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The Savior Ones

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. There are no more worthy and suited words in all of the universes than these for the ones I will discuss in this article. Greetings! My beloved readers and friends, as we progress during this global viral crisis toward a peaceful ending, the more humanity recognizes not only our fragility but also our unyielding courage and dedication to remain hopeful that we are on the rightful path to a wholesome and greater humanity.

This is the third article in the series, The Chosen Ones. I never thought that the title of my novel, God’s Chosen Ones would refer to so much during this crisis. When the title was given in 1987, I thought that it was referring to the spiritual human beings that not only walked with God, followed his desires, and saw all of humanity as equal. In some degree all this is true but the onset of COVID-19 brought a more in depth meaning of the title and the people it was referring to.

Humanity sees the impact of this virus as tragic, and it is to some degree but it has also brought out the worst in some and the very best in others. Lately, there is a population of impatient Americans that are more interested in their right to choose their destiny than to observe diligence and wisdom this deadly virus mandates. In 1981 when the initial message was given, I was informed that the sign of disobedience and impetuous attitudes would be the sign that some would not be ready for the great challenge stored for humanity. The sign of impatience, giving to doubts and reckless ambitions would require further exercise of spiritual contemplation for those affected by it. In short, instead of patience and capable of enduring the crisis in peace and calmness, a dark energy or shadow would rise during this period and exercise a sense of doubtfulness to mankind and create a state of delirium of delinquencies that would affect them greatly without them being aware initially until it would be too late. It was also given that words of restrain and patience would not be heard consequently jeopardizing what was already achieved by the light of truth by the Light Workers who incessantly devoted much of their time prior and during the virus crisis for the wellness of all of humanity.

It was also given that from the shadows would emerge the figures that would offer a different perspective hidden in spirituality and a concept of, I could have done better! All that I have said is in the novel and yes, the aftermath of this upcoming dark wave over America will infect many and even the ones that were not infected initially will succumb to the virus on its second wave of infection. Humanity has been at this path many times before and the results have been disastrous. Those that are speaking louder of removal, doing away with, acting rebellious, and even threatening if not heard, should remember what happened on Mount Sinai. All I can share is don’t shake the burning bush you may find it to be, well you get the idea, more on this when I address the Apathetic Ones.

Now, for one of the greatest products of COVID-19, the appearance of the best human beings created, The Saviors. It has always been said that in every dark hour there is a bright light. Also, when humanity found itself in its last breath of life, a hero appears and saves the day. Such is in the case with COVID-19, except it is not only a hero but heroes that brought life to the many that succumbed to a reality filled with fears and tragic thoughts. The world recognized them as been, The Front Liners who without an ounce of fear, insensitiveness, or threat gave of the much needed ones kindness, life, love, peace, and comfort. Of all of the people involved in the awareness and existence of COVID-19 these individuals are not only the true heroes but The Savior Ones of humanity. It is for this reason they volunteered prior to the return to Earth to be the ones that would be there for the needs of the ones that became affected and infected by COVID-19.

They are the brightest stars in the universe right now and the most revered in the Heavens. There has never ben such dedication displaced in over a century. In fact, the span of heroes from all over the globe is mind boggling. Just as it would be in a war, some heroes fell at the hands of COVID-19 while at their very best. They, the great heroes and saviors are coming back with the first wave of the Returned Ones to be the Great Scientist and Doctors for a new humanity, a New Earth. That is their heavenly reward for such an unprecedented act of valor, dedication but more than anything else, their deep compassion for all human beings. It is this trait that they showed during this tragic crisis that Heaven and all Divine Beings see every human being can achieve. The Savior Ones are to be our role models for the new humanity. Their unyielding attitude and selfless acts are now more than musical notes in the Heavens. They are now the new stars emerging from far away galaxies. In short, their acts of valor and unconditional love toward others on Earth have become the spiritual epicenter for other far away cultures to live by. Such is the reward of all of those First Responders, the Police, the EMT’s, the Paramedics, the Nurses, the Doctors, the Ambulance Drivers, etc. Everyone from the bewildered and spiritual fragmented loved ones to the individuals that witness and give the last farewell as a portion of our beloved Earth was shared with the departed ones. To all of them, we, every American, every human being around the world must take our hats off to them. Recognize their tireless compassion, dedicated attitude, and selfless motives that are beyond the call of duty.

The Savior Ones forever will be the symbolism from which humanity will acquire its place throughout the universe. As they continue their relentless dedication to save lives, let’s recognize them by doing deeds of kindness, charity toward the needed ones, not on political affiliations. Provide spiritual comfort to the ones that need it urgently. Pray for the ones that are now echoing liberation because there will not be liberation until we comprehend that the crisis is not about isolation and loss of freedom but a time for humanity to become united and not separated as the past dictated to us. Also, to learn what it is to be within the realm of every universe and is for all of humanity to learn patience, peace, and love for all things. It is not until we understand such measures, that we will continue toward a journey of events affecting our emotional and spiritual virtues until it is understood that love and peace are the core of a New Earth and all of its inhabitants. Until then, humanity will endure each of the coming events with not only more frequency but also intensity, except for the Awakened Ones who have recognized the value of it all and remain steadfast that all is necessary to be prepared for the Great Shift, the Great Light. Until then, seek spiritual peace and contemplate that God is everything and that you, me, and every human being is divine and as such we are to be of a greater consciousness. And so it is and shall forever be, my beloved friends of the New Earth and the New Humanity. Namaste.