A spiral stack of numbered tiles

The Numbers Tell It All, 02022020

Greetings my beloved readers and friends! Again, January is becoming a memorable month not only for its impact on our emotional elements but for something more exciting. In previous articles I suggested for us, humanity, to begin to consider abnegating some of the negative emotions that for centuries not only impacted but dominated our cultures. This negative emotional state literally kept us from achieving the universal freedom of “free will.” It was not until the year 1987 that a new divine trend began to be sown upon the earth. As any seed is required to germinate, and began their journey to greatness, so was for humanity. This seed growing journey is known today as “ascension.” It began to sprout on December 21st, 2012. Ever since then the journey, and its purpose have been irreversible, and destine to fruition.

The year 2020 is one of those significant dates for humanity. It is the onset of great “celestial manifestations” in which all aspects of our being has been affected in a grandiose manner. These various interventions have the purpose to bring about a change in humanity’s conscience. What this means, is that the way we used to think, perceive, and make judgments are antiquated , and are now being not only replaced but enhanced with a new concept that will be known as “unconditional love,” again, in previous articles I have referred to the priceless values of these divine interventions , and manifestations. Humanity is on a journey that won’t only change our aspects of our body, our emotions, but more than anything else, the understanding of our spirituality, and divine nature.

Therefore, whether you have not become cognizant that things are changing, the reality is that it is happening, and is truly taking place on a daily basis. It started with the new energy waves that began since January 1st, and will continue until December 31st of 2020. These cosmic waves are affecting various aspects of humanity’s makeup. For example, the waves of January 11th caused not major physical disruptions but altered emotional states in individuals. Some of you may have experienced various emotional symptoms such as becoming upset to a behavior from someone, a disgust related to a negative outcome, or feeling withdrawn, and this was must prominent more toward the afternoon of January 11th (111).

The key is to recognize not only their possible arrival but their duration, and effects are within repetitive aspects of numbers. This is the key to understand what is taking place. The numbers entails markers or signs along the way of this “ascension journey.” It allows for humanity, us, to be aware of their effects but more often than not, to be prepared. For example, January 11th can be considered as 111. February 2 would be 222. March 3 as 333, April 4 as 444, May 5 as 555, and so on. This is known as “synchronicity,” simply meaning that various divine, galactic, cosmic manifestations are “synchronous elements” in this case “cosmic waves” arriving on earth from the “Great Source, the Great I AM” are united not only in purpose, make up, but also strength.

However, for this article, I am exclusively going to address the month of February because it does have some significant numerical values that are better than signs or markers along the roadside. They have valuable and interesting data or better yet divine essence in which will cause conscience changes relating to emotional disclosures. February 2020 has all of its cosmic mechanism “synchronized.” That is, the agenda for February, and its effects on earth will be noticeable throughout the world because the greatest impact will be on the elements of our earth. Yes, natural ones along with our emotional ones. It is going to be an energetic emotional package deal. The most significant dates to keep in mind are, February 2nd, 222, made of February being the second month of the year, day 2, and year 2020. Better yet will be February 20, 2020 it will refer to the maximum “synchronous period.” Simply means that during these date, significant changes or an emotional shifts can occur in which certain emotions may be brought to the surface of humanity’s consciousness. Its effect will depend in how each individual’s spirituality, and of course emotional state is at. What is significant about these days is that the numbers are not only in “synchronization” but also align in reverse, something that is very unusual, and defines significant events, interferences, or modalities. Thus here it is, February is 2, that day is Saturday 2nd, the year 2020. Its synchronicity will be read as “02022020” Now if you were to reverse the number from left to right you will discover that they are “synonymous.” Would you call it odd? I would respond, no! It is simply, synchronicity at its best. That is, all a congruency, a divine agreement from the Great Source, the Great I AM that “all of the aspects” of humanity’s ascension are going according to the divine plan decreed back in the year 1987.

