Beyond Skepticism

The Seasons of 2024

It has begun, for the student has become the master. What do you mean? I think this would be the comment you would make at reading this statement. The statement is appropriate for the discussion of this article since not only a radical change is upon us, humanity, but also a much needed spiritual awakening. It is my wish that the rest of our lives after the precipitating events be not only considered as an adventure, one where we are together no matter where life takes us or what the future brings. The time has arrived for no more speculations, contradictory opinions, and the constant secular bombardment of the persuasive language that denotes lack of interest or a devoted attention. We don’t need any further convincing to foreshadow the truth spoken by ascended masters of the past. For centuries humanity has been made to believe that the procurement of such ideas of chaos, pestilence, and death were to be regarded as a fanatical myth. However, the Holy Scriptures, in which we find their warnings and advice to deter or minimize its impact on everyone, is much relevant for today’s inhabitants of Earth. We were born for this period and our struggle to be perfect before God will be put to the test as it was in the past for the children of Israel.

I shared with you in the previous two articles, Shouldering Peace and Justice and A Storm is Coming, valuable information and insight. In this article, I will share with you the internal mechanism of the foretelling of the signs, or in some instances omens, of an officially declared future happening to a somewhat disrespectful and disobedient people as is outlined in the Holy Bible. Soon, it will be made cognizant to humanity that the spiritual proctor, the procurators, that had the responsibility for humanity’s watch, somehow found themselves asleep at the wheel so to speak. Now, it has become apparent that not only our spirituality has tumbled but also our sense of direction and identity, one which the great teacher and master, Yeshua, Jesus, earnestly taught to the people of his time and should have been the guiding light for all of humanity until today. However, if all the indications of perversion of justice, sacrilegious ideologies, and the sequestration of our free will have eroded our sense of divinity, it is no wonder humanity has been having bad dreams and tumultuously given rise to nightmares in the 24 years of the 21st century and much more is yet to come. Simply, the bad things done by bad members of humanity took over and we stood idle while they foster power and greed to the point stifling our current existence. So, now it is time to pay the dues!

Don’t keep me in suspense, when is all this going to happen? This may have already crossed your mind. After all, it is human nature to resolve any ambiguous tale or words with appealing to certainties and facts, however keep in mind that to apply a Bible warning, one must be aware that, it is not for only one individual but for a community that we may be a participant or member. So, it is the whole concept that must be considered and how it could apply to every individual within. Personally, I know and was informed that whatever events take place will be like cogs in a wheel affecting different forces. It is also apparent that the event will not only create different emotional states for individuals involved but also in various intensities. There may be some similarities but more often than not, the minimal differences are what afford survivability. This is why we act in disarray, doubtful, anxious, or lost when confronted with situations beyond our control. The upcoming storm, with its episodes of turmoil and crisis, could and will bring out the worst in humanity until resolving our attitudes toward others and especially toward God.

So what is the reason for the storm coming? Our inherited nature to create wars, injustice, bigotry that have set us apart, mendacious attitudes and opinions toward each other, self-indulgence at the cost of the innocent, just to mention some of the many malevolent acts of our personality. But remember this, it is global and in such a manner it will be handled by the divine authorities accordingly. That is the reason you should want to keep your distance from them and ally yourself with God’s desires and wishes, and do not get involve in petty discussions that alter the existence of God, His commands or expectations. Remember this; it is easy to walk away from individuals. You should expect that such individuals, especially the ones that will become traumatized by the events, are going to make an effort to affect you with their emotional instability and fears. Don’t make their attempt easy but be determined to either hold your composure or walk away. You will encounter many individuals talking from behind your back; so to speak, especially when troubled with doubts and fearful apprehensions consequently you must trust your inner issues and preconceived intentions to be of the right nature. You will be glad you did.

Therefore, let’s begin to decipher the meaning of the upcoming prognosticated events. First, we must set the foundation of it all. We find the Bible holds the list and repertoire of the events in its impact not only by one official individual but from many others, which substantiated the validity and merit of the prognosticated events. Second, the events not only have similar wording but possess repeated variable actions that convey the seriousness of the event as it applies to the targeted audience or activity. Third, it must be decisive and leave no room for discussion or contradictions. There and many other attributes that denote the vital significance of prophetic warnings and are very much applicable to our present existence.

