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The Who, What, and Why of the Serpent

Beyond The Bible Series

The Book of Genesis is more than a story, a record, or a tale of God’s activities. It is more significant than all of these. It is the divine principle of a loving relationship between God and man. It goes beyond the words, actions, and feelings of God toward man. It is a deep emotion that man could not comprehend; unless he absolves himself from looking at God as equal and recognizes that his creation was an act of pure love and affection (Genesis 1:26). But what is the most incredible and least understood by man is that of all of the creatures made, formed, or created by God, man is the “epitome” of God’s greatest creation. No other being throughout the universes can compare to our physical, intellect, and spiritual nature because we were the only beings “created” with the “divine spirit” of God and no others, and a spirit that dwells in every human being. It is because of this simple act that our existence has been a struggle for God and His adversaries which became ours for as long as man exists on earth. It is with this in mind that I write the second of the Beyond the Bible series.

The greatest moment in man’s history is not landing on the moon, or discovering a healing drug, or bringing about a new discovery but the event that took place thousands of years ago when a loving divine being known as “YHVH” (Yahweh in Hebrew) and “YEHOVA” to many others when “He blew into his nostrils the breath of life”. It was the divine inspiration and long desire of the supreme God to create a being of such supreme standards unequaled to any other creature being created, “and man (“Adam”) became a living being” From the water sprouting from the earth (“Adamah”) God formed man (Genesis 2:6-7).

Thus, was the creation of man a divine dream of a God that contemplated creating the ultimate universal being as His final creation? Or was Adam’s creation but an excuse, or just a convenient act? Well, neither. Adam, man creation was supposed to have been the ultimate heavenly act from God rendering to all of the previous creatures formed or made to bow before His latest creation. Just as a great king had been rendered homage and devotion, God’s supreme creation “Adam” was to be the pinnacle of this honor among all things created and receive the same veneration. Adam for a while was the “crown” to all things created throughout the earth (Genesis 1:28). But the mastery bestowed upon Adam did not only end with the earth boundaries but ascended throughout the universe by giving Adam sole right of a domain exclusively for heavenly beings (Genesis 2:20). It was this divine act of supremacy by God toward Adam and the realization that Adam needed a worthy companion to help and accompany him that brought about the suspicion and jealousy of other present beings (Genesis 2:21, 3:4).

So we come to the beginning of humanity’s soap opera that began at the creation of the Woman (Ishshah, in Hebrew) and still continues today and will not cease until mankind redeems himself of the hypocrisy, jealousy, injustice, and pride that was the cornerstone of Adam and the Woman falling from grace, and it is still much prevalent in our lives today. The question remains for centuries, who is at fault of all of this? Was it God for having such a bold dream? Or was it Adam for not knowing better to follow God’s mandate not to eat of the forbidden fruit, especially, a unique being with the spirit of God in him? Maybe, it was the Woman for being naïve, gullible, and unable to understand the greatness of Adam’s purpose? Maybe the culprit of all of this was the creature that sought to defy God. The truth is that there is fault in every one of them. Just as God sough to culminate His splendor over the universes with the creation of man, maybe He did not consider the sentiments of the previously made or formed creatures who would view Adam as a threat to the creature already with established domains. The consequences of Adam’s creation would have been a deadly blow to the creature’s arrogance and leadership because prior to the creation of Adam, intolerance, jealousy, bigotry, and suspicion were already a part of the divine and earthly realms of the earth. This ill effect, the bible details it very clearly by recognizing that the creature at the Garden; who was “made” by God did witness all that came about at the Garden. Who was this “made” creature? Well, the bible calls it, “The Serpent” (Genesis 3:1).

Let’s look at this character, the Serpent in Genesis. First, you must recognize that the bible does not address this character as “him” but as “it” (no male or female gender as with Adam or the woman). It was originally recognized in Genesis as a “wild beast” (Genesis 3:1). In the content of interpretation by many bible readers they accept the concept that it was just a regular snake as we have made to believe. That is completely wrong (big error). I will explain the version that goes beyond a simple snake slithering over the earth because it is much, more before that. Therefore, it is here were I depart from the “ignore the obvious and disregard the truth”, and it is my hope that you rise above this view and have an open mind to what follows beyond the horizon.

