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Celebrating the Festival of Freedom

It may sound a little bit absurd, or may be ironic that a large portion of humanity is celebrating and will be celebrating what is being called, A Celebration of Freedom and it is becoming more as an auspicious and rewarding festival for so many human beings during such a global crisis but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Greetings! My beloved and dearest readers. Yes, we are at the end of two thousand years journey of servitude to a mental process (conscience) that placed just about every one of us under a dome in which our thoughts, actions , and in some cases, our beliefs collided with divine reasoning. But that will soon find itself precipitously by the abyss and with assistance of the Great I AM’s breath will stumble over never to enslave humanity as it did for thousands of years. Thus, it is a festive period as we continue on the path of genuine honesty filled with truth and honor to all that is great and divine about every single human being. Of course, to ascend to this level of divine pleasantry of virtues and celestial gifts, humanity must endure a little longer the presence of the ocean’s relentless stormy waves from COVID-19 that humanity has been dealing since November 2019.

Therefore, it is time to continue our quest to write and explain its final chapter through the insights found in the narrative of the Bible. As I discussed in the article, The Essential Corona Virus Last Chapter, there are signs in every event in which humanity is a key player. We already know much about COVID-19’s birth or initial appearance. How it grew with such aggressive speed, and deadly interactions it had with humanity. Now, let’s find out the possibility of its death through the matrix of numbers as it applies to.

We mentioned its origin or its birth to the world was on November 17, 2019 in China and it was discovered to be in America on January 15, 2020. We also know that March 3, 2020 was the presents in New York and from there it spread like wild fire. Since then, thousands have died worldwide and in the USA and we have reached a staggering numbers of infected individuals. In fact, we surpassed China in cases infected with the virus and also deaths. Not a statistics any one could predict in January 2020. What caused it to spread so rapidly? Well, I leave that to the analytical political minds that would wrestle among themselves with who is to blame for this demise. But, I can share with my readers that this crisis did not stem from either the divine or mother earth. That I will assure you however don’t be surprised that in some discussions the heavens and mother earth will be blamed for it.

Yes, the crisis of COVID-19 has begun to take its last breath as we speak. What humanity must begin to exercise is patience and consolation. By Easter Sunday afternoon as many around the world bring about the Jerusalem remembrance of a great sacrifice given for humanity for a new beginning, it is also for all of humanity in 2020 to recognize. Consequently, the darkness the world was placed in for a while was a stumble in the road of ascension; however during Easter Sunday, humanity will begin to see the light of a new humanity, a new earth making its gleaming light appear as a sign of hope and beginnings.

Yes, fifty days (50) from this Easter Sunday, humanity must travel a new road discovering the divine principles that make mankind the greatest being in the universe, and finally, mankind will inherit a place of honor among all the entities residing in the domain of the Great I AM. A precious and unfathomed spiritual revelation will be revealed during the celebration of the festival of Pentecost, and the virus will be a footnote in the history books from there on. That date is May 31st, 2020, which is also recognized and accepted by most of humanity to be the Day of Ascension yes, the day Jesus ascended to the heavens and also commemorates the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples. This will be a momentous day. Not only remembering Jesus’ ascension, the descent of the Holy Spirit over to the disciples but also, the The Great Ascension of Humanity! Yes, my beloved readers, the spectacular ascension better known as The Great Shift for all of humanity to a greater consciousness for all times will begin exactly at this time. Unfortunately, humanity had to experience a global demise to understand the vital importance of knowing and feelings the needs of love, compassion, mercy, and recognize without a doubt that suffering is equal to all of humanity as well as caring for every one on this earth. Otherwise, we would have continued living in the darkness of negativity and been in spiritual enslavement until we no longer existed. As the great reverend Martin Luther King eloquently said it, Free at last! Hallelujah!

Finally, the question you all may be thinking about why May 31st, 2020, why not another date? It is simple; it is found within the Bible as a point of reference as mentioned earlier. But first, let me address this. Every event that affects humanity in total is not something that is construed in what you call coincidence. In fact throughout the Bible you will find references and applications such as the one regarding the onset and fall of COVID-19. The key is to find a beginning. More than often man defends itself with subjective speculations sort of like shooting in the dark. It has been a good tool but it is like using a sling-shot toward a moving elephant, hoping a lucky shot may bring it down. It can happen but it doesn’t take place often. The Bible has an example of such a small chance to greatness (1Samuel 17:49).

