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The Antichrist Enigma

There comes a time in life when everything seems to fall in place even against all odds while consciously we adhere to the idea that it should not be because its possibility does not follow the pattern we humans have become accustomed to. It is again the thought that normality tends to dictate to us that we should always “ignore the obvious” even when it is before our very own eyes. This may be because we have become children to perceive things in different ways for so long that we cannot accept any other way except what we have been told, or what we consider to be the right way. That is the case regarding the personality of the man that will bring such “mayhem” to humanity that no one can conceptualize because it is “unthinkable” to foster such thoughts. Maybe, is because the Christian mindset of so many cannot fathom the reality of this character that supposedly will change all of our lives.

If the definition for terror is the “Antichrist” then it should be added that he will be the prince that governs it. It is this picture of this possessed man with such hatred and unyielding effort to destroy whatever stands before him that frightens humanity. Many efforts have been taken to describe who he may be. In years past many prophetic evangelists thought a pope would be the antichrist. Later, Saddam Hussein was thought to be one along with Russia’s president Michael Gorbechah. A few years ago, some identified Osama Bin Laden, or some Jihad leader as being the antichrist. Well, all of them are dead and we are at the beginning all over again. However, I am inclined to provide a complete different view of not only who he is but “who they are” because when you look closely at the ancient writings and their perceptive meaning you must recognized that they were limited in how to described them. So, let’s begin at the beginning.

Initially, where do we find the mentioning of a diabolical character named, “the antichrist” You will be surprise that “it is not found” in the Old Testament of the Bible. That includes the “apocalyptic prophets”, nor is it found in any of Jeshua’s (Jesus) teachings. In fact, the title of “antichrist” according to the writings in 1st and 2nd John was given to those that denied Jesus was the Christ. No further mention is found throughout the Christian bible except as mentioned above. So, where does this title come from denoting a man capable of such atrocities and terror? Well, it is found in the famous writings of Michael Nostradamus. It is he who identified the existence of three antichrists according to their impact on humanity. The first two, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolph Hitler and we are acquainted with them because of the historical records of their actions against humanity. Nostradamus provided names for these two antichrists and also provided a name for the third which is yet to come. Nostradamus identified him as “Mabus”. He described him to be filled with wickedness and perversion. In many ways far more diabolical than his two predecessors, whereas as his two predecessors did not possess the technology and the myriads of weaponry the third antichrist will have, is what makes him the more terrifying because what Napoleon used and Hitler had available are but cumbersome armory compared what this Mabus will have at his disposal.

According to historical records, both Napoleon and Hitler came from poor and strict backgrounds. Both came through the ranks. They were not from aristocracy, neither had richness as some of their contemporaries had. Their characters or personalities could easily been hidden as normal human beings in an environment that easily concealed their intentions. It is my strong belief that in the same manner it will be the characteristics of the third antichrist. Currently, Mabus is from humble beginnings. He has no wealth nor does he sit in any powerful government position as so many scholars have indicated in their writings. In fact, his appearance to the public would be subtle just as his two predecessors did. He started by living a code of discipline and justice according to the religious teaching of his father, his spiritual mentors, and his personal experiences of the world he lived in and the world around him. He has seen the deprivation not only exercised by modern religious leaders within his culture but also has recognize the fallacy his spiritual leaders have used on the youth bringing them harm and death while they enjoy the life of freedom and luxury, and this will be a major principle in exposing the corrupt ideology of his culture. He will expose them as opportunists to the youth and the youth will rally with him throughout the world. His cantor and truthfulness will spread like wild fire among the youth of his culture. He has observed how hungry the youth of his culture are right now, yet he recognizes that for him to be effective, he has to complete other tasks within his own world because before he sets his path to conquer the Christian world, he has to take control of his secular world. That is what the previous two predecessors did before emancipating their ambitions for power. This third antichrist is not a fool neither is he ignorant. He has made an effort to observe the world outside of his. He is a history buff. Not only of the western world but of empires that became powerful and feared by their enemies. He has studied their downfall and their supremacy during their glorious times. Literally, he trained himself to be a strategist, a war arquitect, a charismatic speaker, and a persuasive leader.

The truth is that, this antichrist is doing his homework. He is in no hurry because first of all he is young, intrepid, and smart. Besides, no one knows of his existence except those very close to him who share the same principles and ambitions. Together, they are building their blueprint of what will become the most feared group ever and they are aware of the magnitude that is at stake, so their secrecy is vital to their success. I can imagine that his immediate collaborators are hand pick and thoroughly scrutinized by him. Each given complete solemnity to him, his plans and ambitions.

You may think that this antichrist is in one of various terrorist groups around the earth. The answer is definitely no! Because, as of right now all the terrorist group are dispersed and have no unity, and in all cases they are not making any gestures to unite but rather continue being separatists with common causes. This will be one of the things the third antichrist will be able to do. He will unite all of these dispersed groups and build an alliance among them with a common cause, and a common objective. He has noticed that as of right now they are outnumbered by the western countries with sophisticated weapons which all groups lack. He understands that to conquer and acquire the loyalty and follow his mandates he is going to require convincing them that he has the means to match the technology of the western countries. I am sure he has set his eyes on one country that can provide all of these much needed technology but also the manpower, and the youth of this country to help him acquire it. So there, here is the synopsis of the third antichrist’s character and ambitions. Let’s now use an example to describe how all this “could” take place and who are these protagonists of the now call end-of-time period.

