A Troubled Humanity

Part II

 Worlds in Collision                                   

On April 6, 2024, I wrote an article titled, When Destiny’s Collide in which I described the precursor and aftermath of the eclipses warning signs of August 21, 2017 and the one on April 8, 2024. The reason for these two articles was to point out that their appearance in our nation was not a factor of coincidence or accident but rather destined purposes. In the article of May 3, 2024, Tribulation Fever I also shared with you the vital aspects of all that is to come after the eclipse of April 8, 2024. In this article I am expanding on these foreseeable events that will change most of what humanity takes for granted.

With this in mind, I share with you what was shared during a down to earth session with prayers months ago. It was a nurturing session making availability of a process with the purpose to strengthen my spirit through a spiritual awareness that I share now. There is a hidden divine agenda in all of this and is shared with all that seek understanding of what lies before humanity. However, we become apprehensive when situations that do not align with our views or learned behaviors tend to disregard or ignore, even if it may provide a path that offers much needed security and protection. In the case of today’s aura of discontent and unpredictable future; with practice, one must make at least an honest effort to foster a caring attitude; however mastery at listening would be much more advisable.

Insensitiveness is running rampant in today’s society with little chance to improve. That is well understood by today’s large majority. However, to be prepared to confront an urgent message such as the tribulations, patience is as vital as it is listening to render a successful point of view. In addition, the content within must also contain merit and just cause. The spectrum of a crisis is not something to take lightly or shrugged away as a parochial endeavor because it is not. Yeshua emphasized that the tribulation period would contain a nature filled with much chaos, drama, and death. In short, paying heed to his warnings we should not disregard or take lightly. There is credibility in all that he said and we should be an audience that should trust him completely.

It begins by having an open mind and resolving to believe completely that what has been given is more than a shield of protection. Its essence is based in seeking divine knowledge and comfort through a spiritual reclusive introspective path providing the individual with a mentoring of an indescribable awareness that brings the person up to a higher level of peace, love, and harmony. This spiritual experience reinforces who you are, a divine being, but also shrouds you in a spiritual garment rendering deep emotions you have never felt and the most wonderful feeling is the complete realization that your mind, your conscience, has been and is hindering you from ascending to the rightful knowledge that you are the creation of God. As I mentioned earlier, to recognize and accept that you have an inner divinity is a must to acquire the freedom from the conscientious slavery your conscience has exercised over you. Simply putting it, the domain of decision making does not come from experiences but rather the ingenuity of your spirit which is divine and the soul that is eternal. Now, this moment, claim your divine right and begin to master the process of intuition. Yes, that is the most important attribute you must master and the most vital to all that is to be. It is the cornerstone to build upon the spiritual fortress that will able you to conquer the fears and misguided attributes the tribulations environment brings.

Therefore, while experiencing the quandary of what your mind allows you to seek and what your heart desires most, you will feel during the spiritual recluse, note that you will experience an emotional encounter as if you would have been transported to a peaceful and enchanted place where you wish never to leave. I found it to be as the tales of those that experienced Near Death Experiences. It is almost immediate and fascinating. A much desired peace and comfort I have not sensed in a long time. Once I begin to apply the virtues given during the seclusion, I experienced its effect in my daily activities. Initially, I had to remind myself that I had the skill and ability to decide through intuition the outcome I desired rather than a karma one. The results were, at the beginning, sporadic but as I began to apply intuition as the source of all the actions, I felt a much needed inner peace and as soon as I applied the seven disclosed virtues on a daily basis, according to the intuition process as each was applicable to a situation, the results were eye opening. I found that the results of the intuitive thinking not only rewards but also fortifies your spirituality and our divinity endures protecting us. Keep in mind through it all that the intuition process relies around a frame of perseverance of truth. Simply, the truth and only the truth. Sound familiar?

I can honestly say that I once felt like most of you regarded the foreseeable future to continue as it was with very little ripple of distorted realities or encounters. Yet, since December 2012, all that changed and since then I have become not so much a believer but one with an unquenchable thirst for the knowledge of it all. Consequently, an inner spiritual and emotional awareness grew from this search and it was rewarded with becoming a witness of two formidable entities within human nature.  Witnessing the rivalry between the ego and the spirit as mortal combatants in an arena for supremacy of humanity’s nature of free will was indescribable, however, as time passed more and more the heavens provided greater and greater opportunities to see beyond the veil of doubts, fears, and insecurity. It was almost like a galactic duel between the ego (self-principle) governing with autonomy and the essence of the spirit as perpetuating the idea that intuition to be the sole governor of me or any human being’s thoughts and actions. It was a confronting experience that surge daily at any moment.

It became apparent at each daily encounter I experienced in various unsettling situations, the ego made every effort to regain dominance at every encounter. Even as simple as being in traffic and other drivers driving reckless and jeopardizing my environment created within me a thoughtful reprisal or verbal response. As each incident caused awareness that it is the ego with its dead point that controlled my emotions subsequently my outward behavior was a most revealing human nature, and I began to understand why intuition is primordial in securing a stable and enduring state of divine protection within.

