The Sacred Numbers, 24 and 48

How many times through a day, of perplexing and unprovoked thoughts, do we easily overlook the obvious? That is the theme of this message received on Sunday, May 19 at 1:34 in the morning.

                We have learned that numbers correspond to specific functions and activities not only in our daily lives but within a community, a nation, globally, and even throughout the universe. Numbers have an immense domain and influences on everything. We have learned the value and meaning of numbers such as 3, 6, 9, 10, and 12 to mention some. However, of the most significant and often overlooked numbers are the numbers 24 and 48. We have given them redundant and underserving meanings, until early this morning when I was shared the distinct, divine role both number play in humanity’s existence, and more prevalent in today’s America.

                Let’s begin with the number 24. We have become accustomed to identified the number 24 with our cycle of sleep and wake, and many other demining roles over a specified ordinary roles, yet, the number 24 is far greater according to the message and it is, as we speak, very influential on the outcome not only the survival of this nation but also its influence of its future. Its divine numerical meaning has remained hidden until now for a greater purpose, so let’s look what this is purpose.

                First, all of the souls that choose to come to Earth outline twenty-four (24) spiritual activities that must be completed during their stay on Earth. They must be accomplished within 120 years in a corporeal body. These spiritual activities are voluntarily chosen but align with the desires of the Supreme Source Creator, God, benefiting mankind’s ascending spiritual experience just as Moses accomplished. However, most souls accomplish 12, if that many, in a life time and return to the Great Source to disclose the status of their divine contract. They are given another valid opportunity to return back to Earth through reincarnation a sort of divine repatriation in which the soul basically starts where it left off. Sadly, the soul in its transitional journey back to Earth is not allowed to know what was accomplish but what is necessary to experience and what is in urgent need to accomplish so the soul ascends to a higher spiritual order.

                In fact, the soul has 24 divine reasons in which to ascend and bring humanity to a higher order. Yet, often we have forty-eight (48) excuses why they were not accomplished. It has been that way since the Garden of Eden until now. We had once a reprieve about two-thousand years ago with Yeshua, Jesus, and as you can presently see what we have done with his guidelines to reach the desires and wishes of the Great Source, God. So, the soul keeps coming back until it successfully accomplishes the 24 divine orders agreed.

The question that remains is this one, what happens to the soul that accomplished the 24 volunteered divine mandates? The soul is then granted ascension into the divine realm of Lights. This divine realm is where we encounter the light beings we have known as the Angels, as depicted in the Bible. Yes, the souls that incarnated into human bodies and accomplished their divine measures within their divine contract become the guardians so to speak, of the humans evolving on Earth.

Now, for the rest of the message which details the immense and divine purpose of the number 24, supporting human existence and the order of the universe. For start, there are 24 hours in a day, 24 divine mandates as outlined above, and within the number 24 contains complex mathematical divinities. For example, Psalm 24 is between two powerful psalms, the 23rd and 25th. Both denote complete trust in God’s measures of protection and spiritual safety. Whereas, Psalm 24th offers blessings from the Lord as long as the individual remains faithful to God. It seems that David understood the meaning of faithfulness as he struggled to survive persecution and reflected on the mystery the soul must endure while on this Earth and disclosed this in Psalm 24th. Yet, we venerate Psalm 23 overlooking Psalm 24.

The most significant aspect of the message was how it applies to today’s America. As you can recall, our country became a nation on July 4th, 1776, we all know that but within all of the drama and trauma in becoming a nation, created by God’s will, are embedded divine mathematical concepts worthy of exposure. From that memorable day in 1776, each 100 years a divine assessment is conducted to determine the spiritual ascension of our nation. In the first hundred years, America suffered a war that tore the country in half but God sent souls capable of bringing alignment toward a peaceful and ascending resolute. The next hundred years brought us to the year 1997. The 200th year of this nation was the onset of a trend that embarked on this nation, a trail not only of tears but of seduction which begin on January of 1997 with then President Clinton beginning a second term and a sexual demise that scorched and scared the divine nature of the country, and still exists today. Also, we sadly said good-by to one of God’s spiritual workers, Mother Teresa, a great loss for all of humanity which kept our spirits in check.

Since July 1997, this nation has been on a downhill trend and as we decipher the events on a mathematical scale, as shared, we can see that our nation is on a consequential matrix. From 1997 to the end of the 20th century there are 24 years and from there to soon to be July 2024 is 24 years. The sum of both is 48. Coincidental, nope! Just as the first 24years brought uncertainties and drama, the last 24 years of 2024 brings the same but at a greater magnitude in an urgent sense of need mending an already troubled nation, but there is still more.

