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God’s Indignation

The bible tells us that when God’s wrath or His fury is kindled and the decrees derived from such anger are issued, its decrees are irrevocable. The Scriptures tells us that there is little or no expectancy for God to change His mind after manifesting His discontent with mankind. From Genesis to Revelation we are constantly reminded of the deadly consequences when mankind believes he can outsmart God. From the early enemies of Israel to the present, all seem to conclude that the God of Israel is a god lacking decisiveness or intent. How wrong they are. The foolish can never hear the wisdom of the wise; therefore it is no surprise to find out that the same god the enemy of Israel adheres to is the same God that watches over Israel. Thus, all of their plans, prayers, and intentions are heard by the same God that guards Israel. Simply, God knows all of what they are going to do. Then, why is it that God allows for them to succeed in their intents? Well, God is allowing for them to believe in their actions until His judgment comes down severely and ultimately. That is what waits for the enemies of Israel according to Psalm 110:1 and 138:7.

God is slow to anger (Joel 2:13) but His compassion and mercy has limits as He has demonstrated throughout the history of Israel, His beloved children (Isaiah 29:23). He will endure as well as His promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Genesis 50:24) that the kingship of the Earth is within Israel and not foreigners, and no matter what sort of strategies, actions, or evil plots to do away with the children of Israel is manifested, it will be dealt with such severity by God Himself as never has there been such fear in man as it will be that day when the enemies of Israel confront God (Zechariah 14:5, Revelation 6:16). My question to this divine promise is where will the United States of America be at this time? Are we to be by the side of Israel or ally ourselves with the enemy? According to the scriptures, Israel may have to confront all of these travails alone. This concerns me very much since the Scriptures do not mention any alliance between Israel and us. This is perplexing, especially when most prophetic bible scholars agree that the birth of America was not an incidental event but a planned one by God. Manasseh and Ephraim, the sons of Joseph, especially Ephraim has been connoted to be the United States of America (Genesis 46:20). God’s sole purpose for America was to be the lighthouse of His words to the World; America was to have been the spiritual example of obedience, loyalty and trust in God to the rest of the world. Originally, America did embark on this spiritual journey but little by little we became arrogant and disobedient to such a point that we are now dictating our own laws contradicting the ones God establish for humanity to follow, and just as God is allowing for the enemies of Israel; to believe in their success against Israel, so is God allowing us to believe in our own supremacy until He pulls the rug out from under us.

So has the United States of America (USA) provoked indignation from God? The answer is an equivocally, yes! We have angered God. Now, this process of indignation is not something old but rather something recently new. It is my estimation that it came to a complete spectrum with the election of the forty-second president of the United States, William Clinton. You may wonder how I came about this conclusion. I cannot be as specific in this article but in the coming article, “The Third Antichrist” I will show you how the 666 number applies to his term (Revelation 13:18) and the following characters, and to make things even worse, or at least factual, he is trying to return to the White House through the back door; so to speak. This is prophecy in the making my readers. Fasten your seat belts because this is going to be one rough ride in the coming next thirty-four years of this nation. The train of destiny is about to leave the station and there is no return. We, the citizens of this country who became insolent, arrogant, and rebellious toward God must now be cognizant of the consequences of such acts. God has remained merciful and compassionate with humanity for over two thousand years, and yet we are no more different than the people of the ancient times, conceited and vain!

Yes, we have kindled God’s indignation and we are on the verge of being brought to accountability for our actions. But to whom does the accountability fall over? Is every individual guilty? To some degree, yes but for the most part our political system and our religious one are the culprits of our demise. The political for considering God’s Laws to be insignificant, constringent, and unjust, and the religious arena for not making an argument but rather consorting with God’s enemy because of the financial rewards received from such a relationship. Jeshua once said that you cannot serve two masters. He was right. Religious leaders cannot serve the people and government at the same time. Either, they serve the people according to the laws of God, or follow man’s laws but cannot try to serve both sets of laws. This hypocrisy is intolerable before God, and it will be one of the issues during the end-of-time when mankind begins to consider all of the issues or acts that compelled God to decree such harsh judgment (Revelation 15:7).

God’s indignation is a terrifying thought. Modern humanity has not experience the wrath of God as our ancestors had. The full spectrum of nature is at the disposal of God to carry out His wishes. What can we do to avert such calamities? As individuals, we can make our lives a little closer to God’s desires in the hopes that when His mandates are to be carried out by His angels, they can see our spiritual blood markers over the lintels of our hearts and let God’s anger pass by our dwellers and let us live as a testimony that there is a God who knows the heart of each one of us, the truthful and the untruthful ones, and judge accordingly (Revelation 9:15). I understand the hesitation and inactive perception of most believers to be as real as the air we breathe in today’s world view. Our world comforts us with so many luxuries and richness that the thought of such things no longer being there is inconceivable but the matter is that more now than ever the reality of all of those things being taken away from us as God did to His own children leaves no doubt that can easily be executed and be our final judgment.