As I begin to outline the passages depicting the unfolding events of the coming storm, I must emphasize the urgency of the two most crucial thoughts or themes giving accreditation to the coming storm, and these are the ones, Days of the Lord and Distress of Nations. While some of my beloved readers have heard, some have actually studied the following passages that I am outlining the essence of the coming storm; once more I am encouraging my faithful readers to seek knowledge from within your spirit and soul because as you dissect each one of the prophetic verses, you will encounter new revelations. It will be these revelations, or essence of the Great Source, that will embrace your spirit and a new outlook will emerge giving you not only the spiritual fortitude but an emotional uplift that will assist you in not only enduring the episodes of each calamity but also to become obsessed with the knowledge that it is God directing the manifestations and atmosphere of every encounter that is brought to reality.

The following are the ancient masters views, those who foresaw the implication of a not so spiritual world in which humanity did not only conveniently place God in a box or suitable container rather that to have in the proverbial theme place, God is my copilot, thus arriving to this season of perilous days ahead. These were the seers, saints, prophets that are foretelling our encounter with a destiny they saw as inevitable if brought to reality, as it is today.

The first one, Isaiah, son of Amoz, prophesied concerning Judah and Jerusalem in the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah kings of Judah was one of the most dynamic and determined prophets of that era. His prophecies were poignant and this can be asserted as it applies to today’s scenarios you find in verse 13:6-10 “For the Day of the Lord is near; it comes like havoc from Shaddai [The Almighty].  The day of the Lord is coming with pitiless fury and wrath.” The following verse outlined a perilous journey for humanity, especially when it is directed in such manner. “I will requite [repay] to the world it evil and to the wicked their iniquity Therefore shall heaven be shaken and Earth leap out of its place.” One can see the ferocity of the prophet in warning of the consequences of the wicked activities of a land, people, or nation. Simply putting it, it is time for not only our nation and all of those in position of power and trust to not continuing provoking God but immediately embrace an Act of Emendation in which one must emend and correct the wrong doings. That is the underlining warnings of Isaiah. Final thought, “for as the new heaven and the new Earth which I shall make shall endure by my will, said the Lord”! And that says it all.  

The second one is written by Ezekiel while in exile in the thirteenth year, fifth day of the fourth month by the Chebar Canal, “the heavens opened and I saw vision of God”. Following is an excerpt of the vision that emanates direction toward our present days, “I will cover the sky and darken its stars; I will cover the sun with clouds and the moon shall not give its light. All the lights that shine in the sky I will darken above you; and I will bring darkness upon your land, declared the Lord God”.

The third one, Joel, son of Petuel, reemphasized that the Lord is our God and should be no other (2:27). And he makes this by presenting humanity back during his era but it is just as vital to them as it is to us today, “Before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes, I will set portents [wonder or awe] in the sky on Earth; blood and fire and a pillar of smoke; The sun shall turn into darkness and the moon into blood”. Joel is very direct to warn the people that are inevitable once it starts. However, within all the gloom and doom, he points a very valuable point knowledge that if followed before, during the prophesied omen or warning, you can be saved (3:5). It is a simple divine recognition that must be not only real but truthful. It must not be wrapped in a garment of fear but truth and believe. As it did apply to the children of Judah, it is much the same for today’s children of this Earth. “Remember this promise; anyone who invokes the Lord will be among the survivors”. It cannot be any clearer.