To understand the element of my version, first I must expose and explain that there are various acts that God performed to bring about the creation of man. We are all very much aware of the seven days of Creation as depicted in Genesis. Very little is said what took place prior to the creation of the lights, the land masses, plants, the creatures, and man. What we know had come through legends and tales of great wars in the heavens among the beings of heaven (beings of lights) and the adversaries, creatures of darkness. Every past great culture from the Egyptians, the Greeks, Hindus, and even as far as the orient cultures has left historical records of these wars and the aftermath of such divine wars by gods. We take them as children’s bedtime stories (sort of). But in reality there is a lot of truth in them. The bible tells us that they were real and the product of such wars brought sentiments of vengeance and exploitation throughout the universe. To off-set such ill sentiments, YHVH, felt compelled to create a divine being with a spirit toward peace and harmony similar to His nature, the creation of a divine being capable of rising above the prevalent ill feelings of rage, injustice, and hatred was a necessary principle, and with the creation of this supreme being, some peace and harmony could be restored upon the earth first and then the universe. (Genesis 1:27). However, such ill feelings prevailed and became much stronger culminating in wickedness, arrogance, and intolerance (Genesis, chapters 7 and 8).

Therefore, the idea that there was a being, a creature, not like Adam or the Woman but a true “wild beast” capable of speech and able to listen, possessing movement as a human, and capable of having neither remorse or shame gives us a picture of a creature with arms and legs, capable of conversing, visual and hearing capacities clearly refers to a different God made being. Was the creation of all of the wild beasts as one single concept as it is in Genesis? The answer is no! According to the bible God “formed, made” various creatures, some at a lower levels and other of higher orders. For example, on the fifth day of creation God created the sea creatures and on the sixth day He created the living creatures and wild beasts for the land (Genesis 1:20-25). However, the creation of the wild beasts is not in the same category of a “wild beast” mentioned in Genesis 3:25. In fact, the creature mentioned in Genesis 3:25 referred as the “Serpent” is not from the sixth day of creation but from periods before earth creation. The wild beasts that God brought before Adam to give them names were different from the creature called, “The Serpent” (Genesis 2:19). Surely, the now called Serpent was not named by Adam and did not stand before him. That is because the “shrew Serpent which God “made” (Genesis 3:1) was, and is a different “being” that we can identify as a “Reptilian” Yes, this is the shape, form, and character of the being that stood before the Woman and “seduced her innocence” with twisted words.

But hold to your hats. Let’s look at the wider picture of the scenario depicted in Genesis Chapter 3. The Woman was not as innocent as we may believe. To the contrary, she had to have some degree of curiosity, and here is the caveat, and we can see this in the following words. God told Adam these exact words: “Of every tree of the garden you arefreeto eat; butforthe tree of knowledge ofgood and bad’, youmustnot eat of it; for as soon as you eat, youshalldie.” (Genesis 2:16). So, how did the Woman become aware of the commandment of God not eat of the Tree of good and bad? Well, it was not God who told her but her own man, Adam, did he say the same exact words God spoke to him, or did he just interpret them at his level? This is a quandary because nowhere is there a passage that God spoke directly to the Woman about the Tree of good and bad. However, there is a hint in how all came to be before the made “Reptilian” approached the Woman. According to the writings on Genesis 3:1, it is the Reptilian that initiates the conversation by twisting the words God spoke to Adam. “Did God really say: You ‘shall not’ eat of ‘any’ tree of the garden?” The Woman did not recognize the shrew and deceptive manners, the Reptilian creature was using words to confuse and manipulate her. This is apparent by her response that in some ways reflected what God did say but not exactly, which brings two concepts beyond the Bible. First, was the Reptilian present when God spoke to Adam? The answer would be, yes! Second, how else could the Reptilian creature have approached the Woman with such boldness and shrewdness, if he did not overhear, or witness God’s commandment to Adam about the Tree of knowledge of good and bad (Genesis 2:17).

Surely, the Reptilian creature observed also the attitude of Adam even thou the Bible does not address Adam’s attitude toward what God just asked of him. It is implied that this was the scenario that the Reptilian saw as an opportunity to defy God and demonstrate that God’s divine ambition to create a supreme being higher than it and others creatures would be unacceptable (Genesis 3:4). The Reptilian knew from the beginning that approaching Adam would be futile but his mate (helper) would not. Why? You ask. Well, it is written in the Bible. Earlier, I spoke of various acts for God to bring about living creatures, plants, and a being called “man.” It is often overlooked (“ignore the obvious”). According to the Bible “a supreme being” is “created” such as Adam (Genesis 1:27), or the supreme creation can also be “formed” as well as the wild beast Adam would be master over them (Genesis 2:7, 19). All others are “made” or “fashion” (Genesis 2: 22, 3:1). For example, a carpenter can make a chair and a table but cannot create a tree from that the chair and table came from. Thus, Adam is the ultimate in God’s creation and became the rivalry between the lower creatures and the ultimate created (formed) supreme being-man.