According to the ancient prophetic writings, the ones that God’s call to serve Him are the ones that are judged and disciplined more severely when failing to give God their full attention than the ones not chosen. America was allowed to exist to be the spiritual beacon to the world as it was Moses to the Hebrews of his time. America was called to represent God in all aspects of human lives before all the nations of the world. Instead, we have indulged ourselves in rules and laws that ignore God’s and enacted our manmade ones as supreme. That is the indignation of God toward the USA. We were more than just the bases for a dream of a religious sect of 1520. The USA is an intricate part of God’s ultimate act. After all is it not our name in the midst of God’s city of authority? Of course, we are, and more often we have overlooked its divine meaning, “JerUSAlem!

In fact, just as the members of our supreme court consider enacting irreversible laws that go against God’s laws, in the same way they too will be judged accordingly by the twenty-four elders of the supreme court of heaven (Revelation 11:16). From Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeshua, and Revelation we are warned of the incredible danger that lays ahead to mankind for ignoring not only God’s supremacy but His directives. Since, the year 2012 we have enter a period of darkness and quietness that shakes the core of a spiritual soul because mankind has not come to grip that this fable peace we experience today is nothing more than the “eye of the storm.” The upcoming final stage of the divine storm is soon to come upon us as Jeshua told his disciples. God’s indignation over mankind, especially the USA is real and quietly approaching our shores (1Theslonian 5:2). The wars, the diseases, the social unrests, the financial uncertainties, the breakdown of the sanctity of marriage, abuse of the elders, drugs, vices, and political mendacity is but a fraction on the list of events to unfold before us in the next years.

Yes, we have angered God and His patience has finally come to an end. This I wrote in my novel, “God’s Chosen Ones” and here we are just within a decade and it all will be real if the Clintons are allowed to return to the White House because the onset of our demise began with them as the nation of Israel completed their first Jubilee year (50 years). It is these cycles of Jubilee Years that are entwined with us, the USA. However, no one could have predicted this in May 1948 when the prophecy of enacting the nation of Israel became a reality, but it was not until June 1967 that bible scholars began to put the pieces together that they began to recognize the value of the year 1998 and who would be the USA leader at this time because it would be in the hands of this individual that the onset of the events from the year 2000 to 2020 would either take effect or not. Had he been removed from office as the scandal came about rather than the populates becoming complacent and supportive of his ill behavior, Bush would not have been president and there would have not been an Iraq war, nor would have been a Syrian exodus with major ramifications in the future for Israel and Europe, and of course Obama would not have been a president either, and most important, the Middle East would not have been de-stabilized as it is now and forever will be (2 Peters 3:10).

Of course, hindsight is a great tool to predict after all that has taken place, but what makes everything so real and sadly somewhat exciting is to see prophecy in the making and being alive and see it evolving into full realism. It is at times frightening but also encouraging because the spirit reminds you that God is in control. It is a fact, that the country still sees him, Mr. Clinton as an idol with persuasive words and gestures just as it was foretold by the prophets and Jeshua (Leviticus 26:1, Deuteronomy 31:17, Mathew 24:4, 11-12), and to see him convincing the nation of the greatness of his wife is definitely the hand of God at work for it is he who opened the door of deception, denial, and falsehood from which the spirit of America fell through and cannot recover. Simply, the White House was defiled through him and will not be cleansed until the hand of God comes over it during the year 2028 when the fourth period of four years cycle is completed, more on this in the coming article, “The Third Antichrist.”

So, there you have it, this political arena of 2016 is more than just a run for the presidency. It is a run for our destiny. Let’s hope that God indignation toward the USA does not include repeating the past of 1998. If it does, there is no doubt in my mind that the end is closer than originally thought. It is interesting that the psychic, the astrologers, the event seers are all very quiet. Usually, you have them stepping over each other racing to let the world know of what is to unfold. Yet, the year 2016 has been a quiet one for all of them. I bet their astrological charts are showing many descending houses for America. There is much fear of the uncertainties of this election and the proper route to take for this country. However, I have the perfect solution to this dilemma, “return to the ways of God” as fast as we can before it is all too late (Mathew 24:20-21, 24). Shalom!