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The Rise and Fall of the Powerful Ones

One of the most difficult missions of a messenger is often thought to be in the response and the action the recipient will take after message is given. The Bible has various episodes in which the message given to the intended party was not received favorably and in many cases was neither for the messenger and the originator. Such is what I am about to share with you. The precatory of this message and the previous messages contained within my previous articles denote the need to understand the value of COVID-19 in which all of humanity became involved. Greetings my fellow brothers and sisters in the Great Light and Warriors of The Truth.

What the whole globe is going through right now is not a work of fiction with fictional characters, places, or made up incidents or the product of some individual’s imagination or all that is yet to be witnessed. It is as real as it is going to get and there is no coincidence involved.

COVID-19 has been more than a pain in the neck. Yes, there are other more descriptive suitable words to describe its impact on mankind’s lives. However, what is valuable in all of this is not its negative results but the exposure of entities once considered family and friends of the American people. COVID-19 was meant to provide for humanity to see not with his eyes but with his heart, soul, and mind the purpose of our existence but also our impact on this Earth. It is through these three majestic essences of every human being that the following is given.

I once wrote about what I considered the order of this nation and its people to be in chaos. In fact, I often have used the word Americhaos in my articles and you will find it in my novel, God’s Chosen Ones. The word Americhaos, I used to describe not only one episode but episodes in which our nation would be journeying on various paths in which our spirituality would be put to the test. It also used it to highlight the perils our society, our people had to endure not by our hands but the hands of adversaries that once sat with us at the so called friendly table but also by our own people. This elite order all American’s have known as delegates will be threatened not only by outsiders as COVID-19 will show but also by insiders within our nation. This iron clad order that remained as an elite group lacking spirituality and emotions toward the American people will be revealed all due to the existence of COVID-19. Surprised? Glad, it will assist you in recovering the pure consciousness once the fathers of this great nation saw and placed on a document that is as sacred to all American as is the Bible.

The people of this great nation will soon find out the chaos we have been in since the year 2000. The realization that America endured eighteen years (18, 1+8=9, Tesla theory) of what was thought to be the truth was but a camouflage for other activities which will be revealed to the nation all due to COVID-19. Baffled? Don’t be because if COVID-19 had not come to existence the American people would have never known what was lurking outside of their house and neither what dwelt within. In short, my beloved readers, the existence and the real presence of the crisis exposed a plan where you and your household were in eminent peril. Just contemplate this. Imagine for a moment the nation being your place of dwelling, your house. You are completely oblivious that outside of your house perpetrators are planning to come and take from you the joy of all that you have worked hard for. Similarly, those within your dwelling have plotted with outsiders on how to make the acquisitions with stealth, accuracy, and precise timing. You are happy dwelling in your castle and enjoying the fruits of your efforts. Then, suddenly an unexpected knock, event, or disturbance severs your happy moment. You seek to answer the condition that altered your peace while the perpetrators entered through the rear door with the assistance of one within your household to accomplish their intent to rob, acquire, and take away what represents your honor, dignity, and joy of what you consider to be priceless to you, your happiness, freedom, and spiritual values.

Get the picture? Yes, while we were entertaining a glorious economy and a very active way of life, along the forest beyond our view hidden were other rivals jealous of the goodness, bountifulness, and of a freedom that was the essence of this great nation. What does COVID-19 have to do with this, you ask? Everything! Before COVID-19, America was at the summit of prosperity and an enduring economy. We, all American’s, were benefiting in one way or another. It was this American uniqueness that was the weakness and the weapon of jealousy used to strike deep within the conscience of the American people producing the fear, dramas, and horrors we all have witnessed.

However, it is not only the one that pulled the bow to strike the American creed to be the foe. But as logic often seems to show, there are always ulterior motives. In the case of COVID-19, it was the mythological Trojan horse for us. Through deceptive manners and possibly altered intentions the culprits of this viral crisis made efforts to undermine the results of great economical victories achieved honorably through sweat, tears, and solid faithful beliefs by the people of this great nation. Such was the greatness and posture of this nation of such actions that raised the unique situation for the perfect opportunity for the rivals within the forest to build and enact their destructive plan. The deception, cunningness, and psychological weaponries caused the fall of Troy in the ancient past; the United States was similarly the same by giving us a sense of security that inadvertently affected the people and our great economy. It was the envy of the world and it is clearly written in the Bible, jealousy creates rivalry and with it comes death.

It is written, COVID-19 will expose all of this and more. It will be for all of us, the American people, to recognize that the truth we once believed for so long was but elusive and unsubstantiated reality orchestrated by a disguised group we called family. Thanks to COVID-19, we will have the priceless moment to finally be given the opportunity to determine what truth is and be revealed how each person found itself gullible to the orchestrated initiatives that made from individuals, groups, organizations , and even leaders ensuring for us to believe in all what they say to be the truth. Remember this, humanity was confronted once with the knowledge and understanding of the meaning the way, the truth, and the life. The way has been shown. It is humanity’s ascension to a greater level not only of consciousness but also manifestations. You know it as having faith. Next, the truth in all aspects, from the universe to the Earth will be revealed as well as the purpose of COVID-19. Lastly, the life is all about humanity’s divinity and virtues to be found on the New Earth which is at this point being prepared and soon to be revealed by the Great Shift in today’s humanity.