It is this event that defined our current existence. It was the sublime act from God. The “Tree of knowledge of good and bad” was to become the representation of our legacy. Did God ever think that the Reptilian creature He made would interfere? I am one of those that would say yes! After all, was not Adam the supreme created being? God, like any other creator would hold the highest degree of trust and devotion in his creation. That is why the Reptilian never approached Adam because the “spirit of God” was within Adam and also the wisdom of God would prevail, and possibly God’s wrath over the Reptilian would have had a different outcome. Approaching the Woman was the smart approach because she did not possess this “spirit of God” Adam possessed.

Using poignant and direct statement toward the Woman, the Reptilian was able to entice the Woman to at least consider the alternate option. According to the Bible, he initiated the conversation by introducing a direct statement and concluding with a negative statement that actually resembles what it was said but with other significant words that conveys almost the thought. It is as a thief not coming through the front door but through the rear door. I call this a very simple but effective strategic statement. The Woman according to the Scriptures replies to the Reptilian creature differently from what actually God said. “We may eat of the fruit of the other trees of the garden. It is only about fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden that… (Genesis 3:2). Wait a minute! God did not say that the “Tree of knowledge of good and bad” was in the middle of the Garden. In fact, the tree that was in the center of the Garden would have been “The Tree of Life”, not the “Tree of knowledge of good and bad.” If any consolation to the readers, the “Tree of knowledge of good and bad” God would have situated at the outskirt of the Garden and not in the middle because as long as Adam and the Woman ate of the “Tree of Life” they remained immortals. Mortality was at the outskirt of the Garden. It in this manner the Reptilian approached the Garden and waited for the Woman to appear. The Reptilian was not authorized by God to enter the middle of the Garden because it represented “immortality” and God’s sovereignty, but it was allowed peripheral entering. It is at this moment when the Woman is separated from Adam that the Reptilian acts.

Already having stretched what was said by God, by both the Reptilian and the Woman, the culminating act of persuasion is carried out by the Reptilian. It has to convince her that what God said, is not the truth. It was its act to “disregard the truth” and convince her of its truth. How does it go about this? Well, the Reptilian takes it from what she just said: “…God said: You shall not eat of it or touch it, lest you die.” (Genesis 3:3). In reality God never said that if you touch it death would come about. It was what the Reptilian needed to hear to convince her fully. So, the Reptilian, the Serpent does its convincing act, “it touches the tree, and responds: you see nothing happened to me”. This very act has some convincing but it is not quite enough to persuade her to “take of the fruit and eat it” The Serpent needs to be more convincing than just touching it, and just as easy as an adult can convince an innocent child to do something the child being leery of doing, the Serpent goes beyond by not only touching the tree various times, but also using its lower extremities and “kicking” the tree not only in a manner of displeasure but also audacity. This act of kicking the tree and continuously reminding her that it did not kill him should be enough to convince her but the Reptilian does one better, it takes a fruit from the tree and offers it to the Woman. Initially, she hesitated but I am a believer when she “witnessed” that no harm or death came to the Reptilian and that God’s words seemed false to her. The words and actions of the Reptilian offered substantiated evidence that she would not die. It was from these simple strategies from the Reptilian that I am convinced she took the fruit from the hands of the Reptilian and ate: “She took of its fruit and ate” (Genesis 3:6). Even it does seem to indicate that she took it from the tree. I am implied to believe that it was from the Reptilian’s hand that she took it and ate. After all, the Reptilian had to be sure she ate a fruit from the tree. If she had to reach for it, she could have a hesitant moment and recalls God’s words and obey not to eat fruit from the tree. Literally, the Reptilian Serpent had to make sure she would eat it before it.

The next scenario is intriguing. According to the scriptures, it tells us that she gave her husband to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree. Well, here is the best part. She ate from the fruit the Serpent had in “its” hands. She took one from the tree with her own will, and walked toward her husband and gave for him to eat. Did Adam recognize the fruit to be from the Tree of Knowledge of good and bad? Maybe or maybe not, the bible does not go in detail but there is a clue that he may not have recognized because he ate without any question or excuse (Genesis 3:6). However, this is very interesting. In the same verse, we read she ate right after or at least being close to the tree. We read later that she gave to her husband and he ate. Did he come looking for her or did she go to him and give it him to eat away from the tree? I believe that she came to his side away from the tree. Why, you ask? Because during their encounter and eating of the fruit from the Tree of knowledge of good and bad that their eyes “ofboth of them” were opened. It did not happen when she ate of the fruit before the Reptilian but after wards when the Woman gave to her husband to eat. This means that up to that point, both remained “immortals” because the spirit of God (immortality); still abide in Adam not in her. It was not until Adam eats of the forbidden fruit that their eyes are opened. It is at this moment that the spirit of immortality departs from both of them. That is the realization of being naked and experiencing for the first time fear and remorse. Of course, in fear of not only what they did and observed was not enough but also realizing the tragic reality of what they have done that they hide from God, until He seeks for them and finally exposing the Reptilian as the culprit for their demise (Genesis 3:8-19).