In fact, for all humans have been conditioned through millennia of a perpetual survival training on this earth in which the ego (your conscious self) was created to be the ruler of all conscious activities deliberately dictating and creating a self-entity with tremendous power of persuasion surpassing decisively the governing power of a divine spirit, and in unique situations in which the spirit should enact. The authoritarian ego can make attempts to debunk your soul with the sole purpose to have complete dominion of an individual in such a way that it depicts as two worlds in collision. However, through the practice of the seven virtues, which will be disclosed in this article, and when in full activation throughout your daily activities it becomes like a force field in which only goodness and inner peace dwell in full autonomy.

Essentially, the principles of each of the seven virtues are as old as Noah’s flood and through the centuries it has been the source of inheritable attention, not only for the wise Elders of the past, but also the prophets, and of course in Jesus’ ministry.  It was Jesus who saw it in all of us and often spoke of the wonders it gave humanity if recognized. He observed and shared that an essence, a spark, a light, was alive in every human and could at a tremendous speed, so to speak, once it became part of the individual and acting on each one of them, would bring the individual to a higher spiritual order. This divine principle was demonstrated when Jesus sent his disciples to minister throughout Judea, and upon their return, they shared with him the marvelous outcomes of their tasking. Now, it can be equally for us during our troubled times as it was for them. Are you ready?

It begins with our complete knowledge that God is within every one of us, not by simple noting the option that there is a possibility but rather that you have an inherited essence of God in you, thus accepting and recognizing that this divine nature or essence in you exists subsequently making you to be a divine manifestation and equally, a creator thus requiring for you to be thoroughly convinced of such revelation and accept that you are divine. This fact is a must, not only to accept but also to believe in such manner that there is no doubt in you. In some manner you can state that is more than just faith and that is what the disciples found out on their healing and releasing bad spirits journey. Now, it is our turn to believe that the divine essence is all that there is. And it is all we need to endure the drama and toils of the tribulations. Once you convince yourself that it is the only truth then you will begin to experience the tremendous spiritual growth, not only in your character but also your now divine demeanor. It will bring an inner awareness in which you will experience a never seen behavior in you such as this, the growth of your soul with only one purpose and that is to accept without hesitation your divinity and your holy purpose. For example, you will experience not a linear peace but one that surrounds you as if you have taken a spiritual garment and not only provides comfort and warmth but also protection. This alone will not only make you feel different but you will sense a surge of energy surrounding you and physically, you will experience your body experiencing the symptoms as if you would feel a cool sensation throughout but it will be warmth in nature. Along with it, you will also experience a shaking or trembling through your body as if the soul and spirit are shouting, we are here for you and will never leave you.

Following the experiences outlined above, you must now adhere to and follow the outlined virtues below continuously in practices as you encounter them. You will find that the following virtues are the pillars that were the support and living nature of Yeshua, Jesus, ministry for the three years after John baptized him and took and placed the mantle (garment) of spirituality on him. The following principles will set the example for others to follow. Practice the first one and above all things be aware of the divine nature of patience in which you endeavor in courtesy, tactful manners, calmness, and endurance. Patience, as it is expected to exercise throughout your day, it is more than just a sporadic act but rather it must be understood that it is much more than that and therefore practice as often as an opportunity rises. It is to be considered an admirable aspect of the character of a spiritual person. You must be cognizant that patience requires endurance, especially when confronted in situations that seem to try your patience. Most often you must remain truthful to your intentions. It is not only necessary to endure a trying situation or a person but you must also convey passiveness, control, and understanding throughout the demands of the situation.

Tolerance; undoubtedly most often faced with the virtues to confront, it will be this one, because tolerance encompasses one of the most difficult task human nature seems not to want to accept, and that is to respect the opinion(s) of others, and even their practices which many times it will differ from yours but also may contradict your virtues or what you have learned. When you are in this situation and confronted with a different point of view in which you can recognize the need, tolerance is mandated, remember this, tolerance has an inherited hardships that must be understood and accommodated without jeopardizing you virtues. Simply, awareness is what demands one to be tolerant and requires an in depth knowledge in what makes you tick. Otherwise, you may find yourself frustrated and experiencing personality side effects.

Kindness. Practicing kindness may be viewed as one filled with hardship and in some cases, it may appear to be so but look it in this aspect, it determines who you are and who you can be. Just imagine kindness as a quality virtue. A virtue that exemplifies who you are and the case of being divine and spiritual is a unique quality. Besides, Jesus demonstrated this throughout his ordeals, before the ones that wanted him to be crucified and throughout his ordeals he asked for the Father to forgive all of those than savagely caused him pain. Therefore, kindness is a virtue concealed in an outer behavior worthy of your divinity.