Thus, there is an active matrix that we can observe within the number 24 and corresponds to manifested events. We have twelve months calendar. Jesus chose twelve disciples and we have twelve commandments (more later). However, for purpose of brevity let’s begin with the core of the message and the number 24. You will find that numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 24 contain 8 positive divine aspects that every soul must experience while on Earth. It plays a major role in mankind’s existence and advancement to higher dimensions. However, the number 12 is the one to focus here because it represents more than a divine condition, it means divine existence. Yeshua knew of the significance of the number 24. He chose 12 disciples. It was the mandate from God the Creator to humanity to follow and adhered into eternity. Two were given in the Garden of Eden while Adam was a divine being (prior to the sin), and they were, the first commandment “and God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the Earth” (Genesis 1:28, KJV). The second commandment, “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shall not eat” (Genesis 2:17, KJV). According to the shared message, these are the two most prominent mandates the returning soul comes to experience along with the Ten Commandments given by God to Moses. However, we seem to have been faltering ever since up to the year 2024 in which repatriating the soul on this Earth will soon have a drastic divine change.

The number 24 is a sacred number representing God’s perfect order. It is also represents completion. In the study of the mysteries of the numbers, the cycle of a human being is supposed to be up to 120 years of existence. During those 120 years, we are supposed to accomplish the 24 voluntarily given experiences to be mastered while on Earth, sadly as I said earlier, most often 12 are what is the average and therefore the soul must keep returning to complete the assigned task. It is believed that the angelic realm is made of the souls that accomplished the 24 tasks and experienced the spiritual depth of divine harmony and purpose on this Earth. In fact, by this time in 2024, humanity should have been already enjoying the divine manifestations of this divine harmony and ascending purposes, yet its symbolism of balance and strength, divine nature self-belief are absent in a world in need of both harmony and purpose.

The number 24, at this time, is far from reaching such spirituality. In fact, humanity has lost the self-belief found to support during challenging times. Supposedly, the number 24 encourages all of those involved in its valuable divine purpose to be positive and maintain a sense of worthiness in all the endeavors we seek to overcome. Besides, 24 represents true purpose and this is most depicted in Revelations where you find the numbers of the elders in heaven to be 24. In addition, the angel described as being the 24th angel is the one that resonates with God’s favorite number, 7 and denotes protection. Additionally, according to the message, 2024 is the year of consummation. Simply, as mentioned earlier, Psalm 23 denotes love and relationships, whereas, Psalm 24 denotes protection of love and the stability of relationships. This is the nature of God’s love toward humanity and so it should be to one another but we lack this. Thus, the relationship between God and humanity is strained.

Currently, the balance between both aspects of love, mercy, and forgiveness as shared by the 24 prophets of the Bible relating to the 8 personalities in which humans related toward God, being sincere in expressing your love, contemplate the balance between harmony and love, see all things with a spiritual strategic concept, remains a mystical individual in the knowledge that man’s creation had a mystic purpose to create a perfect, divine world is but non-existent. Finally, to become an adventurous human being, not in disrespect or insulted attitudes but being honest, sincere and above all respectful to all things the Creator created. Jesus did all of this and more. Is it not possible some of these attributes we should have mustered by now? Look around you and see if you can find at least 5. You may be surprised.

Finally, 1 is for one God, 2 for a day and a night, 3 for the human spirit reasoning and regrets, 4 for mastery of love and harmony, 5 to be the light of the world, 6 to be truthful and holy, 8 to create and not destroy, 12 to serve and guide others, and 24 be the perfect creation. However, the greatest and most prominent word from this message is a simple one, be nurturing in all that can be accomplish at this time. Every effort you make to bring peace and harmony within yourself and others alleviates negative energies that hover over humanity and 2024 is the day for spiritual reckoning and entertaining a balance will not be overlooked. We are on borrowed time and the beginning of 2024 is the epitome of what lies ahead until its end. As always, expect the unexpected. The things that will be brought to your awareness will stun you. Remember what was highlighted here, resilience, bravery, wisdom, and knowledge on how humanity interacts with numbers is vital if we are to survive it at all. And so it was given and so it shall be!  Next, number 48 in an upcoming bulletin. It has wonders!