It is still up to this point when God seeks the presence of Adam and the Woman that the Reptilian is stills a standing two legged and two arm creature. What follows after the demise and encounter can only be described as a deep sadness for God which raised His anger toward the Reptilian creature. Thus, after hearing what happened God’s anger became apparent not only at Adam or the Woman but much more toward the Reptilian, after all, the Reptilian was one He made, and now have become a traitor to His divine dream. So for his action of deception by taking of the Tree of knowledge of good and bad and giving of its fruit to the Woman to hold and eat, God removed his arms. For kicking and insulting the tree, God removed his legs, and thus the creatures are cursed to crawl on their bellies. But keep in mind that the Bible describe a creature without arms and legs with existence over the ground and subjugated to be under the heels of God’s created being-man for all times (Genesis 3:14). This refers to the snake creature referred in Genesis chapter 1:24. This creature may have been created with small limbs such as lizards and capable of crawling. However, with the interference of the Reptilian in God’s divine agenda, God does not destroy the Reptilian but cursed what mirrors the image of it. In this case, the off-spring of the creature we now know as snakes are the ones God cursed. The Reptilian and its agenda survived.

But the tragic soap opera does not end with cursing the Serpent, or at least creatures that may resemble its nature. There still more to it because even Adam and the Woman were also cursed for their lack of trust and obedience in God, it also sets the stage for the next event, the birth of Cain and Abel (Genesis 4). Cain was the representation of the Reptilian offering the fruit from the Tree of knowledge of good and bad to the Woman and her eating from it before it. Abel was the other fruit she plucked from the tree to give to Adam, her husband to eat. That is why the offering of Cain could not be accepted by God no matter in what honorable way he presented but God enjoy and delighted with Abel’s offerings (Genesis 4:2-5).

The question that remains to be answered is-where is the Reptilian? After all, God did not execute or destroyed him. God only gave the Serpent a picture of a creature for all times dominated by the supreme created being, Adam and his descendants. God knew and foretold that there would be trials and tribulations as long as the creatures He made-the Reptilians would exist and continue to overpower man. There would be confrontations and struggles until the day when His presence would finally set the stage for what He dreamed of mankind, and as the great prophet Elijah spoke about of a pure, spiritual earth governed by the hand of God and no one else. Until then, the battle continues on the earth among Adam’s descendants and the Reptilian masses, as described by Jeshua (Jesus) during his ministry. He understood and knew of the real presence of the Reptilian original purpose, “to destroy mankind and take his place, it along with his descendants” (Matthew 23:33-36). Did Jeshua not witness the handling and manipulations of the Reptilian and its descendants in the wilderness in the land of Judah? (Matthew 4:1-11). Did Jeshua not lay out what destiny the Reptilian and its creatures have back then during his ministry and death? Why is then are we still having wars, sickness, hatred, and injustice? Well, as I said before, we tend to ignore the obvious and disregard the truth. The truth is that we are not alone and we do not have a handle on our destiny as declared by God. We are pawns of a greater but sad purpose from the same principle that, as the Woman told God after the sinning: “the Serpent duped me”. It did it back then and they are still doing it right now. Their efforts are not of a simple matter but are entwined in all aspects of our lives, from religious, social, and economics. Humanity has an urgent need for a rise of a spiritual consciousness not seen since the time of the prophets, Moses, and Jeshua. It is not necessary for a community or a nation to rise to such level but rather on an individual basis. Remember the links in a chain. It is not the chain that binds but its links.

Well, in some manner I have made an effort to expose part of that truth. Until, we as humans recognized the influence of the Reptilian leader and the impact of its followers as Jeshua did, we will continue being persuaded and manipulated by the same principles encountered in the Garden of Eden. We still have the spirit of God in all of us to overcome its effect and begin to return to God as He wanted for us at the beginning. We can do it one human at a time. It should begin with us. Resolve to obey His commandments and follow His mandates for a pure and absent life of vice and laziness. Everything of the good of the Tree of knowledge is still within us. Do not let the weight of scale be heavier on the bad side but rather use the good within to not only protect yourself from the grip of the Reptilian but declare to it and its descendants that you are still God’s supreme creation! Shalom!

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