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The Three Lights of Creation

Beyond The Bible Series

Throughout the years of bible study and research I came across interesting and illuminating concepts that aid in understanding what the bible was trying to convey. Of course, in some cases wise and well educated teachers in bible studies provided deeper and more profound explanations. Thus, it is time to share with you now and it is my hope that you will find it interesting as I did. Keeping an open mind will aid you tremendously during this series.

As always, is better to begin at the beginning. According to the bible in Genesis at the beginning of creation (Genesis 1:3) God said, “Let there be light”; and of course there was light. However, again later in verse 16 two great lights are made, one for the day and one for the night. This is a second creation of lights. The third lights were the creation of the stars on the fourth day. Most bible readers do not recognize that there were three lights made. We are all very much aware of the first light but not of the other ones. In many cases, most bible readers assumed the first light as been the second light (the sun), and that is incorrect because they are separate creations with separate purposes.

Let’s look at each one of them. The first light is called the primordial light. This is the light that unites the heavens and the earth. Initially, the earth was void and chaotic. God in His awe-inspiring majesty knew that for life to exist, remember the earth was an austere, dark, and desolate, it was a “nothing”, light has to exist. But it was not just any light, but the “eternal light” from which all things in heaven are manifested. This light is everlasting just as it is with God. You may say that it is the essence of His existence. The spiritual light can be as thin as a hair to having a never ending expansion. Its dimensions are only manifested according to its creative intentions. In the case of earth, it was bright and wide enough to provide the energy to set the parameters for the creation of creatures, plants, and man, at the command of God.

We often fail “to ignore the obvious and disregard the truth”, or at least a fact. It is our nature to be that way. Humanity has been conditioned to exist under such attitudes. Throughout our history we have seen action after action with consequences because man did not see other paths to resolve issues or problems. For example, this spiritual light is more than just an energy provider it is also a generator for universal harmony. Genesis depicts this very clearly as it brings light unto a dark world. Nothing would have been created without the presence of this spiritual light, and whether we want to realized it, this light is within every human being. The fact is that this light does not come into our daily life is because we refuse to allow it. Maybe, it is because we “ignore it or disregard it?” In any case, it has been with us since the time of Adam.

The only time we are made aware of it existence is when we die. Yes! That is the white bright light you see, or at least the tunnel with a bright light at the end. Those that have been fortunate to experience it on a “near-death-experience” recognized it to be peaceful and tranquil. In fact every one of them that saw the light and traveled toward it and were told by beings of light to return back to their physical bodies manifested a degree of anger because they all wish to stay. Yes, folks that is the light of Genesis 1:3.

The other light that God created was the material or physical light, “the sun.” It is the source for our continuing existence, for creatures, and for plants. The moon was created along with the sun to shine away the darkness of our primordial earth. Along with the creation of the third lights, “the stars”, God completed the parameters that brought about the earth that we know now. It is vital to recognize the important role the spiritual light has on humanity existence. Humans are born, live for a while, and die. The same is with the physical light, the sun. It was created, it is doing its purpose but it too will die in the future. But not the spiritual light, it was here, it is here, and it will be there long after humanity is extinct. Unfortunately, our nature is webbed in wishes and desires of conflicts, wars, and extermination. As long, as these principles exist within humanity, the spiritual light would remain elusive until death, and then in fear of the darkness that surrounds us during that transition is when we seek its warm embrace. Yet, it is here on earth revitalizing and comforting the earth as humanity ravages resources and wealth for man’s benefits.

Jeshua (Jesus) often spoke of this light in parables and even in actual words. Sometimes he called it faith, trust, obedience, and in some cases, compassion. That same light was with him when he, Moses, and Elijah appeared at a high mountain, the “Transfiguration”, (Matthew 17). So its existence is real and available to us all.

You might be thinking about now, yes, I know this, everybody has heard of it in their bible studies, or Sunday school teachings. Yet, few understand its universal purpose and vial relationship with humanity. This light was the very existence of Adam and Eve. It was with them at the beginning until the falling from grace (Genesis 2:17). This spiritual light, let’s just called it for what it is: “divine light” is what we all know as “immortality” (Genesis 3:22). Yes, my reader, you and I have within ourselves. Yes, every single human has it. It is called “the soul.” Every prophet in the bible knew the eternal existence of the soul. That is why, often, they warned the people of their time to change, to return to the ways of God and refrain from disobedience. In doing His wishes assured us of God’s everlasting care and protection because the soul is the source of His existence in all of us (Genesis 1:26). This divine light can be perceived by some as the “aura” surrounding all living things but that is but a small part of a much larger concept, and we are a major part of it, or at least, we are the sole reason for its existence on earth.

Let me close with this. There are many ways to ignore the obvious. Do not let the power of the divine light be wasted within you. Use it to enhance your life, to provide peace and harmony. That was the core of Jeshua’s teachings. He did not seek for you to be as the others but rather to be pure at heart as he lived his life. One of his familiar greetings was to greet everyone with, “Shalom!” It means “peace.” At time he added, “Peace be with you, or in this dweller.” If peace is the nature of the universe and the essence of the divine light (Luke 2:14) then, why is it that we “disregard” it so much? The answer would be in our attitude. We do not believe in it until our death. Sad but true. Waste no more time ignoring the obvious and seek enlightenment. Herewith are some words or actions you can take to feel the presence of the divine light in you as the prophet, Jeshua, and the angels manifested it in the past. Start by giving to the poor. Give to the kitchens that provide meals for the hungry. Give clothing to the ones that have none. Do not waste your soul inspired giving to televised evangelical petitions but rather to institutions that provide health support to children in urgent need of health care when their families have none. Seek agencies and organizations that are transparent. In other words, you can see what they are doing for the “truly needy”. Jesus said something very bold and interesting in Matthew 23. If you could only change it to fit our times, you will understand why I indicate to you to give solely to the truly needy, the starving, the sick, and the disabled. That is source of energy for the soul and the brightness of the divine light in you. Finally, how about what Jeshua spoke of in Matthew 24:4. Read it and let the divine light inspire you to see its meaning beyond the bible. Shalom my readers!

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