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Affirmation, NOW!

Greetings my beloved readers , and friends, as always, may the peace of the universe , and the Great I AM be with you always , and your loved ones. Today is a glorious day! It may not seem that way at times but truly a glorious source of celestial energy engulfed our beloved earth yesterday , and affected humanity , and the elements subsequently, it excited our bodies to such degree that it affected the whole body not just a portion. As for me, it began Monday evening when my body began to feel the effect of a massive , and colorful wave of energy coming from a distant source that stimulated the earth , and our consciousness, our physical nature in various with side effects from headaches, migraines, upset stomachs, nausea, joint aches , and of course heart palpitations. This last one affected me throughout the day but by Wednesday morning it has eased but it was contrary for my wife, her symptoms began early Wednesday morning, and according to her input still was present this afternoon. I received feedback from friends, and acquaintances that they woke up with various symptoms as mentioned above. None felt that the symptoms incapacitated them but were very concerned. I shared with them what I noticed that had taken place for it affected me also.

We are creatures residing within realities in the past that glorified pain, suffering, and sorrow to say the least. We dwell throughout our lives within a balance between the tormentors of human stressful reality, and the light of a happy moment along the way. Well, as these energy waves have arrived, and will continue for the next eleven months, they are, shall we say, cleansing, purging, and polishing “the sacredness of our human condition.” Therefore, the symptoms derived from these that are massive, and colorful are not only necessary but vital for the decreed “ascension” in which currently the earth is going through alongside it we are too. Elements are being stimulated creating what we perceive to be natural disasters or unpleasant conditions throughout the globe but the elements are only reacting to the magnitude, and essence of the arriving waves just as our body is reacting. It just happens to be the constitution of been a human being.

I must reinstate to you, my beloved readers, that the year 2020 is more than just a new year, a new experience, no, it is more than that. It is a complete transformation journey for the earth, and for humanity. The divine journey has begun my beloved readers, and its purpose it has is “to create a greater you.” So, don’t feel in a state of “trepidation” at this time. Yes, you may feel a little bit confused , and in some cases a little frustrated with others or toward decisions you once could made with confidence. Yes, you will encounter a sense of rush, haste by other people , and you may looked at it as being shall we say, “ridiculous , and alarming” to say the least because you are going to find yourself analyzing every aspect of what you see. It will seem as if you had an extra set of eyes, another pair of ears, and greater mind capable of maintaining focus in just about everything you seemed before disregard. Yes, these feelings are real, and are the results of the effects these colorful waves are causing both on the earth, and humanity.

Sit, and relax, and let the energies of these colorful waves complete their assigned task, and be joyful of the divine affect that is been conducted in our behalf. It will pass my beloved readers. These waves are the “entr’acte” in other words the interval between two acts. In this case two awesome divine sponsored, and driving by the Great I AM, and its galactic cohorts. Definitely, a celestial performance, and humanity is the audience being entertained. As for beginners, the effects are removing your dependency, yes, the so well conditioning of the human species to be under a “condition to be dependent” as perceived by authorities in all levels of humanity’s existence. But since the arrival of these colorful energized waves our consciousness has been reprogrammed sort of speaking but not with the aim to become isolated but united in the idea that a human being is a divine creature, and capable of creating not only peace, and harmony but also denoting a level of love that reflects the love God has for creatures created.

Consequently, my beloved readers please listen to your body. It is “talking to you”, and believe it or not it is also “listening to you” as you read this article. What it is saying? For start be conscious of the fragility of its essence. Carefully guard it with respect, honor, and devotion. Recognize that its elements are part of a divine nature, and such requires a unique caring, and much tenderness. It’s amazing how carefully we can guard a diamond ring, a new car, or a priceless piece of art but when it comes to our body, and the uniqueness of its structures, we regarded as something less than vessel to contain a liquid. Would you be surprised if I share with you that you are your own healer? That maybe you could actually heal yourself from a known illness or disease? Well, the answer is a definitely, YES! But why is it then that I can catch a cold, the flu or have an illness that requires medical professional attention? The answer is in one simple thing, “focus!” Yes, the item, the thing, the essence that you place your focus, your intimate, and deep attention “determines your reality.” Therefore, if you think you catch a cold, the body listen, remember what I mentioned earlier, the body responds as you asked it for it to function. You are the creator, the one that manifest the outcome, the doer. This principle has been verifiable, and research have value statistic of the power of the mind to advert, obstruct or even create an illness. Have you heard of the word “placebo?” The body is listening 24/7 my beloved readers, and it does comply with every single thought you manifest as long as the intent is pure.

Thus, the awesome colorful waves has for purpose to assist you, your conscience, your mind to be altered to higher levels of consciousness in which you, the human being can discover not only who you are but how divine it’s your whole essence , and existence. The year 2020 is the year for “affirmations.” That is, having the glorious virtue to determine your future, your joy, your happiness, and your longevity. Yes, even how old or how far in years you desire to reach. As it for today, humanity has a limited years of existence but the glorious, and divine future will have living to at least been 120 years old. Some of you will live much longer all due to the ability to recognize that you have the abilities, and the means to heal, and regenerate your bodies, your cells, perpetuate living until you determine when to cease existence. Don’t you remember what the bible said? Isn’t the soul eternal? Then, you are the divine master of your soul along with eternal spirit that encompasses your divinity, just as the bible describes it in Genesis.

Now, drink plenty of real juices, water, and eat greens for the next two weeks. Refrain from caffeinated beverages, fast food, and of course any tobacco. Ouch, that is a lot to ask you may say but remember the colorful waves are to assist you in purging not only physical but also emotional aspect of you. You been spiritually bathe to receive divine new garment called, “the new consciousness.” Therefore, the more aware you are of what is taking place, the easier it would be through this divine celestial journey. Here is a good example. There are some people that can be in a sea ship during a storm in which the boat is tossed around causing discomforts to its passengers. Some passengers literally feel that they are going to die of motion sickness, and yet others can go by without a single symptom of motion sickness. What causes such differentiation? For start, conditioning of course, lack of fears, and most definitely being cognizant that a situation such as the one described may occur while enjoying a cruise. Therefore, preparation is a must, just as it is with the arrival of these phenomenal colorful waves. More on this in my following article “the Emotional Rainbow.” I love my friends. Be strong. Hold to your divine nature, and you will endure this small highly energized spiritual transition. This is nothing compared to what will take place during the spring of 2020. I can hardly wait for this truly galactic event. And so it is my friends. Namaste.