Becoming Spiritual

Have you ever asked yourself, why am I here, on this earth, at this time? I have. In fact, since my early childhood my mother often spoke of my inquisitive mind. I still ask myself, is there more to learn? Now that I am in my seventh decade of existence, I find myself that there is more, not only to learn but also experience. And nothing can be more truthful than what the year 2024 has in store.

In todays’ political, social, and economic areas, issues are, more than ever, nagging us incessantly throughout our daily lives, and the answers we seek are elusive. It seems that as you approximate to reach a clear resolve, all gets more complicated or disappears. We live in a society filled of rumors, contradictions, and furious fact-driven people. Simply, we love evidence at all that is dished out. Due to this mentality, we often dismiss information that can easily contain truth and not allegations, and it is this trend that is limiting us to ascend to greater heights of spirituality. Yet, we desperately want the security and assertion that comes with a commendable future. Consequently, the personal search for the ultimate spirituality has created a society of divided people. Some look for spiritual comfort and consolation during emotional distress from personal sorrows at places of worship. Others, search for solace within their own spiritual awareness without having to be religious. Yet, we all want the same thing. We desire whatever we believe in to be true. The search for the divine nature of all things, not only for the planet but each one of us began December 21, 2012.

I have been tasked to provide you with a series of informative disclosures at regular intervals in which, through personal experiences I have encountered, the light at the end of the tunnel. These manifestations have wrapped me with an inner peace, removing away fears and giving me not only hope but a certainty that whatever lies before me during the upcoming distressful days of this nation and the global catastrophic natural events. I will survive as could you. It will not only give me divine protection but also hope for a citizenship on a new world in which God forever will be the center of all we do, not as it is today, a God in a medieval closet!

You may be wondering what is God asking for us to do. The answer has been all along inside of your soul-your divinity and is the hope for the future. The idea first is to recognize that what we all have learned about God is flawed. That is, God is beyond our current comprehension. For starts, He is all love and you happen to be His greatest creation and to immediately recognize that the breath of life he gave you happens to be not only His divine nature but also yours. Subsequently, currently you have within you His divine essence making you not only a magnificent creature but divine at that. That is it!

The physical sensation you will feel the moment you realized your divinity to be true, will be a state of intense joy and delight. Such a state of spiritual emotion is so intense that you will feel carried away beyond a rationality filled with nothing more than jubilant thoughts. It becomes an inexplicable spiritual encounter that from that moment fears drifts into an unconscious oblivion.

Unfortunately, the deficiency of God’s Light in our lives is what is hampering our spiritual ascension. As time passes and life events take their toll on humanity, I start thinking how long will it take for humanity to wake up. The months left of 2024 are going to be confusing to say the least, and very worrisome. The question remains right now, why squander the precious time we have to come closer to the true God? Why are we listening to the same demagogic emotional appeals of the last one hundred years by the, so called, people’s leaders? I know, I am not alone, because if we continue on this path, humanity will arrive to an unexpected collision with the Divine that will surely wake humanity precipitously.

 This happens to be the reason for writing the articles and now, these bulletins because the urgent necessity of the obvious lack in understanding of God. Humanity is heading for a precipice and very few are asking themselves the question, how do we avoid all of the consequential outlooks? An encounter with the Divine under the current spiritual state of humanity is not as plausible as so many may think. My miracle-like experience in the year 1987 and now in 2024 proves that the God of Abraham and the God Yeshua invoke with his last breath, is not the God we worship now. We need to recognize that what we presently worship a god that friends and family view as one that contributes to our personal interests and negates our divine nature.

Therefore, a new view and belief needs to be incorporated into our conscience. Our new encounter with the Divine, as shared above, not only is meaningful but also truthful. It is this first step that assures us an ascension from which we can relate to Him our worthiness and accepting immediately, that as His perfect creation, we are divine and magnificent free of flaws as we have been made to believe.

The time is now to begin your new life not questioning the dramas and emotional discomforts tomorrow will bring but have the proof that God is within you and not out there in places of confinement, you have known as places of worship, but rather He is everywhere as well as beside you. Make this divine awareness today and connect in ways you would have never considered to be possible. Divine acceptance is the first step on your path to becoming spiritually enhanced and entering a partnership with the Divine is foremost needed. And so it shall be my beloved readers!