There will always be potential possibilities. The vital factor or factors deals with humanity’s ability to deal with them wisely which more often than not, we make unwise decisions such as the global case of COVID-19. There is always a learned perspective in any event or act whether it is in a simplistic or complex one in nature. This is the value of COVID-19 as it applies to its existence and can be demonstrated by the time matrix herewith outlined. For example, we know the virus plague began on November 17, 2019 as mentioned above. That is the start and finding the possibility (for the skeptics) can often be found within previous global catastrophes toward humanity, such as The Floods. Embedded in the scenarios of the Floods are the numerical matrixes that can give us a blueprint of any possible event affecting humanity, and inclusive, the virus impact.

We are all familiar what God asked Noah to construct. God gave Noah specific instructions and measurements that when scrutinized have significant meanings applicable to any chaotic event hindering humanity’s achievements. These, measurements or numbers given by God in terms of dimensions for the ark, numbers of animals, levels , and of course, the time element of the floods are the ones used for this article as I researched it and coincides with major events affecting humanity on the grand scale. It is here, in the Bible in the chapters of the Floods that I found the key to the end of the virus for this generation after receiving input from my higher self and through meditative periods. Here, it is. It is simple and has merit. According to Genesis Chapter 7, the floods are described in detail but I want you to observe the total number of days the waters were apparent throughout the globe, equally can be noted that COVID-19 spanned the whole globe. In Genesis 7:24 the Bible tells that the waters remained for 150 days on the earth after the 40 days of rain. A little skeptical? We know that the virus was present on November 17, 2019 in China and USA’s first case was January 15, 2020. There are 45 days in between the two dates. This is a vital number as explained in the article, The Essential of Corona Virus Last Chapter already posted. What is significant is how the dates are applicable to the destiny matrix. For example, let’s start with this, according to statistics, 430,000 people have traveled from the site of COVID-19 China to the United States. This 430,000 number is similar to the numbers of corona virus people infected as of two (2) days ago recorded in the USA. At present time of me writing, we are at 470,878 and will continue for another 14 days when across the USA will begin to stabilize and begin its down trend. That is 49 days from Easter Sunday. What is significant for the number 14? For example 14 generations from Abraham to David and it is well known the episode of David and Goliath. Also 14 generation from David to Jesus. All of these may seem coincidental but I assure you, they are not! Numbers says it all. Sort of like “X” marks the spot.

Continuing with the COVID-19 saga and its numerical matrix, by December 27th, 2019, most of the world was celebrating the holidays with joy, gifts, and laughter and looking forward to the New Year festivities oblivious of what was just around the corner. However, going one step further from November 17, 2019 to the Chinese New Year celebration on February 5, 2020 is a total of 80 days. What is significant of the number 80? It happens to be represent, abundance, gratitude, and generosity but also is a designator to explain events affecting humanity. In this case the number 80 represents the age of Moses when he led the people out of Egypt, remember the Exodus story? Isn’t this festival of thousands of years ago still celebrated today? Is it not celebrated for 10 days in the month of Nissan (April 2020)? Very interesting since the case of COVID-19 aligns with all of these numbers mentioned. In addition the number 80 represented all three of these virtues, abundance, gratitude, and generosity and prior to the virus epidemic, humanity lacked these sentiments toward each other. For example, “abundance” which easily can be denoted as wealth, rich economy, and plenty ego; which it was more than often found not only in our nation but also in great nations like China and European nations to mention a few. We lacked love, sympathy, compassion, and kindness. Some of you may argue that we did not but the true reality is that we, including me to some degree, upheld a high degree of arrogance that sprawls on all levels of our daily lives all the way to our nation and even to smaller communities. Oh, yes, I know you may infer that it was not arrogance but pride but throughout the Bible there are numerous examples that would dispute this. Arrogance denotes being overly convinced of one’s own importance and this was as the air we breathe throughout America and the world.

Thereby, I want you to be cognizant that any event, whether affecting an individual or a nation, always there will be a numerical matrix or numerical value that is the contributor or at least it can define the nature and severity of the event. Simply putting it, your conscience and your manifestation create your reality and the event. When it is global it is usually manifestoed because a segment of human beings are in unison manifesting such reality. In more poignant term, you are following a horoscope individually tailored by you yet, you may not be aware that it is or was you that manifested the emanation of such events, as did humanity with COVID-19. You may say that is preposterous! But realistically, it is not. Variables that cannot be understood as of right now but with the coming Great Shift in consciousness in the future you will be able to recognize the major impact you, your mind has in all you do and avert any conditions that may jeopardize your joy and peace. Simply putting it my dear friends is this; you are going to be a lot smarter and a lot wiser that what we are now. All of what I have pointed herewith, you already have within you. It is called, the soul. Yes, the eternal and divine nature of the soul is what shall rise to the occasion soon enough. I addressed this in previous articles.

