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The Expanding Consciousness

Back in the article: “…And Now, What Is Next?” of March 14, I disclosed that March 21, 2019 was going to be the beginning of an unprecedented set of events with glorious results benefiting all of humanity. What I want to do in this article is to focus in the “mechanism” of this day and the ones that follow. March 21, 2019 is more than just a celebration of spring. It is a period of “transformation, discovery and powerful energy sublimation” creating a new emotion and spirituality throughout humanity. This divine influence may be viewed as a “spiritual healing” in all levels of our lives. We have gone through a period of not only emotional and spiritual struggles but what is being offered by the Infinite and Divine Creator surpasses any and all impossibilities because we are at the verge of a “miraculous era” for all of humanity. It will be as finally learning who we are and what we are able to create the spirituality from which we were created (Genesis 1:26).

Presently, as we are approaching the March 21, 2019 time, it is “unfolding” benevolent energies to all of humanity via a “spiritual energy flow” accelerating our consciousness to come closer and closer to the divine who is the source of all that is taking place. Currently, more and more people are expanding their emotional and spiritual state expanding into more toward love, compassion, and emphasizing the “vital role the Divine” in our lives. This is most often by expressing our inner emotions and feelings toward God and all that He is!

You are increasingly raising your beliefs to higher levels through compassion, love, and forgiveness. Those experiencing these thoughts find them to be significant in their lives and their overall emotional, physical, and spirituality are aligning more and more toward a divinity (loving oneself) that is changing their lives few steps at a time. All of these aspects of “transformation” are assisting them toward higher levels of motivations. This is a “unique period” in all of our present lives. It is a good time to initiate changes. You will recognize after March 21, 2019, you will find that “you” are the one who creates your own reality. In short, you will recognize that you are the manifestation of your own reality as described in the Bible where “you” possess the “essence of God in you” (Luke 8:10, 17, Mark4:11). This revelation during this period of awakening will be the spiritual foundation for building a “higher self” of you. You will feel more secure and making assertive decisions resulting in more positive outcomes generating good feelings of who you are. March 21, 2019 is the point of origin for you to begin “shifting” your thoughts (mind, consciousness) toward the March 29th. This 9 days “shift” or “change” period is for all of us more than a simple thought, it is the concept to solidify the foundation of a “strategic plan” to bring a new reality (environment) in humanity which will generate peace, harmony, and love along with “gratitude” throughout the world as if humanity finally reached a level or sense of spiritual completion and deserved earnings. This action will diminish that stage of “desperation” we have been trying to defeat throughout our lives. Thus, these 9 day periods are vital to “focus” not only our thoughts but also in our words by “encouraging positive actions and refusing the negativism of this world.” Consider this, think of yourself as being a “magnet” and as a magnet has the properties of attracting or adhering to metal substances, then think of yourself as a human magnet that you “can, do, will and create” your own “positive attraction” toward all things that can provide positive outcomes. This is within you and it is the “perfect time to do it!

Examine your mind set. Review your negative emotional relationships; assess your gains and your losses. Seeing your world and lives inwardly (introvert) would disclose that you are in need of a transformation leading toward more of peace, harmony, and love in your life. So take advantage of this coming nine day period. It is provided by the “Infinite and Divine Creator” to bring up you closer to a relationship not only with Him but also among all of us human. That is why March 21, 2019 is structured to be the first day of a “tsunami of divine energy” benefiting all of us.

Finally, the time has arrived to “jump start your new reality” of the life before you and this period in March 2019 and part of April 2019 are to be toward your “spiritual and emotional” independence toward a journey paying attention to who you are and your purpose in all these changes. This period of “reset” that is taking place in you and every human being is what is unfolding on March 21st. My focus is in making you aware of this valuable period. It’s a “realignment” of emotional and spiritual cycles “upgrading” our consciousness (thinking process) that manifest our total reality. Everything you sensed made your world until December 21, 2012 and until then humanity was considered to be “slaves” of a trend that limited our growth, and from that day in December 2012, humanity has been slowly eroding the “rock of slavery” and it will finally begin to crack open on March 20th, 2019 at 5:58pm and its completed apart on March 21st (see divine matrix here, 5+5+8=18 thus 3,3,3,3,3,3=18, 6×3=18, 2×9=18, i.e., 3,6,9 “the Divine Matrix”). I would say, definitely, a “Trinity Intervention” and the theory that the event of March 21st, 2019 is more than just a date, “it is a destiny!” from which there is “no turning back” (Revelation 21:1). Note: Bible verse, 21 and date of March 21st. interesting to say the least.

It is now, March 21st, the equinox for 2019 that “affords” us the opportunity to “increase, augment” our reality into a “blissful outcome” of positive reality. Before December 21, 2012, our consciousness (mind) was manipulated by negative principles that deferred “spiritual and emotional” upgrades making us “zombies” of a “sleep ambient” for which upward growth was not only limited but in many ways “denied” until that new period of December 21st, 2012 which begin the deterioration of the “power that hindered our light of wisdom” and broke the curse that held mankind for such long time as prisoners.

In conclusion, we are now being given a “divine opportunity” to change it all. Remember March 21, 2019 as the day God made for you to be “free” of the spiritual, emotional and physical slavery of the past because within all of us is not only the knowledge “who we are” but also “who we represent and for what reason” (Matthew 16:19). And so it is, and so it shall be!