First, I must begin with Nostradamus. The name given was “Mabus” and it may not mean much as you read it but the key to decipher what Nostradamus was inspired to write, or at least let the modern know of who this character may be, is to breakdown the name in various aspect of our time. For example, Nostradamus used anagrams often to hide his prophetic visions. This was essential to protect himself and his family from the church. Thus, he must have used a combination of key characters he visioned and came with the name disclosed. For example, I am inclined to recognize that Nostradamus referred to the two names most prominent during the vision disclosure. Unfortunately, Nostradamus did not give a date but you can decipher his intent by starting with establishment of the nation of Israel in 1948. Nostradamus recognized the period of Hitler’s reign and surely also became aware of the atrocities toward the Jewish people. He does infer about it in his quatrains. Therefore, Nostradamus saw the birth of the nation of Israel and gave us that as a starting point, 1948. Now, we know that the existence of the nation of Israel is governed by God, and therefore a pattern is strictly followed and becomes the yardstick from which all of the events unfolding since then stem from. May 1948, is the start demarcation not only for Israel but also for America. It was a period of joy for the nation of Israel and the beginning of the Jubilee Year as stipulated by God. The Jubilee Year consists of a fifty year cycle. It is a period of jubilation and joy for the children of Israel throughout the world but it is also the period in which the gentile world is manifested at the hand of God. To understand this process, you have to determine what took place during that year of jubilee. In the case of the United States of America (USA), we were in the midst of a sex scandal where then President Clinton, our forty-second president had not only defiled the White House and the office of the presidency, but had also lied under oath.

Before this aggravated incident in the USA, the nation of Israel had endured wars, hostilities, terror attacks, and provided with returned lands that God gave Israel by the demands of the USA, and yes, President Clinton also sought for Israel to give land won during the various wars. It was not a surprise for what took place during this year, after all, it was a familiar act President Clinton had been doing all along during his political career. Somehow, the public did become irate for such dishonored act but rather slap him on his hand and allowed for him to continue the role of the presidency creating the paradox we are now are living within. Why did God not harden the hearts of the American people and requested his dismissal as He would have done in other cases? The answer is in the objective of God. We, as a nation were already manifesting our displeasure with God’s laws and purposes. The country was in a wagon of personal supremacy and personal glories. God was the last thing in America’s heart. Therefore God observed the course of our ways taken and did not intervene, and so, Clinton remained in office and later was substituted with President George Bush, the forty-third president. During the 1998 sex fiasco, little was done about the terrorist plans for America because we were so involved with the “sex soap opera” of the White House. We were more concerned about how the Clinton’s would appear in public than to spend efforts on what Osama Bin Laden was planning to do against America, and because such distraction, September 2001 aftermath became a reality. Unfortunately, this act and the compensating resolution to avenge this act became on the shoulders of the new president, and of course it opened the opportunity to complete what the forty-first president, Bush senior did not achieve during Desert Storm, the elimination of Saddam Hussein who happens to be the thorn under the saddle for the Middle East.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars were costly, not only financially but also in human resources and achieved very little. In fact, the Middle East is a keg of dynamite just sitting there waiting for someone to light it up, and that is what the antichrist will have at his disposal, a Middle East in disarray and in need of guidance and rulership. The antichrist knows this well. He has witnessed our meltdown at the White House. He has seen our military and psychological degradation and is taking this into account when his hour arrives.

As political chaos, uncertainties, and social degradation is affecting us, the antichrist has recognized the weakness of the western culture, something that is not prevalent in his culture, and will use his psychological state to induce further fear on the populace as he takes control of various territories and resources. He has recognized that territories gained are hard to maintain and in many cases what has been gained is usually given back. He understands that this cannot continue and has set a plan in which only key territories will be held. Owning useless sand as territory is not practical. He sees assets in oil producing territories and territories with water boundaries, but what would be most effective would be territories that have leading edge technology and accessibility to western countries assets. Most of the western thinking is that a poor not so well educated person cannot achieve all of this but in reality he does not need to be able to do all this; all he is going to need are the minds that can do these things and more. I can assure you that out there are young people capable of giving all these aspects not only of the technology but actually work the technology on his behalf, and by the way, he knows that!

As the American populace was in disarray over the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, we elected our first black president, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II who became our forty-four president. The nation was excited to make history, of course and did not foresee or at least learn from the previous presidencies. God has allowed for America to travel through various briar patches that have not been easy to endure. I am certain that Nostradamus had a vivid picture of all these events as he began to formulate the path toward the emerging antichrist of our time. Unfortunately, we have no reading as to where and when the antichrist would make its appearance but it is my impression that the clock begins to function in 1998 and will culminate within two decades.