But I have saved the best for last. The synchronicity of the numbers “02022020” referring to be February 2, 2020 is the initial marker of an unprecedented set of arriving energies, on this case waves to continuing stimulating our emotions. Its purpose is to alter our deep heartfelt emotions of love along with its attributes of compassion, mercy, kindness, and harmony. These powerful waves are stronger, and denser, and possibly more influential than the ones received on January 11th. I believe strongly that the second of February 2020 will be the initial process of raising humanity to higher awareness of our conscience. Its purpose is for humanity, us, to assess the aspects of our lives, such as our jobs, relationships, goals, and most important, our spirituality because “pure spirituality” cannot exist unless is cohabitated with “purity of love.” And is my believe that this will be made available to humanity from February 2, 2020 to February 20, 2020 along with what I call it, a cosmic cameo appearance or disclosures with substantial evidence that we are no longer the only ones in this universe.

Conclusively, from February 2nd to February 20th are 19 days. Here are some very important facts about the number 19. It was considered in ancient times to be the “number of Surrender. In this case, it has been the divine purpose for humanity to “let go” of negativity that has shackled humanity for thousands of years. The cosmic waves soon to arrive have for purpose to alter the elements of the earth but it does also humanity’s principles toward positive emotions. The number 19 always carried within it secrecy, not only to nations but for each individual also. Therefore, I strongly believe that during these 19 days what was kept secret will no longer be a secret, and it will affect all of the earth, from every one of us to our beloved nation. The number 19 also denotes “spirituality” especially when we deal with “unity” among the “soul, and spirit.” Yes, my readers, the coming energetic waves during this period of nineteen days are going to affect you as it has never done before. The cosmic wave’s greatest purpose is toward “unification.” Yes, “unite!” everything from people minds, heart , and soul, and our beloved nation has been divided, disunited , and torn apart by “negativity , and spiritual insolence” that allowed to run unrestrained will cause grave consequences to this nation’s dignity. Thanks to the intervention of the Great Source, God will allow the revealing truth of the negativity that cause not only a spiritual , and emotional pandemic in American’s conscience but also the perpetrators with their altered motives , and all will witness the “truth of their ill intentions” causing such division among the American populace , and unbalancing the nation’s consciousness.

Finally, here it is. Regard those 19 days as you would treasure a valuable diamond ring but better yet, consider that these 19 days are preamble of a “Grand Spiritual, and Emotional Evolution.” I already wrote about it in my article, “The Rainbow Color of Emotions.” One word of warning, there is no escape from the effects of these waves, might as well be prepared. The cosmic waves will continue coming, and each one will be more effective, and of a higher density. There may be some physical discomforts but that would be because the nature of our emotions. For example, if you maintain a healthy and positive outlook, emotionally that is, of your life, the resulting effect will be favorable in all of what you because these waves are like spiritual and emotional generators that recharge your emotional state in more positive outlooks, and results. On the other hand, if you daily act in your dealings is accompanied with negativity, the energy of these waves positive effect would contradict with your negativity thus creating “an unbalanced” consequently you may find yourself with the old proverbial saying, “hitting yourself against a wall.” Simply, your negative emotions would override the influence of the divine purpose of the waves causing physical, emotional, and psyche discomforts throughout these 19 days. In short, as of right now, “let it go!” of your negativity, your grievances, your hatred, your discriminating attitude , and embrace cohesiveness, pleasantry, joy , and content, and most of it all, “forgive yourself as well as others.” Remember that is before us is not something brand new, of course it is not. Once about two thousand years ago, a great master once spoke of all of these things the cosmic waves are, and will be doing for humanity today. Back then, the words were part of an announcement toward a spiritual life of people with a difficult existence under Roman tyranny, and despotism. Those spoken words during “The Sermon on the Mount” are now our guidelines to a higher level of consciousness. It was difficult for the people of Jesus time but it should not be for us, we are two thousand years older, and we are to be considered beings of higher intellect. Be emotionally prepared. Believe with your heart, and refrain the mind from overtaking the goodness of your positive emotions. You are a unique creature before God’s eyes, and it is because of this that God has decreed for humanity to raise to greatness. Sit, relax, and enjoy the spiritual ride of February 2020. Laugh, entertain yourself with meditations, soft music, and go to gym if you can, and enjoy the great things a gym offers. Until then, I will be here providing you the spiritual inputs as they are provided. Smooth sailing my beloved readers. And so it is!