Forbearance. When the unexpected can be, this virtue will test you spiritual stamina because it is a virtue in which not only tolerance, patience, and composure are most necessary when you are confronted with acting tolerant but also using an ingredient most often absent in our repertoire of the virtues of a spiritual human being, and that is restraint. You will find that it will seem at times the hardest thing to do but being tolerant is the key. It does not cost anything to listen to someone, except your time, however they can learn something, by the fact that you can listen even to their futile assumptions. Again, restrain and refrain in the face of provocations. Easier said than done, I know but with practice you will understand how this one and the ones above will warrant your success during the tribulations.

Charity and benevolence may seem out of place as virtues in which spirituality is strengthened every time we have the opportunity to exercise this virtue. After all, the needy or destitute are viewed by the heavens with much love and compassion, and similarly, we are encouraged to do the same. In today’s economy and unfortunately social conditions, of all of the virtues outlined above, this one affords us the opportunity to exercise not only our spirituality but also our divinity in such form that we mirror what the elders did but also Jesus performed during his ministry. Now, the question you may be considering, as I have had to also contemplate, how do I assess who is really in need or just asking for alms to support a clandestine habit? There is no right or wrong answer to this because if we could see through our divine nature what the need is, then it would not be considered the virtue of charity but rather favoritism, and would not be along the guidance of the soul. As a rule of thumb, if this is helpful, look at the severity of the alms being asked for. If your spirit senses a need due to a physical impairment, consider it to be a genuine and act upon it. I said previously, there is no right or wrong, there is only compassion.

Justice. If there is to be one virtue to express our spiritual demeanor; justice would be at the top of them all. That is because social equality is at the center of the divine natural essence that dwells in our soul. We need to make that clear in today’s social environment. Nevertheless, it seems as we scan our nation’s justice systems, we can recognize that it is not only a system built on injustice and unfairness, but it is also in shambles. And that is the result of the loss of integrity and honor which are the cornerstone of righteousness. The practice of personal justice as a virtue is complicated one because to be objective one must not be subjective; however it seems almost impossible to separate them. Nevertheless, you will encounter, not on a daily basis but sporadically you will find a need to make or bring justice to the realm of your spirituality, especially during the chaotic aspects of the tribulations as it will affect people and their minds. If justice is blind by some considerations, your divine nature will guide you. Administer it without prejudice or vain attitudes. Justice may be blind at times but you are not, remember that always.

Love, God is love! (1st Corinthian 8:13). You may find that love, should be at the top of the list however, the best is always saved for last, and coincidentally, this virtue, the pure love that God has for humanity is beyond our sense of reality. It is the power that governs the universe. Humanity was created with an eternal love in mind. But love does not exist all by itself but rather is the tip of the iceberg. Most humans cannot fathom because it is submerged in so many other aspects of our daily lives such as, compassion, piety, forgiveness, respect, devotion, fondness, affection toward others. However, beyond the magnitude in which love reigns, still remains for the most part an elusive virtue for so many. In contrast, the opposite of what love entails and often vandalized by the nature of lies, deceitfulness, anger, hatred, and much more. Still, one must make every effort not to conceal true love but manifest it in all the ways love can be. As children of God, we stand as the epic creation of His love, which is enduring and eternal. Realizing the divine rewards of manifesting love through its virtue when it is much needed allows us to experience a closeness that will define your state during the chaotic events prophesied. The virtue of love inspires us to seek encounters with His divinity. I can tell you that it remains all over and around us in more ways to manifest but more often than not, we don’t see love as a virtue but a pretext that brings gains and has purpose. The greatest love humanity can contemplate and learned much about, is the smile a baby has for A nurturing mother and remains one of the most precious of all of the pure love we can witness because the purity of innocence and trust, sadly, two of the forgotten principles of creation. Manifesting love is easy but pure love as a virtue is greater than all others virtues outlined however it remains elusive to so many of people and with chaotic scenarios that lay ahead, it will rise to such a magnitude that we cannot imagine its profound impact but it will prevail and will be seen.

Therefore, an environment that enhances and uplifts our divine nature and affords us the opportunity to practice our spirituality enhances our ability to be humans and practice above all, these virtues. And above all, it enhances our soul growth which is what the Source Creator, God, desires so much of us. Still, it cannot happen overnight of course, but small steps can helps to at least minimize the crisis with its devastating catastrophes, has been told. Nevertheless, the time to reckon with our attitudes and actions is closing fast and it is up to at least each of us to take charge of our disposition and strengthen the truth. I found this for myself and I can assure you with confidence that through these virtues, I will venture along with all of you the crisis and dramas before us, however the sustainment or knowledge of how to endured it is within my soul and spirit as I recognized that a divine being I am, I can call myself a Child of God in the knowledge that He protects and guide as long as I believe, trust, and rely solely in Him and not man who enjoys ritualistic emotional performances from sources or agents that cannot provide what my spirit and soul now have mastered. Claim what is righteously yours, your divinity! Any less than this is unacceptable and remind yourself of what it is it that God wants of you. You will find the answer within you. Peace, love, and intuition to all. And so it is!