Sunset between leafless trees

The Silent Hero

Dear God, he wrote, how can I appeal to you anything for my beloved child such as this illness? He reflects, I have been so far from you for so long that I have forgotten that you existed. He stumbles within his thoughts as a blind man searching for a point to feel secure. He places the pen down by the wrapped gift. In an almost slow motion gesture closes his eyes and clasped his hands together. He might have forgotten God all these years but not the gesture to submit himself to a scenario he had no control over. Why my God? He ponders, what has my beloved child done to merit this outcome? A pointless feelings engulfed his mind contradicting what his heart was claiming, his life has just began and as quick was his arrival to our lives, you sought to reclaim him back. He was interrupted as the stormy night outside raged accompanied by a furious wind as it too was against him. He picked the pen and wanted to continue writing this missive to God in the hope that maybe He would consider, it has been so long I have forgotten how to say, “I am sorry” stops writing. It almost seemed that what he wanted to say became obstructed by sense of unworthiness that just manifested in his chest as a painful burn. No matter how desperately he tried to conceive the appropriate thought to be written, all seemed to have transient beyond the point of no return. Thus, he poised to reflect in all that he had done since the passing away during his childhood of his beloved parents’ just months apart. They were my whole life, was about to write it on the paper but he hesitated as his mind became bolder and confessed that all was in the past, so it should be in the present where he should now be contemplating. He put his pen down, reached for the sheet of paper with the written words, Dear God. Picked it up, ruffled it into a ball, and tossed it upon the table in a symbol of enough is enough trying not to think about the request and the disappointments it may bring with it that once he considered to be of vital importance. He glanced at his watch and confirmed it was time to leave for the hospital and be by the side of his beloved child.

This scenario may seem for so many individuals to be somewhat unrealistic but I can assure you that it is not. As we begin to prepare for the coming festivities of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year the majority of us are preoccupied with gifts, fancy feasts, enthusiasm and joy of the expectations of these festivities. We have come to recognize that these festivities are celebrated with themes of gratitude, family closeness, love, and forgiveness, and as long as we viewed them with such fervor, our path that is before us would be laid with flowers and flourishing prosperities. Yet, it may be different for our character above. In his view, the joy of the seasons has departed from him. His conscience can only muster sadness, isolation, and despair. He will embed himself to be by his beloved son and dismiss if not abnegate all things related to the festivities that he enjoyed in previous years. Whereas, now, it all seems to have gone forever for as his world seems to end as other rejoice for the new one. How can this have happened, he conceives as he stands by the hospital bed of his beloved son. He sleeps peacefully, he says to himself. It is I who should be here not you my beloved son, he comforts himself with these words but he knows well that such wishes are to no avail.

The hours pass and he remained awake by the side of his beloved son always holding to his little hands while gazing at the tubing on his fragile little hand. All he could hear was the constant annoying beeps of the monitor but it comforts him to hear it because his son was still here and not gone. It was well past midnight and the new day to be thankful and recognized to have been blessed throughout the year. But for him with every minute that passed an agonizing feeling of death dwelt in his mind, and maybe it was through desperation or complete abnegation, his head bow down and he cried as he had not done since that rainy day he said good bye to his father and saw the casket lowered into the ground. Dear God, he stops. Find it your heart not to look at me for I know that have much to be accounted for but look upon this awesome little hero who is now at the edge of an illness abyss and my ability to bring him to safety is beyond me, His tears rolling down over his clasped hands, he adds if I could I would give my life for his right now if that what it takes to give him a fighting chance and survive to live a life of love and peace, he paused, take it now! He said in a solemn lethargic voice, death, that was something I never sought nor found important except prosperity but gladly I give it all for his life, and then there was a long silence. As the hours passed, nurses came and attended the needs of the young child. Several times adding fluids and checking the medical equipment. Each time the father was asked if he had any need they could provide for but he always nodded that he did not. But in his heart and mind he declared that he wanted more than his own life, the life of his child back.

Late in the afternoon as families all around the country would be gathering for festive meal of Thanksgiving filled with laughter and a glorious anticipation of gorging on delicious turkey, sweets and breads, he was all alone with little care or wondering for the outside world. His world was before him, and all the sweetness and joy so many other are enjoying could not compare to the thought of awakening of the child, daddy! The child responded as he slowly began to gain consciousness. My son, my dearest and beloved son, he responded lovingly. You are here, the child added, of course my dearest son. I would not wish or care to be any other place except here with you, happily he responded.

There was a moment of silence as each other stared at each other. You look tired daddy, he added. His father smiled. Tired my dearest, no, to the contrary, to see you awake and talking to me are like Christmas and New Year all wrap into one, he stated. You are a great daddy and my hero, the child said. His words moved the heart of his father and with a gentle smile accompanied by checks overflowing with tears, you are the awesome hero my son. You have endured exhaustive and painful treatments. You have endured demanding therapies and so many other things to combat this illness that was easily robbing you of your good health. No my dear son, you are the true hero in all of this. You are the valiant warrior in it all. It is you and the many other children here that are fighting for a chance at life that deserve to receive the Medal of Valor given to heroes of battles for each one of you did not only battle one battle but many exhaustive and demanding battles. Yes, my dearest boy, you are truly the Silent Hero in all of this and I am a proud father to have a son like you, he commented. But you have suffered also daddy. You have been here every day for a long time. You stopped all your life’s activities to be here with me, you are the hero, the child smiled as he said that. His father smiled. Yes, he has been there throughout it all, true but it was his son that took the blunt of the battles at hand even if he knew that he was dying a little bit each day, an emotional dying that was uncontrollable but it did not matter if it took its toll on him because he knew his son was battling his own detrimental and debilitating battle, still the child was the true hero in all of it.

I thought that this scenario would be appropriate for the approaching seasons of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year because all of them denote blessings, gratitude, and love. But I could not help thinking about those silent heroes such as the described above and I wished to pass unto my readers the value of what not only God had done for us this year, or previous years but bring awareness to us all that the greatness is not in what we have received but in what we are willingly do for the less fortunate for that is the core of the heavens, the universe and all of who believe in the Divine Giver, God. So as you sit to a delicious meal, tasty sweets, and loving camaraderie with loved ones, remember my story herewith and thank not only for what He has given to you and others that day but most of it for the protection and blessings to see your children healthy and running around with joy, for not too far from where you are may be a stranger or neighbor leaning against a hospital bed watching a child’s life in jeopardy and in need of divine consolation. Thus, don’t hesitate my friends the universe awaits your spiritual embrace not only in what is taking place for all humanity as we speak but also for you to embrace the needs of others with love, compassion and human understanding. And so it is and forever be. Happy Holidays and many blessings to all of you. Namaste