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The Next Step in Humanity’s Ascension, Forgiveness

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors! These are words we all have used since childhood. We have learned to understand that it is a form of prayer but in its original Aramaic form it meant, A Petition. That’s right! It is not only a genuine and truthful request from a contrite individual but seven humble petitions in which a person seeks the second greatest virtue of the Divine, His love for forgiving and giving. Greetings! My beloved readers and friends in the Great Light, I am please in sharing with you the next step in humanity’s spiritual transformation which in doubt, it may be the hardest for humanity having to deal with since forgiveness has not been humanity’s best attribute or cup of tea.

As we stand today, April 21, 2020, the USA has 816,385 cases of COVID-19, 45,174 deaths and 82,693 restored. The world has now 2,551,538 cases with 177,777 deaths as of 7:20P.M., New York time. My beloved friends and readers this is unprecedented to say the least, the realization that such numbers are frightful and to realize that they exist in our modern times is a matter of great concern. Giving thought to all of those human beings affected should penetrate the deepest emotions of every human being to become aware that further increase of the numbers necessitates for all of us, the ones not affected or infected to be the ones that begin the great act of petition on behalf of all of those counted souls as statistics of COVID-19.

We, humanity must immediately recognize that the time for the next step in humanity’s ascension has arrived my beloved readers. It is no longer, let’s see what happens. That period was achieved when the cases reached 2.5 million and 150 thousand deaths worldwide. As often I have repeated, there are no coincidences in any event in human nature. There is always a matrix of potentialities which does not contain the spectrum of coincidences. The reason for this is because we humans and all of the universes are within previously mentioned mathematical matrix of the values of numbers 3, 6, and 9.

The principality of these three numbers is reflected throughout the Bible marking eventual stages in human history. Therefore, an application for my issue here of such matrix is as such. According to the Tesla, whose soul will be returning with the Returned Ones to expand humanity’s technologies, states that every event throughout the cosmos is comprised and defined by these three numbers, 3, 6, and 9. Thus, 2.5 million when restructure as 2 plus 5 equals 7. The number 7 corresponds to the numbers known as secondary. The Bible in Genesis denotes the number 7 as completion, does it not? Therefore, the question is why did COVID-19 not begin its down trend at this point, especially in America, for us. If you notice, aren’t we the country with the highest numbers of cases and deaths? In fact, America far exceeded the numbers of cases from the originators of COVID-19 cases by an incredible 10 times more. I know what you may say, China may have not given the right numbers of casualties, however in either case, our numbers are extraordinary in the negative sense.

Again, 10, the number denoting a journey, an outcome, or a mandate and when it is view in its uniqueness, 1 plus zero equals 1. One is the loneliest number is it not? That is why the Great I AM, God created the three primary numbers that would determine unity and cohesiveness within all of the dimensions and along creating the secondary numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8. The number three (3) defines unity. The number six (6) denoting peace and the number nine (9) which denotes the ultimate and great essence of the Divine uniqueness found throughout the universes and galaxies.

Therefore, what happened? Why did COVID-19 continue in its upward spiral instead on its downward spiral? The answer is in what humanity did fail to do or failed to observe. Recently, I addressed the importance for at least here in the USA to do something significant to at least make an effort to let the Heavens and the Universe know that we understood the reasons and purpose of this crisis by placing red, white, and blue ribbons around any post, pole, or tree signifying unity in this country as we did at our home. I also asked for us to place decorated Christmas lights and keep them lit until such time COVID-19 would not be a threat. Finally, I asked the American people, if they could, to bring the Christmas tree out and decorate it with lights and keep lit throughout the crisis as a sign of unity and solidarity. These nationwide gestures would have been favorably accepted by the universe with open arms. I feel, it may be a little presumptuous of me but I really believe that any gesture of humility would have averted the condition in which we are at and possibly continue heading.

