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Coincidence or Will?

Every one of us at least once has encountered a situation in which an unexpected outcome or response to a specific dilemma or problem requiring a solvable solution and have discovered that the expected outcome may not be as originally expressed or thought. In fact, quite often it differs in its nature and more often contains better elements upon its occurrence. Its occurrence may mirror to a degree what was expected in the original conceptualized outcome which brings the question, where does such a matrix come from? It almost seemed as though the concept at hand dwells in an alternate dimension in which during a specific moment it is drawn to our current reality. I know this is a little bit away from the ordinary way of thinking we possess but for the purpose of enlightenment, let’s just expand this a little bit more. For beginners, coincidence is defined as: “a sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged.” But who or what planned its cameo appearance? Humanity, it seems does not possesses or controls its existence, therefore it must be created by a set of circumstances or processes that are oblivious to humanity. It is as if it resides in a parallel dimension and during specific periods or at certain intervals when is required it does make its presence known. At this point for most of us, coincidence is a concept that most of humanity does not understand, and neither wishes to know much about its nature, except that it does exist and makes it appearance at random without any input from us, or does it?

What is revealing today, the 21st century, over the great part of the 20th century, even the next three decades, the concept, coincidental will continue generating the idea that the majority of unpredicted occurrence are caused by factors beyond the control of a human being and since mankind cannot governed its nature, mankind will continue in the game of chance as it has been doing for millennia. However, this is far from the truth for mankind possesses not only the ability to govern it but also can manifest far superior events with greater accuracy, and this will be verifiable during the coming generations. The ability to master the outcome of one’s reality is becoming more and more prevalent as the coming energies affecting the Earth and its inhabitants becomes awaken to a new set of spiritual and divine conditions that will not only improve the quality of our lives but will make it greater.

Coincidence had a toxic effect on our lives as we entertained it to be an outcome beyond our grasps which could have been easily controlled and manipulated by our divine abilities. Collectively, coincidence along with a myriad of chance taking attitudes reinforced that idea for much of the twenty century, humanity showed in many instances indifferences to the idea that a greater source or virtue existed within all of us that surpassed the fallacy that coincidence was the ultimate and creator of the nature of all things. However, taking into consideration that a far more realistic and regal approach existed, as it is made known today, could have easily crumbled the roof and walls of such a long lasting concept, coincidence. It was not until this century that the new virtue of man’s divine nature that is propagating the idea that humanity no longer is in enslavement of coincidence but of something truly magnificent and totally pure where every human being has the authority to summon the “power of his will” at his prerogative. Not only has humanity the authority but also the divine ability to make every event to be exactly as it has been formulated down to every single detail, Simply, it will not be the universe rending an event at its prerogative but it is require to deliver the request exactly as it was manifested, created, or programmed. Whereas there was a factor of unpredictability for coincidence, there is a complete element of exact predictability of the will as it was requested by the individual. No longer room for error, negativity, or mistakes.

But still, it remains to a certain degree a part of the principle of coincidence for some years to come by certain members of humanity due to conditioning of their perceptions. This will require time and individual efforts to release their negativity and adherence to events that would seem to be beyond their control, and that of course is ludicrous since every human being is capable to manifest his will power and render events in their lives that enhances their quality of life. For those affected by it may perceive it as an unbreakable rule for it has affected them in all matters of their way of life. Unstable decision making, an ally of coincidence, it may seem strange for it to be but its current programming too will find that its endurance is eroding and its function will be enhanced with every arriving divine energies with the sole purpose of ascending humanity to a pure self-governed individual with divine virtues in which all that he manifest will be deliver accordingly. Yes, I agree that most people may not recognize coincidence but if they could today, they will noticed immediately that their process of higher consciousness is been enhanced a certain degree of spiritual and emotional elements are rising at an accelerated pace, and recognize that their impacting in their live is for a happy and joyful lives.

The current emergence of the process toward higher consciousness is bringing a new order to everything on earth and is shifting, changing, eradicating elements or factors that once hampered human consciousness growth. No longer will be the arrangement of coincidence and chance will be the norm, contrary the most powerful manifestation in all of the universes and in Heaven, is “the will” alongside with the divine manifestation, “I am!” Where the I am defines “who you are”, the “I will” defines the “why you are!” And since both denotes divinity, your will is the ultimate if not the epitome of creation because if the “I am” can create as it depicted in the Bible, then the “I will” sees what has been created and recognizes it as being good.

Therefore, as the energies affecting humanity continues and our journey of ascension continues, the existence of coincidences will be diminishing and the virtue of the human will begin to rise finally taking over all the individual’s manifestations once controlled completely by coincidence. There will come a time in the not too distant future when your “will” manifest all of the aspect of your enhanced reality encompassing all of the aspects of your new life on a new earth. All that you need to do for the time being is to practice your manifestation with a pure heart, with pure intentions in the aspects that makes your life better but also for those that you love and watch after. Remember this; the I am exists because love exists throughout the universes. The will exist because peace exist. Manifest both and your reality shall be glorified. The decision to choose coincidence or the will is yours. You choose! But choose wisely. And so it is and forever be! Namaste