But I can give here, a form of a journey that can place all of this into some perspective, It all begin with Clinton’s sexual demise, the election of George Bush, and the election of Barack Obama have a lot to do with what Nostradamus was inclined to write. At least these personalities and names were witnessed by Nostradamus during his visions. What may have troubled him was that instead of divulging the rise of the third antichrist at a specific time in the future what he could do was to give a road map from which we could start contemplating what was before the journey. To do that he manifested the name “Mabus” which I think is an anagram for ObaMA and BUSh. If you look at it closely, you can recognized that Nostradamus simply took the last two letters of one name and added it to the three letters of the following name, thus creating a name, “MABUS. It is my strong belief that Nostradamus was telling us that at the time of these two individuals, the antichrist was just around the corner, or at least either of these two presidents would have a direct knowledge of such an individual but they may not recognize him as the future antichrist but somehow by a fatal decision of either one of the two presidents, the antichrist would rise. The question remains why and how this could be possible? Well, first let’s look at what each has done or will do. President George Bush brought about the War in Iraq and Afghanistan and created a de-stabilized Middle East. Then, President Barak Obama has not been able to manage the Middle East well, and it has created further erosion in the area. It is this scenario that will bring about the antichrist to the Middle East as a savior of the people of the region, especially the large number of youth in the Middle East that may be willingly to give their life for such a charismatic leader.

But it is my belief that the scenario may be interpreted or at least visualized in this manner. Let’s just speculate a little bit with a relating a story. Let’s say that the coming antichrist is not a member of any of the current terrorist groups creating so much chaos but rather he is sitting in Guantanamo as a prisoner. He has endured all sorts of questioning but since he was not involved in plotting any attack or carrying out any assaults against America, he is viewed as a non-involved prisoner. He just happened to have been at the wrong place at the wrong time. All these years in Guantanamo he has observed the span of control of the military, their tactics, and has portrayed a quiet, none violent attitude. He has conducted his religious duty with honor and loyalty. He has been able to win the comradeship and trust of his cell mates, and even some of the military personnel. He has been able to acquire the necessary knowledge about various subjects in history, economics and maybe some military tactics. Surely, he has received various updates of what is going in the Middle East. Some may be innocent and of little value to the military but useful to him. He knows that keeping the attitude to be respectful and cordial with his captors ensures him that he will be sent to a friendly nation that after a period of time may find him to be a non-threat to the western world. He knows that good behavior over there in an Arabic prison will certainly be favorable for an early release.

According to the recent news, President Obama is considering closing Guantanamo and sending some of the less violent prisoner to Middle Eastern countries to serve out the rest of their sentences. It is at this phase that the antichrist will become closer to his appearance. As he is in the Middle East, he will have more contact with people of his culture and surely would receive more local information about the where abouts of the different Jihad groups and their state of success. He will have access to televised news and newspapers, and possibly internet access during his imprisonment in this Arabic country. His intellect will absorb as much as they would allow him. It will be his knowledge of things that will give confidence and power. Surely, he has already in his mind conceptualized how he will penetrate the fighting groups and bring a unity among them.

After a period of recruitment and membership, he will focus on building a psychological phase to bring about means for the modern youth to succeed in their endeavors and help them not to go against military fields or organizations but rather power civilians entities. The antichrist now free to choose and move around will be enacting his plan to infiltrate the civilian entities that govern certain territories, especially Iran for it is through Iran that the antichrist will make his biggest push in the Middle East. Iran holds the nuclear technology and he knows that he is going to need it badly. His plan will be to create a separation of ideals within the civilian population in Iran. The youth will take to the streets, and after various clashes, the religious leaders will be exposed and exiled. Once he acquires Iran, the other territories such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, an even to some degree a portion of Turkey may have allied themselves with him. Having a grip on the Middle East, the modern countries such Saudi Arabia, Bahrain will ally them with his principle and he would have control over the Middle East and can now focus on the western countries.

This may seem incredible but it is possible to have such a journey become a reality. It worked for Napoleon and Hitler why cannot it work for him. Now, how about who he is. Well, it is possible that Nostradamus was giving us a hint that the name Mabus may also be the initials for his real name, food for thought.

There you have it, our 43rd and 44th president are the protagonists of the coming third antichrist. Did they know what they been manipulated by God’s desires and wishes? No, of course not, however the truth is staring at us as President Obama is about to close Guantanamo and disperse the prisoners. The president is oblivious of what the hand of God is doing with us and our destiny. As of right now for example the president is sympathetic of the Muslim religion and that is quite alright but I can assure the president during his advance age, he will embrace the Muslim religion as his own. He will capitalize in the same manner as Emperor Constantine did on his death bed and became Christian except Obama will do it in the opposite. Many people may refuse to believe such action, however President Obama cannot yet embrace it for it would be political suicide but he will in much later years. As for, the coming election, God help us! May God find something favorable in the midst of our populace and elect someone with the American principles and not personal agenda such as being the first in history. Also, may God have compassion over us and help refrain our president from seeing this antichrist scenario a reality of what could happen if Guantanamo is closed. Time will tell but I go with Nostradamus predictions and views shared herewith. He has been right more often than the decisions of our last five presidents.

God bless America, and yes, May God forgive America! We are really are going to need it in the next decades.