The Inspiring Conscience

Greetings Children of the Light! It is with enthusiasm and best wishes that I continue the conscience awareness saga with the third article, denoting how an inspiring conscience can be a great asset to an already convoluted reality. Yes, my beloved readers, many times without our own awareness, our reality can be extremely complex with all manners of common deviation. I will be addressing these moments of complexity in this article. So, saddle up your horse and let us take a conscientious ride through the less traveled road of practicality and common sense where we can have a clear picture of how our mundane reality is affected by our conscience.

Let us begin by introducing the characters or players that contribute to how you perceive, analyze, and select, depicting a behavior that others see, hear, or contemplate at any given moment. Since I have been sharing the various principles of conscience in the last two articles relating to our nation and the state of the turbulent consciousness, it is vital to expose the crucial mechanism creating the volatile crisis taking place here in America and around the world. Keeping a level head is so vital that I cannot express how important the balance between emotion and intellect is. In this reality, it is vital that we encompass peace, harmony, and a firm grip on reasonable moods and not become like the maddening crowd.

Therefore, you have noticed, and will continue noticing into 2024, the principles affecting consciousness in our nation’s people and around the world. To begin, first recognize that there is social, economic, and emotional instability in America. However, this instability is coming not from a frontal attack but from all sides in relentless psychological attacks. It has been an awakening for some Americans however, it has taken many Americans by surprise. Thus, there are many others that cannot fathom nor care what happens to this nation or the world. Why is it that all these perplexities have created such disparity? The answer is a simple one, consciousness!

We are at a crossroads, my friends. In the last eight years, somehow our nation was influenced with an ideology, not only with a disparity in various levels of mentality but in how we must treat others. Especially toward those that are unfair to our ideology whether social, religious, or even economic. What is even sadder is that now our children are the pupils of this attitude, and this attitude can be seen in our communities and even throughout America. Yes, my friends, it has taken place. You can look around and see as well as recognize some people in hasted, grievous, and lamented attitudes due to their daily lives and simple routines becoming less desirable and more complicated. You may even observe those individuals that once were happy go lucky, kind, and courteous are no longer. It would seem as if the individual were transformed. Well, in some way, this is correct. The last eight years have had a major impact on the psyche of our nation. This was methodically done. First, the unaware public was purposely made to feel all is well at each hour of the day. Simply, human nature takes refuge in mental security as an indicator of our stability. That was the excitability of the 44th president of the United States appearing in our nation’s platform and fulfilling the expectations of the nation. It was a rude awakening to the members of the opposite team. The American psyche was in full splendor, not only here but throughout the world. All the desirable expectations were just overwhelming and then, four years ago, the floor of splendor and enthusiasm gave away with the arrival of the pandemic.

Consequently, here we are. Emotionally confounded with a dose of social and economic uncertainty has brought us to a state of near unconsciousness. That has, to some degree, debilitated our interests to a better sensibility. Oh yes, America is in an emotional daze that was and can be relevant until March 2024 unless our conscience stability can be revived. The perfect example that I can give here is one most are familiar with. That is the comparison of our society being exposed as a drunken individual not having control over stable faculties, which promoted stability, and now wanders from electric pole to electric pole seeking a place to rest. It may seem almost unbelievable, but it is a true reality for many Americans, aided by the numerous political and social agendas that are causing chaos in all psychic areas of this nation. That is why I anticipate that all these mental programs, to create psychological calamities, will continue into the early part of the year 2024, and let us not talk about the atmosphere of the coming holidays. Unless America receives the antidote to combat the current malevolent, disunited reality, and takes action to improve harmonious, congenital, amicable, and cooperative efforts with decisive action but also truthful feelings. In short, all-Americans need to unite in all aspects of our daily lives. America must become symbiotic, as well as sympathetic to the needs of all Americans. Once we accomplish these tasks, then we and our leadership can assist the rest of this planet. It is time to end disunity and the antagonistic as well as hostile attitude prevalent in the social and political arena of the last three years. And this is what the month of September 2023 will offer us!

Consider this, September 2023, the most dynamic month of 2023. Oh yes, September 2023 has various favorable opportunities to upgrade our conscience from what has been, to what it can be. The first two weeks of September contains a particularly important period that I call, the implementation period. It consists in recalling the mind or conscience, especially the plans to improve your intuitive character or personality. There will be some elicit political agendas that will make a resurfacing in which you must remain strong and persistent in your internal ideals and goals. Like feeling secure and steadfast in your gut feelings especially when the media is trying to derail your perception of the truth. You will find that the seventy-two hours of the days September 16,17, and 18 will be the ones to watch. These seventy-two hours I described as one requiring tolerance, steadfast standing, and spiritual scrutiny. You will see continuation of the deceptive and malicious attitudes of the current government. World politics will start to have cracks in the foundation, thus causing demolition effects all the way into the end of the year 2024, however, hopefully, it will start for us during these seventy-two hours of September 2023. This all depends on how our people submit to their wishes or we stand united against their psychological strategies against us.

Consequently, if we act accordingly as a united people with a common consciousness, during the weeks before and after the September equinox, September 23, 2023, at 1:49 AM, we will have the opportunity to begin to mend what has been placed upon this nation by the Dark Shephard and its flock of Sentinels that have mislead the pure conscience of the American people. If we adhere to use our divine spirit and soul as the spiritual compass, without a doubt, we can make this portion of this period of September one filled with spiritual excitement and a resolve to rise above the ill-fated conscience the Darkness exposed us for over eight years. The conscience will begin to go from deceptions, malignant stress, social, and political threats to a cohesiveness and united society our ancestors believed in and died for.

Furthermore, September is the D Day month for us to take over what our conscience will allow for us to become. It is not the individual’s conscience that is to blame but rather the influences that overcame our integral aspirations and dreams. It may sound a little absurd that our mind, conscience, had that much power over us. But the reality is that conscience has a tremendous power in making us who we are. In appearance we look different but inward, we should also be fundamentally different. Due to the tremendous impact conscience has on us throughout the many experiences of trauma and drama we experience, we become docile and allow the mind, conscience, to dictate our existence to some degree. Of course, you can argue that all things were not as harmful as I perceive here, and I agree that you may argue encountering not only satisfying moments in which everything just worked like clockwork. However, it may seem that conscience achieved that, but I can tell you that it was not your mind, but your divine spirit, which accomplished that task.

Every one of us is a perfect creation with two entities, these are known as a real self and an ideal self. They are the ones that take center stage during specific aspects of our lives. The real self is your daily companion. It is the one that has no battle armor or distinguished outfit. In fact, for all purposes, it is the ordinary you that deals with all the demanding daily activities. In fact, it is who you currently are! Your ideal self, now that is something quite different. In fact, it is the best of all of you can be. It is safeguarded by the twin brother, the real self. You cannot have access to the ideal self as readily as you can access your real self because the ideal self is the spiritual, divine, existence of you. In the realm of the higher consciousness, more about this in next article, the Ideal Self is what we have known as your Higher Self, and it is the one that is now available to you during this current conscience transformation you are experiencing. The question is, do you have an open mind, or do you not? That is the question before all of us as we witness the political anarchy in our nation’s capital and government. If you have what it takes, I am sure you will enjoy the next article, The Expansive Conscience! Be Light and Love! Remember, you are divine and majestic. You are the creation of a Divine Creator. Peace and love to you all! Begin practicing gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness. It is the Divine Nature of all of humanity!