My dear friends, the final act of COVID-19 before the curtains come down will be the radical exposure of the, shall I call it, the agents or parties of COVID-19’s global play. But also, not one person acts alone because the duality concept that interacts in humanity often tells that the positive must have a negative. Therefore, whether with knowledge or not, there are always two entities, energies, outcomes in every situation. COVID-19 and its agents, for whatever purpose they had whether being malignant in tone or not, caused harm. But what was to be primordial to consider is why America was caught with its pants down, so to speak. Previous episodes have shown and taught us and the world the fragility of our environment and our wellbeing cannot be left to uncertainties. Therefore, why was our and the world’s complacency so dominant and our visionary attitudes occluded? The answer as it always is, we, the American people, and humanity were so preoccupied with internal matters that distracted us from the real danger lurking within the forest waiting for the right opportunity to strike. These are the two elements that contribute for COVID-19 to exist. The reasons for its usage will be made known, I assure you of this but also it will be brought to the American people the other players that may have been not aware that their internal doing was jeopardizing the freedom, peace, and integrity of the American dream and lives. Are these agents and organizations in some degree capable in contributing in COVID-19 chaos? I would say unequivocally, yes! The American Constitution is not a weapon but a shield. It has been used to many times as a weapon of destruction rather than a tool to produce good outcomes and this was not the intent of our forefathers, and the actions of congress in the last three years supports this view. The time has come for all Americans to know the truth and how so much was circumnavigated not only for COVID-19 to prevail but to be so effective causing such economic devastation and producing deadly results, bringing all of America to its knees.

The masquerade party the American people have witnessed since the 1950’s is coming to a close. At the stroke of midnight during this seasonal year 2020, all those participating in this masquerade party will be made to take their mask off and the American people finally will realize the ones hidden behind all those masks has affected and interfered in their pursuit of happiness as disclosed in our sacred document.

It was for them a feast of joy but the reality principle that will surge in the minds not only of the American people but of the whole world. The world will demand accountability to all that has taken place with COVID-19. Their demands will include an unprecedented awareness not only toward the environment but also toward humanity’s dignity all seeking an ultimate assurance that occult, hidden , and clandestine actions such as the ones beginning with COVID-19 never happen again. In short, humanity will seek new leaders who are truthful and honest. The rise of a new consciousness is at hand and a new humanity will emerge triumphant to last thousands of years into the future. The Powerful Ones from the past will fall after the revelation of 2020. Humanity will not be satisfied until the prime directive of all being equal is unanimously accepted by all 215 territories because all of them were affected by COVID-19.

History has shown the magnitude and power of mankind’s abilities to go from chaos to success. Our moment is here America. Let not the opportunity given by the universe and the Heavens be wasted by pursuing ideologies of a past, lacking the glory of being human, but also being children of a Great Source that sees in all of us goodness and prosperity for all to be equal. The organization or agents that made the Trojan horse and used it to elude us into affecting our divine spirit and conscience through doubts, fears, and tragedies must not succeed during the year 2020. What would you tell your children and grandchildren? That due to a personal vendetta against a person, a group, or an institution simply on the base of a tradition or antiquated ideology lacking merit now you chose to be indifferent to their needs and sought your personal ideology. Our lives were made better because the sacrifices and hardships our parents went through. They did this and much more without an ounce of personal gains but rather the only thought for them was to give us a chance they never had. Now, it is all of you Americans to consider whether you follow the antiquated ideas of a conscience that evolved only on narrow scope of a view prior to COVID-19, or rather contemplate the panoramic view we entertain before us into the years to come. It is all now up to you, citizens of America to dictate to the originators and all of those that participated in the existence of COVID-19 that we live in the land of the free and to the ones that have depicted death and tragedies as the source of news instead of identifying the many that have been restored to life and of course, those gallant, valiant heroes of every day, the Front Liners who without hesitation guarded lives with such fervor and passion knowing the dangers from it. These are the ones worthy of the news and should be recognized daily for their efforts. Equally, to the so called people representatives, the ones that stagnated the system with personal agendas affording the opportunity for COVID-19 agents seized the void or unsecured perimeter of our freedom and seized the opportunity to bring the most powerful and spiritual nation to its knees. To them and their agenda, I bring to your conscience to take notice and remember not their promises but their actions for they speak louder than their ill words. Yes, to all of those that directly or indirectly manifested the existence of the crisis, proudly with a loud voice in 2020 renounce across this nation and the whole world that, we, the American people are the proud citizens of a great nation known as the home of the brave!

Finally, at last, the hour of reckoning and accountability for the existence of COVID-19 has arrived for all involved my beloved friends and readers. Great is the universe. You know that I don’t often express much about politics but the daily interaction from the news media to the agents and organizations that have nothing more to do but create animosity with their personal attitudes when there are so many people, not only in America but throughout the world, being affected by COVID-19 is unjustifiable. It is vital during these times to observe silence, tolerance, compassion, and give supplications as well as thanks not only for us and our loved ones but also for our fellow human beings who do not have the pleasantries we have. That is what we, as human beings are supposed to be doing while the crisis continues. It will be a little longer for us and similarly for the rest of the world. Take the time to reflect on your blessings and respect with a contrite heart the miseries other human beings are suffering around the world. I can assure you, they wish they had the opportunity to come to America for opportunities we have taken for granted and more now than ever since COVID-19 has impacted their lives. Now is your moment, today, not tomorrow, to reflect and admire the greatness of God in this nation. It is also the time to contemplate and decide what world you are giving or leaving to your little ones, I am certain you treasure and love beyond measure. That is what COVID-19 was all about. Not death, isolation, or misgivings but rather is supposed to be a period of illumination for you, me, and all of humanity. Don’t waste this opportunity on a mundane ideology of the past. This is your hour of change. The fall of the risen Powerful Ones is within your grasp to manifest their defeat. Choose wisely and not poorly! And so it is and forever shall be! Namaste.