The fourth one is one of the most favorite of writers that addressed the upcoming turmoil. They also happen to be one of Jesus’ disciples that understood not only his words but all that Jesus prophesied and instructed for them to do. This was Matthew, the tax collector. Herewith are the warnings that Yeshua, Jesus, shared with them and was brought to us by Matthew’s gospel. In Matthew, 24:29, “immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven and the powers of the heaven shall be shaken”. What I want you to be aware and take seriously are that these solemn words were actually spoken and given by Jesus himself. The chapter maintains disclosures as to each event will occur and what precedes each one of them. It is imperative to begin to become familiar with the contents of this and the one Mark also reiterates in 13:24 of Jesus’ words of warnings which are very much poignant to our times. One of the great advices Jesus gives them and us is this one, “take heed that no man deceive you”. And it seems appropriate for our times since we cannot trust the news media, our justice systems, and even our places of spiritual gathering seem to be lacking the fervor Jesus desired from all of his people. This meeting at the Mount of Olives is so vital to our existence and survival and what makes it so important is that as he gave his vision to the future personal calamities alongside with natural disasters, Mount Olives was just a walk away from the Temple and the judicial entities that would threaten him with condemnation and death. In addition to the rumors of wars, as we are hearing lately, it seems as if one is a nightmare from which one wishes to wake up. Jesus clearly stated that we, humanity, will experience a tense period of sorrows with natural manifestation such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, pestilences, and scarcity of essential resources to survive. Still, people are going through happily, merry, carefree life with attitudes and without any spiritual fatigue from considering the emotional and physical turmoil this will bring. As it was said, these things must come to pass which means that there is no way you are going to divert from it and ignore it as nearly 85% of the population are, it is no wonder we are in a mess in this nation and throughout the world, however as it is and has been surely it will change when the clock strikes midnight.

Conversely, the one thing most people overlook about the upcoming events disclosed by Jesus is that most of those that are at least investigating show that the time of sorrows is after a period of tribulation. Therefore, it seems we get to journey through a period in which facet of our everyday life will be exposed to other aspects of various degrees of emotional instability and presumably rioting, disorders, elicit mandates, and maybe a sense of containment or isolation which will alter an already troubled existence. Then, of course, after all the personal travails and episodic wear down encounters the heavens place before us and whatever physical and mental condition we may be at after all has taken place, we may find ourselves being mentally incapacitated, frustrated, and maybe a breath away from give up when we have to not only witness the sun and moon also alongside with the stars to bring havoc, terror, to an already overwhelmed trauma adding to an already mentally incapacitated society. Certainly many may not make it through. I wonder if all of the darkness and shadowy encounters can be the prophesied three days of darkness. Maybe or maybe not, more on this in a future article where I can share the premonitions of its existence based on the outcome of the period of the lights out or as words in an old message received in 1987, reign of the shadows.

The fifth authorship of the Day of the Lord is, The Acts. In Act 2:19-20, it is clearly shown that “there shall be wonders in heaven above, and sign in the Earth beneath; blood and fire and vapor plumes and smoke”.  And it also describes the same darkness of the previous ancient writer and Jesus warnings, “the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and notable [worthy of notice] day of the Lord”. Again, we find this warning uttering of a truthful and meaningful act of trust toward God accompanied by a contrite heart along by calling on the name of the Lord, you shall be saved.

So far, we can attest that various, not just one prophetic personality, address the issue of a pending spiritual as well as an emotional catastrophe but rather various and all of them with a common theme in which a frightening darkness will hover over our Earth creating horrific emotional states as well as exhaustive anguish and fears. However, all deem to give humanity a sense of balance as long one is truthful, sincere, and resolve to seek God at any cost, no matter what level of sanity you would find yourself, simply call upon the name of the Lord with a sincere and contrite heart, that is all and you shall be with divine shield of God but also you will have three angels that will become your body guards so to speak. Currently, as it was disclosed in the message of March 2024, there is an enormous divine mobilization in the heavens in which legions more than a thousand angels, are being call and situated around the whole planet in readiness to not only assist those that seek divine intervention in their lives but also protect them through it all.

However, I may add something here that it will be known in the 2027, actually May, that we are not the only ones in this universe but in fact, we are but an addition to a greater galactic environment in which the Source Creator, God, reigns over it all, and they are here to protect Gaia, Mother Earth but also be here for humanity. Ponder on this and wonder no more.

