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The Magnificent Seven Virtues, Part 1

Greetings, my dear readers! It’s a delight to share with you this knowledge of the Seven Magnificent Virtues or Qualities within each human being with you during these festive days of 2019, and the coming year 2020. I am thrill, and in a sense of euphoria have engulfed my heart, spirit, and soul as I am finally witnessing the events, episodes, and transformations to be taken place during this year, and the coming year 2020. These events to be witnessed were provided with much love around the season of Christmas on the year 1981, and all are in full swing, sort of speaking. Therefore, the awareness of these virtues or qualities is an essential aspect of this divinely inspired revolutionary transformation for all of humanity, and the Earth. And to be here to be part of it, it is simply, awesome!

Consequently, it has become very important to be given thought to our divine makeup, and most important our purpose, and meaning in all of this. What is happening in the aspects of a transformation to the Earth at this time is not new, and neither for the universe but it is for us, humanity. It is the beginning of a marvelous spiritual journey that has a beginning but does not have an end as we have learned through our lives that all things presumably end. However, mankind will not see an end but a perpetual existence in which unconditional love reigns supremely over humanity. The ancient, and wise Masters recognized that the presence of unconditional love within humanity was one of the most important principles mankind had to learn, and understand its priceless characteristics, and adhere to ascend to divine levels because man at his creation was a being of such qualities that surpassed all other creatures created within this Earth, and possibly throughout the universe. One of these great masters was Emmanuel, Jesus, whose teachings were filled with these seven magnificent principles of divine influence. All of these principles, that can also be called endeavors, quests, and journey give away to the realization to mankind’s true identity , and purpose to be a unique being, and not to be considered to be an ordinary being.

Man has laid dormant for so long about his origins, and so has been his knowledge of how divine he is. Now, he is ready to be awakened, and to know who his creator was, why was he created, and the wonderful things that awaits him. This awakening begun really in December 21st, 2012 and it has continued ever since, and will continue for years to come. The year 2020 is the whistle, the shofar blowing , and the voice echoing the sweet call, “all aboard!” for the divine train of ascension is loading its awakened passengers toward a higher level of consciousness , and awareness never again to incapacitate humanity in the glorious knowledge in who we are. Therefore, our ascension ticket must reflect this that mankind has traveled the Earthly bounds, and along this journey he has made the seven destination stopovers during his lives. Thus, let’s define them in the ranking of high to low but keep in mind that all are equally important, and all relate to each other immensely.

All of the sources of these seven magnificent virtues have qualities within their own domain that defines its existence. That is, for example, the first and most important principle from birth to death, and is considered to be the core of humanity existence on this Earth prior to this divine transformation was, and is “love.” But refrain to think that the essential virtue of love reigning during this cycle of energies is the love you have been accustomed to believe, feel or share, Oh no! We are talking for a love best described as being directed, and manifested by a Supreme, and Divine Source. Our love concept for today, and the past was, and it is to be independent in its nature, and when this happens, negative emotions come with it. “The Source Love” that is here during this ascension, and transformation is much more than what you, and I have been accustomed to believe in, and feel. Our conditional love as it is now can break not only our belief, and our hearts when rejected but the Divine Source Love is eternal, and does not break hearts, spirits as our conditional love does. The Source Love, the crown jewel of the seven virtues cannot exist unless is webbed with all the things created that define love, such as kindness, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, etc. Similarly, just as the ground support the tree, and through its roots it attains the vital nourishment to grow, and be fertile, and during its growth it has branches with its final purpose to provide fruits to nourish man, so it is the way unconditional love is, and with it, the seven virtues interact, and are defined as one single divine unity. Unconditional love being the crucial of the seven is the essence, and image of the Source Creator, God. Unconditional love is literally everything that is above, and below. Source Love encompasses all that is within all of the universes. Just look up into the sky one clear night , and your soul will tell you that what you see is but an infinitesimal part of a greater domain, and yes, love, unconditional love reigns supreme in everything you see above , and on Earth. That is why the First Commandment makes it so straight, and simple, “Love God with all of your heart, and might.” Similarly, you, the man is being asked to do the same to your fellow mankind. Emmanuel, the Great Master often spoke of this principle as the foundations for a greater you. It was a simple command, “Love one another.” Yet, two thousand years have passed , and is not until the year 2019 that humanity will begin to experience a sense of consciousness that will allow him to finally understand why it is Source Love an immense , and essential aspect of the spiritual ascension currently taking place. This principle of unconditional love is the summit upon which mankind will recognize who he is, and why was he created in such divine image, and with this in mind, it brings me to the second virtue, “Knowledge.”

Knowledge is more than just knowing your ABC’s or counting numbers. In fact, it is the trunk of our pseudo tree mentioned above. And as the tree survives through its roots from which the tree absorbs the vital nutrients , and become a bearing fruit tree from which all creatures benefit from, so does mankind. Man has become the symbol of a divine bearing source in which not just a wish was conceptualized but an eternal endeavor which has been enacted now, and will be into perpetuity. Originally, we were, and are to some degree the symbol of unconditional love manifested in physical form but along our initial journey we strayed, and loss the perception of our creation, and purpose. Therefore, through the purpose of learning, and experiencing their impact, and attaining knowledge from it, these seven magnificent virtues allow our conscience to be awakened. The scales over our eyes are being removed, and humanity will attain the original knowledge of who we are, why we were created, and from where we came from? Once, we possess knowledge of all of these quandaries regarding our existence, the knowledge derived through the learning process of years of existence which every single human being must go through affords us to reach higher levels of consciousness. As of December 2012, we are no longer as children of ignorance but are citizens of reasoning. Imperative is for all of humanity to go through this spiritual , and emotional journeys because through the knowledge of right , and wrong we acquire the reasons for why they happened, therefore no longer making us, humanity, disciples of the Tree of Knowledge but a recipient , and integral part of the Tree of Life. And that is the divine inspired transformation for all of humanity.

In short, humanity has learned, and gained knowledge from all that it needed to be learned to ascend to a more divine existence. It was not an easy journey. I was tasked with such learning embedded in blood, sweat, and tears. But through it all mankind remained steadfast, and endured in many cases engulfed in agony, despair, and sorrow. Still, within all of these at time it seems hopeless but hope, a small ingredient within love, it sprung up taking root bringing about new aspirations, and devotions affirming our existence stronger each day. And so we find us here today at the end of a significant year, 2019, boarding a new journey with unbelievable emotional, spiritual, and oh, yes, divine rewards from a job well done. However, this is just but the beginning for there are other virtues to discuss, and see their impact in our now ascension journey.