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The Essential Corona Virus Last Chapter

Greetings! my Brethren of the Great Light. May, the love and benevolence of the Great I AM be with you and all of humanity in these glorious days ahead of the dawn of a new earth and a purer conscience as never seen before. Ahead, gratitude, honesty, and love wait for all of humanity. This and much more are within the grasp of every human being presently living on this earth. Yes, the end of the crisis is at hand. The virus will soon be taking its last breath of existence and this will be noted in the time with the sunrise on Sunday, April 12. Let it be known that the viral war is approached its zenith after the seventy-two hours of supplications to the Great Source, God I shared with you previously. Your genuine appeal to God and to the whole Divine Universe was heard. The virus will not dominate humanity and neither will humanity be caught emotionally and spiritually disabled ever again.

The last chapter of COVID-19 began to be written the evening of April 6, 2020 and the next day, April 7, the trumpet began the eradication of our fierce enemy, COVID-19. Herewith, I express my gratitude to all of you that accompanied me in supplications during those seventy-two hours along with nearly over a billion Light Workers and Star Seeds who dedicated their lives to up hold the divine nature of humanity, especially during this crisis.

Therefore, as to the why these dates, let me refresh your memory. For those that have been following my articles at the website, www.thejerusalemassembly.orgwill recall that I am a strong believer in Mr. Nikola Tesla regarding his theory of validity of the numbers, 3, 6, and 9 as pivotal elements throughout the universe. It is through this theory and others found during my studies that I often apply together with the spiritual messages received when applicable such as the inexplicable existence of COVID-19. I use this intuitive method when conferring to my readers the validity of the subjects I write, thus, a numerical matrix “are always” the determinant of events, acts, and even episodes affecting an individual to a whole nation. In this case of COVID-19, it involved the whole globe.

Therefore, here is a version of the time and numerical values as it applies to the existence and impact of COVID-19 which humanity in a sense holds a deep hostility. Thus, let’s begin. The first case of COVID-19 was in China on November 17, 2019. Immediately, you should recognize what is call, “synchronicity” regarding the date been the sum of the number “20” (1+7+2+0+1+9). We are in the year 2020. Next, if you add the number 11 for November, another significant number is revealed and that is the number “31”. This number for those that have been deeply involved in the study of the last three years of Jesus ministry would find it to be critical in his spiritual movement for it was during the first period of his ministry (31 years old) that he was finally able to begin to actually be recognized to not only being a Rabbi or teacher, but as a similar prophet as Elijah, and during his thirty-first year he was performing miracles referred to in the Gospels. A year later in 32 A.D. (A.C.E.) his cousin, John, The Baptist was beheaded at Mkhaira, a fortified palace that was located on a hilltop. This place just happens to be about 16 miles from where John baptized people, the Jordan River. John’s beheading took placed a few days just before a festival we know as, “Passover” after he had spent two years in imprisonment. A year later, Jesus is condemned to die prior to the “Passover” festival. Coincidence? No! It is pure destiny. Here, let me add something for you to consider. Days before John’s decapitation Herod and his entourage were celebrating the upcoming Passover. A close scrutiny of the writings of Flavius Josephus tells us that it was the first week in Nisan (April). Also, to consider, Nissan or April for us, was commanded by God to be the first month of the year (Exodus 12:2). Therefore, due to the difference between Lunar Calendar as the ancients did during John and Jesus times places John, the Baptist beheading around the 4 to 7 of April. I believed that it was Nissan (April 4, 32 A.D) which coincides with our “Day of Supplication”, April 4, 2020 (read previous published article, 04042020). In both matrixes, 040432 (4+4+32=40, or 4+4+3+2=13) and 04042020 (4+4+20+20=48, or 4+4+2+0+2+0=12) much later about the number 48 but the significance between John, the Baptist’s beheading and our date is one number or one year in its sums, and it is this one year we know as 2020 in which humanity will ascend to “higher consciousness.” Yes, it will take a full year since the first case of COVID-19 entered the nation to have it eradicated and the judgments completed.