The fact that the virus affected us in such magnitude can be referred to or at least the reasons as the background behind its existence and also you can add the lack of a caring and honest attitude to tell the truth once it was discovered. Sadly, arrogance is also the fertile ground for abundance and this will continue long after COVID-19 has been eradicated for honesty has lacked for centuries and may still be with us for a little while until every human recognizes that denial, deception, and the on-going global travesty cease to exist and a society based on genuine and intentions becomes the source of its existence. This is why I am very leery and hesitant to adhere to any politician or any individual in authority that promises to give everything for free. There are no such things as free, not even free healthcare, free housing or so many others things politician tend to offer to be elected. You may be inclined to ask, what this has to do with the COVID-19 crisis. I will say everything! Why? Because it clearly showed the world that there is no immunity or free enterprises to which a life can hold to exist except your own individuality which should never be compromised by you and your free will! And this is the degree of impact COVID-19 will leave in us for decades to come unless every human being resolves on May 31st, 2020 to have a genuine and honest conviction and pure intent to be a resolved being in embracing harmony, unconditional love, and peace, not only in our individual self, but those near us from our loved ones to coworkers. COVID-19 taught us patience and fragility. We as human beings can now grasp the virtue of patience to greater manifestations in our lives. COVID-19 caused us to look inward not only away from society but it brought us closer to God. We witnessed the numbers of fatality rise. During this unaverted crisis how many of us felt threatened and somewhat frightened of what we once had? I would say, just about everybody. Has COVID-19 created more aspects of life we never thought of them? Yes, and as we are in the down trend it is time to reason with the truth, the genuine state of every human being on this planet because the virus affected all of us regardless of where we lived or of what status. Let’s not become again the human beings that brought upon us this crisis. Let not the cessation of this virus in our lives make us disciples again of the materialistic motives that once ruled over us because if we did it will be not only be an emotional chaos but it would be on a higher scale in comparison to the current. This would be an unwise decision. Be a fertile human being in planting divine hopes, love, and expectations. You will harvest a bountifulness of divine treasure as never imagined, and this is the reward of the last two concepts, gratitude and generosity which are an intricate part of the Great Awakening for all of humanity in the year 2020, however it does come with a caveat. Your free will will be the tool from which all your manifestations of good, love, and peace will be created and in some degree, control. Yes, it will be your own free will that will accompany you to this Great Ascension as it was for the disciples that Pentecost day in Jerusalem.

Finally, here is the rest of the story. From November 17, 2019 to February 15, 2020 were 36 days (Tesla theory, 3+6=9) since the first infected person entered the United States and from February 5th, 2020 to March 3, 2020 is an additional 27 days (2+7=9). Now from the Chinese New Year, the year of the rat (the culprit of the Black Plague in Europe) February 5, 2020 to May 31, 2020 is a total number of 116 days total. Now from November 17, 2019 adding this 116 days we arrived at March 16, 2020 and it was during this period of March 15 and 16th that people throughout the USA went on a buying spree of toilet paper and paper towels. It was during these two days that people began to see the seriousness of COVID-19 and its impact on a global scale. From those two days until now, we have been secluded, isolated, and to some degree fearful of the future and what it would hold. Well, everything will be well. Practice patience and more often than not, please recognize that the virus did not hinder your audacious attitudes toward other human beings but also to those closest to you. Therefore, bringing you to be at home was the best antidote for all of your emotional and spiritual virtues. In fact, you may have already observed this but I know you will recognize it later that God is not in a house of worship as many of you may have considered before him to be, but deep inside your divine spirit and soul you will find out that He is in your own home and has been all this time! This is one of the principles of The Great Ascension, the Great Light, and the Great Shift I have outlined all of these in my previous articles.

So, there you have it. The birth and the end of COVID-19 for this generation is 150 days as referred in Genesis 7:24. Take note, November 17, 2019 adding 150 days comes to May 31, 2020, Pentecost. Coincidence? The answer is within you as it will be all of our new decisions emerging from the soon to be here, Great Shift. Yes, a great and awesome shift, change, or ascension will be upon us on Ascension Day or shortly after that. It will all depend on humanity, and our assessment of the viral crisis and what was learned to become a more spiritual global society. All is in each one of our hands. What will be your outlook for the year 2020? I hope it will be one filled of unconditional love, harmony, and kindness. That is what Jesus left with his disciples and it was sealed by the Holy Spirit. Would you not desire this descending spirit to descend upon you on Pentecost also? It can be! You need to believe in the Great Change and Shift but also in that the Great I AM, the Supreme Source and all of His devoted celestial beings that love you and seek your divine nature to be your strength as it was for me and billions of Light Workers and Star Seeds during the 72 hours of supplications. And so it is and shall be forever! Namaste. I wish you and your family the happiest and peaceful Passover and Easter celebration. Truly, this is going to be a celebration of Freedom but above all, The Celebration of the Light over Darkness. To Life!