulations are depicting and take responsibility for their actions, the problems of the planet, having to suffer catastrophic events foretold will be diminished by a substantial fold. Whether humanity is up to the challenge remains to be seen. I am aware that the tribulations cannot be averted unless humanity has an immediate massive ego surrendering and brings immediately the divine nature of humanity at the forefront of it all. Still, I am very optimistic that the tribulation could be reduced in its impact on the planet and humanity with the divine intervention of Light-workers, the Old Souls, The Warriors, the Saints, and especially the presence of the incarnated Enlightened Ones could bring such a triumphant reality. These spiritual individuals are being reserved for a period in which they will be eagerly sought by many that will seek answers they could not find in their houses of worship.

I understand that you may have lost belief in yourself and humanity and you are not the only one. We all have taken the chance that have drags us down to the level which humanity is been judged. Presently, you have been experiencing, embedded in your thoughts and experiences, the current atmosphere of this nation, and throughout the planet are under emotional crisis and spiritual chaos. And ramping up as we entertain the thought that uncertainty of a future you wish not to contemplate, or even be given any thought, is as real as it gets. However as it is presently for many, wisdom and patience are the order of the day. Yes, I agree that humanity is on a precarious path to say the least. We are journeying through together. It is as if humanity has entered a black hole of incendiary nuisances, bitterness and sadly, the eradication of our divine human nature we once cherished fervently and it must change immediately or it may be too late and the foretold misfortunes facing all of humanity if not changed will be inevitable. Therefore, put on you seatbelt, for it will be a global flight within turbulent episodes as never seen by human eyes. But all things are not lost, as I mentioned earlier in this article, there is always an alternate path, and there is, and all will be outlined in next article, A Troubled Humanity, Part II, Worlds in Collision. And so it shall be.