In addition, the difference of the one year happens to be also the time interval between John, the Baptist’s beheading and Jesus crucifixion. Therefore, there is “an alignment” in these vital episodes and our times. It is also vital to point here that as during the same days of April Jesus entered Jerusalem in celebration a year before John, the Baptist was being sentenced by Herod as he fell to the princess Salome wishes and Jesus during that time a year later turns the tables at the Temple securing his death. Just two days apart in a year, Jesus would die on the cross, and it was also Jesus who was brought to Herod as it was for John, the Baptist. Coincidence? Not at all my beloved readers, destiny appointed by a matrix of time and numbers.

Let’s continue, on January 15, 2020, it was disclosed the first case of COVID-19 in the United States was in Washington State. The person entered the United States late December 31, 2019 or January 1st, 2020. After this individual traveled throughout the neighboring cities it did not show any symptoms for two weeks (14 days) until the 15th day where he was diagnosed to have fever and other related virus conditions. From November 17, 2019 to January 1, 2020 there are 45 days, again let me remind you of Tesla’s important value of the number 9 (4+5). And if you are keen to “synchronicity” of events to numbers, you will recognized that the number 45 for the days mentioned above, also pertains to our president been the 45th president of the United States and it happens to be him who is the sitting president during this “global crisis” being the captain of the vessel during this trial-some viral journey. I am sure that destiny (universe) selected him, the president to be here at this time and at the helm of this ship called, United States of America. You can refer to read an article I posted three years ago in my website, again with a matrix, “” before he was elected.

It is also of interest to mention here that numbers 4 and 5 can be very revealing for scripture fanatics discovering similitudes acts or events. It happens to be in Genesis 4 where it relates the ordeal between God, Cain, and Abel, especially verse 5 where we find for the first time a displaying of an emotion that would follow us, well, until this year, 2020. It was and has been “anger.” Anger is the result of “fears” which was the first feeling or deep emotion suffered and experienced by man. Adam was the first and since then, we all have experienced it. In Adam’s event, it was God who “angered” after Adam felt shame and disclosed his disobedience (Genesis 3:10-13.). Later during the conflict between Cain and God, and Cain’s disappointing scene, made him very angry resulting with the death of Abel, and since then mankind learned that “hatred” turns into “violence” and violence culminates into harm and death. This crisis brought all of these emotional feelings to reality. However, they were necessary for the “change of outcome” for humanity on this year 2020 as COVID-19 placated our negative arrogant emotions.

Now, continuing, we were informed that on March 3, 2020, New York reported its first case. From November 17, 2019 to March 3, 2020 are 108 days, again Tesla’s theory for the number 9 (1+0+8). By March 16th, 2020, COVID-19 began its deadly journey thru New York City. It was in my consideration the zenith of the virus as it was affecting the whole nation. It was during this period of March 3 to April 4, 2020 that all things began to shall we say, “Go to hell!” During this period, the president at his best began his daily briefings and of course news media were acting more like angry baboons rather than coherent individuals worsening the outcome of the virus as they convey fear after fear to the public. It was during this period that Light Workers and Star Seeds began to unite and conducted intense meditations to appease the fears of this nation and the world of course. The “line in the sand” was drawn for April 4th, 2020 to be the turning point for the virus. I, as others understood the significance of this day as we became cognizant of the ancient events that touched us all. Massive, I mean massive meditative efforts were made along with supplications and prayers throughout the world, including the Pope to not only advert further chaos but also deaths. I wrote about this in a previous article also on my website. The question that remains is when can humanity breathe a sigh of relief? I mentioned earlier some signs that the virus is no longer a threat as it has been. The supplications were accepted and agreed by the celestial domain that it would be necessary and much need for the virus impacts and activities to be tamed and this will be made known by Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020 afternoon. This will reflected in our spirits as our hearts will generate a “side of relief” after conveying to the Great I AM that the example of love toward mankind is so much more valuable now on April 19, 2020 than it did back in Jerusalem one day in April (Nisan).

More regarding this in next article, “Celebrating the Festival of Freedom.” Until then, God bless, you all and keep safe. And so it is! Namaste.