Finally, I like to expand further into another vital disclosure regarding the events of the upcoming storm and that is within the writings of the chapter of Revelation, especially chapter 6:12. It describes the appearance of various earthquakes but must noticeable is the great earthquake “along with sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood”. Currently, there are various areas on this planet at a brink of major land or tectonic catastrophe. Even our beloved land has three contenders that can literally destroy not only a complete city but bring an untold number of deaths and tumultuous number of injured people. These three are the California, Oregon, and Washington. Three states that are overdue for a massive 8.0+ magnitude earthquake. Second, you have the Yellowstone super volcano which it is also believed to be due for a mammoth size eruption of biblical proportion. Its effect will not only be catastrophic for America but it will be very influential in the planets weather to a point that crops will shrivel and die as well as livestock. Third on the list is the Madrid Fault earthquake, located north of Memphis and as far north to Missouri. Its high magnitude earthquake will create havoc along all of the cities on the Mississippi River with an untold number of death and injuries, and we must not forget the impact that would have on our wheat states and surrounding areas. These are just three within our living areas. Yet, there are hundreds of other areas capable of bringing similar catastrophic events as ours would. So, the darkening of the sun and moon can be the result or results not only of one massive earthquake but various areas in which tectonic plates would create havoc, however there also those super volcanoes such as Yellowstone that can add much sorrow and misery to an already miserable encounter. Just imagine a massive 8.0+ super earthquake in California or the Madrid Fault triggering the Yellowstone super volcano to erupt. The scenario would be of biblical proportions. 

Thus, it is possible that the words of warnings and steadfast need to repent are or can be as real as the car you drive or shoes you put on? Of course, it can happen. The question is why we are in a dire need of spiritual correction and emotional transparency. It may have to do in that most people believe it cannot happen, not in your life time of course. However, I am inclined to believe that humanity has become spiritual lazy, to some degree, and because of it we no longer see God as an Omnipotent being but a residual being we cannot identify with as He wants us to feel. Or maybe as we find in Revelation, Chapter 6 and the opening of the six seals bringing about in our present time the events disclosed in this article. Still, on the basis of smart population as humans, maybe we fail to understand why there would be reasons to open the five previous seals if we have the knowledge of the consequences of having any seal open? Simply, to me it seems unforgiving to even open the first seal knowing it would bring about the menace of destruction to a large population, if not all that has been accomplished and given an opportunity described by the Ancient Writers and Jesus who so fervently and with much sacrifice provided for us the means to avoid the now so troublesome future.

The Mighty Wind of Change, or in this case Reformation, is at hand. Not only humanity is due for quite a shaking, but it is also Mother Nature, Gaia, and our Earth. In fact mostly of the causes and altercations have been caused by human interference and complete disregard in the knowledge that this is the only place in which humanity can exist and simultaneously co-exist among all of its inhabitants. This planet is all we have and I think we have become, not only lousy caretakers taking care of her, but also hypocritical children toward the one that brought all into being. Therefore, is the upcoming storm warranted? Do we merit such chaotic havoc before us? Do we still have time for world repentance from the steps of Washington DC to doorsteps of Iran, Russia, or China? Sadly, as it stands today, we are so far apart from any reconciliation among people of this planet. It is even so bad that the aspect of reconcile with God is a far from humanity’s priorities as we speak. It is for all the wrong reason we have from this president to our representative, to the ones that supposed pastor us to be truly the Children of God as He once called us to be, and of course could we be actually the present disciples of Jesus’ doctrine? Or is it easier to feel that materialism brings us closer to him? Well, I think there is much that humanity needs to revoke, not only to stand before the light of the Source Creator, God and be cognizant that we were created by a divine being and such we are divine in nature. Once we accept this thought fully and it is deep within our spirit and soul, then the calamities can be averted. It will take the coming Saints; the 70 I spoke of in a previous article to make amends, at least however we may experience the wind of a summer rain and not the tempest of a divine hurricane, so to speak. 

I close with Revelation 6:17, “for the great day of His wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand”? And all that was written by the ancients and herewith outlined shall come to pass, as it should be! It is now your move, your stance, your reality. Be strong, wise and truthful for as day passes our encounter with destiny is approaching fast. Clearly remember to forgive, even our ill-faith president and all of his family also all of those that incubate his wishes for there is no right or wrong but what is holy and what is not. As a Child of God you tend to strive for peace and goodness, remember Yeshua, Jesus’, words, “love your enemy and resolve for them to see the light and not perish in the glory of a darkness” that is literally upon us through your daily pleads and prayers because as there is sanctuary for the Children of the Light The Enlightened Ones during the trouble planet, there is no place of holiness in which they can dwell; unless repentance is considered and acted on. It is what Jesus would want us to do. And so it is!