Since the numbers will be rising, the next step in humanity’s ascension is to understand humility. Not by fear driven or guilt. But by recognizing that all human beings created in God’s image we can appeal to the best nature of our Creator, God, his everlasting mercy to begin the cessation of the cases immediately and for humanity to begin embracing a sense of unity not only in the loss of lives but in the complete awareness that we, humanity has a Divine Father that loves us just as much as we love our own children, and if you were to lose one, life would be unbearable. The same is for our Divine Father toward us, His children.

Therefore, it is time for not only a Petition to eradicate COVID-19 but also to remember the heroes that stood throughout it all to save lives, the departed ones and of course, the ones left behind to mourn alone what was once to them, life! Yes, the time has come, America to set a day of supplications along with heartfelt petitions rather than being preoccupied with when can restaurants, parks, theaters, etc. open, which in my spiritual opinion would be unwise decision however, public pressure is the reasons why so many events, once thought to be wise in nature turned to be chaotic. Remember the World Wars of the last 120 years, public pressure was embedded in their decision. After all, it is in the novel and I indicated in my last three articles for I was shown that before mankind is worthy of the spirituality deemed magnificent humanity must not regress to the pettiness of an old earth but rather seek illumination from every aspect of each crisis, especially COVID-19. The day the stay at home order is lifted; it will be the onset from isolation to become desolation within the spirit of the unawaken American collective. Of course, this will not affect the Awakened Ones for we are very much aware of the steps to ascension toward the New Earth (fifth dimension) pertain to believe, dedication, trust, and regressive behaviors lived on an old earth (third dimension) are not the traits of an ascended being. As for my part, I will not adhere to being in gathering situations until the universe says it can be so or the Great I AM, God declares it to be so!

There is no need to attend a house of worship from the religious system you belong to offer a petition for a quick cease of COVID-19. Wherever you are, there will be God and all of His celestial beings. I can assure you that they are eagerly waiting for our supplications and petitions. Think for a moment what is keeping you from doing it? What has become the preoccupation that was so vital that has isolated you from Him at this time? Believe it or not, it was always you, the individual. Simultaneously, with this supplications and petitions on the top of the list all of us consider an act or acts of forgiveness. Yes, forgiveness my beloved readers. Humanity has many reasons to collectively recognize the urgent need to offer a petition in which we proclaim that our past was a degree of spiritual perdition and is now in urgent need of rescue. It is this essential aspect that must be addressed first and subsequently followed by our petitions for the crisis to abate quickly from the pain, sorrow, and sadness it has caused all of humanity.

As of this moment, The Great Forgiver awaits your genuine plead. Will you allow your heart and soul to direct you to Him, or your mind to disguise your deep inner emotions of His loving needs? Remember what the Great Master Jesus taught the people of his time and now applies to us, the virtues of forgiveness opens the gate of Heaven. To have, to feel, and to receive love, one must forgive. It begins by recognizing that we must forgive ourselves individually first. What? You would say to yourself but the truth is that to forgive yourself derives from this, love yourself as God loves you. Equally, forgive yourself as God forgives you. This is the sample of the death of Jesus. Did he not utter these words? Forgive them Father for they do not know what they are doing? What would you do? Your neighbor, your community, the nation, and finally the whole earth forgave? That is the dilemma now. Not until collectively humanity seeks the Great I AM and Father, we will continue on this ascension journey until we have learned forgiveness is the knowledge within this crisis. It is all up to you now!

Finally, the forgiveness I express herewith must be genuine. If you consider that you must go to the building in which you make your petitions to God as a congregation, I must convey to you that God has been by your side ever since your birth. He and His celestial entourage have been at every second of your existence on this earth. Therefore, they are now next to you waiting for your words wrapped in honesty, love, and compassion without the need of a specific day or place to seek His intervention. This is one of the reasons for you to be away from such places you viewed as the only places the Great I AM, God would be able to hear your supplications during this global crisis. The time has arrived for you to finally recognize that God is everywhere, even at your home! And so it is and forever shall be! Namaste.